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Accepting Credit Cards is Now for Anyone. On Any Device. Anywhere.

The Payment Industry is in need of a serious change.  For too long it has cost organizations far too much money and time to do something as simple as receiving money on their website or application.  It’s the Internet age, but for some reason organizations have to pay 2.9% of all of their revenue, wait weeks for bank approval, and hire a developer just to do what amounts to moving bits from one bank database to another.

The next generation payment & eCommerce checkout system that enables any organization to receive money on their Website, Social Network, or Web Application without transaction costs. We are a multi-payment gateway that accepts credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover), eCheck (ACH/Dwolla), and eCash (Bitcoins) with 0% transaction fees. Thousands of merchants are using our their online payments, shopping cart, donation management, subscriptions, eCommerce integrations, recurring payments, checkout experience and more. Plus, unlike other payment networks, our checkout system is delightful to work with and built for the Internet age. We do not require complex coding, additional software or a pre-existing merchant account; any business can get started in minutes. If you have a U.S. bank account please start here. For offshore email me. Inquire about an application today. 

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