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FTC Suit Against D-Link Warns All IoT Device Makers

FTC Suit Against D-Link Warns All IoT Device Makers to Boost SecurityBy Wayne Rash | NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite claims about advanced security, the Federal Trade Commission says that D-Link hard-coded login credentials leaving encryption keys unprotected and publicly exposed on the web
LAS VEGAS—My panel on cyber-security at CES was just starting when I introduced Federal Trade Commission attorney Ben Rossen, who is part of the Division on Privacy and Identity Protection.Rossen opened his discussion with an announcement that the FTC had just filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Federal Court for the Northern District of California alleging that network equipment maker D-Link had been misleading in describing its advanced security technology and in had endangered the public with lax product security practices.Rossen said that the complaint was just one of what will be many complaints about poor internet of things device security. D-Link IP cameras were a major contributor to the immense IoT denial…

Wake me in the morning

Wake Me in the Morning” by Giles Walker is a story of obsessions: “You’re for the high jump. Wake me in the morning—six o’clock.” “Wake Me in the Morning” by Giles Walker is a story of obsessions: The obsession of Harold Forster, who as a teacher and chaplain tormented and abused hundreds of school boys around the world. And the obsession of the author, himself a Forster victim. Giles Walker has spent 30 years hunting down Forster to expose the secret life of a particular kind of monster and the damage he inflicted on young lives. Walker’s personal engagement and the poignant recollections of the victims make “Wake Me in the Morning” a compelling read. Forster played the role of saint; in his native England but in truth, he was a cruel predator in the rest of the world. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Giles Walker is a Montreal filmmaker who has directed six feature-length films, two mini-series, and over 100 episodes of various television shows. He was a staff director at the National Film Board …

Vantiv Payments Review

Vantiv Payments Review 48 commentsUpdated on: Oct 31, 2016Review by: Tom DeSimone Visit site Need Help Choosing?
Click Here Date Established1970LocationCincinnati, OH Overview:Vantiv (formerly known as Fifth Third Processing Solutions) is a large credit card processor located in Ohio. Well, large doesn’t quite cover it. Huge, perhaps? The company is the second-biggest merchant acquirer in the US, and the biggest PIN debit acquirer (based on number of transactions) as well. Vantiv has been in operation since 1970, when it was known as Midwest Payment Systems, and then became Fifth Third. It’s been using the Vantiv brand name since 2011.
We’re dealing with a very large company here, with revenues of $3.16 billion in 2015. Not only that, but Vantiv owns National Processing Company, Jeanie (ATM network) and SKIPJACK (payment gateway).
Vantiv’s service network includes hundreds of thousands of merchants.Not only that, but many other payment processors (such as FattMerchant and Payline Data) r…

Americans under 50 are buying online

Nearly all Americans under 50 are buying onlineBY STEFANY ZAROBANDirector of Research
The vast majority of 18- to 49-year-olds are using their phones to make online purchases, according to new data from the Pew Research Center. A close look at the buying behavior of younger consumers is crucial for merchants planning for the future. Consumers between the ages of 18 and 35—so-called millennials—are expected to spend more than $200 billion annually starting next year and $10 trillion in their lifetimes, according to an estimate from Advertising Age. That’s why web merchants especially should take note of a new study released this week from the Pew Research Center, which shows younger adults are far more likely to purchase products on their phone or through social channels than older consumers. They’re also much more likely to check online reviews before buying a new product online or in stores. Shopping online is now generally mainstream across all age groups, as 79% of consumers have …

eBook Readers

With prices starting at well below the magic $100 mark, it's a great time to buy an ebook reader. But before you settle on a single device, you have some decisions to make. Here's what you should consider when shopping.  What Screen Type and How Big? Basic ebook readers use monochrome, E Ink screens to display text. E Ink looks a lot like paper, and it's easy on your eyes when reading for long periods. On the least expensive models, it's not backlit, so you'll need light to see the text, just as you would with a printed book. But most ebook readers now include edge lighting that lets you see in the dark. With each model, you can vary the intensity of the brightness from barely there to flashlight-bright. On the lowest settings, you can read in the dark while your partner sleeps peacefully next to you. In all cases, E Ink is much easier to read in bright sunlight, while color touch screens on tablets tend to wash out, and their glossy displays can show distracting …

Grocery and gourmet online food

Grocery and gourmet online food Grocery, gourmet make wonderful holiday gifts all delivered to your door or business. Assemble a care package for a loved one or person in need of any amount shipped anywhere in United States. CanAmShop online shopping for organic and natural products spanning 775 brands in over 125 product categories totalling 27,450 products for shipping in the US. No order is too small! Allergy Free, Baking Pans, Tools, Bags, Totes, Baking Essentials, Breakfast Foods, Condiments, Drinks, Eco-Home, For Baby, Pets, dog treats, Fruits, Vegetables, Gift, Ideas, Grains, Beans, Sides, Health, Beauty, Meal Ideas, Paper, Disposable, Snacks, Soups, Bouillon, Teas, Vitamins, Supplements, organic, natural products.All orders for U.S. are filled from our distribution centre in Seattle, Virginia and California. EATING GOURMET FOOD CAN FIT INTO ANY GROCERY BUDGET WITH A FEW KEY PANTRY INGREDIENTS TO SPRUCE UP A MEALLong before the big box grocery store there were and still are go…

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing Processing Credit Cards is now for anyone, on any device, anywhere. eComTechnology offers premium high-risk processing services to merchants around the world. Unlike other payment processors, eComTechnology takes a unique approach to high-risk merchant boarding, reviewing each application on a case by case basis to achieve the highest rate of merchant approval, for the largest variety of industries.
Credit Card, ACH and eCheck payments. Real-time payment processing. Advanced anti-fraud security services.
MOTO terminal (for phone, fax and mail order).
Sophisticated transaction screening.
Advanced statistics and reporting.
Recurring billing services.
24-hour customer support.
Affiliate payment and tracking services.
Offshore, onshore and international accounts. High-Risk Security At eComTechnology, we understand the significance of high-risk merchant security. Through our proprietary fraud detection system, merchants are assured maximum payment security for all transactio…