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Alphabet Halts Fiber High-Speed Internet Rollout

Alphabet Halts Fiber High-Speed Internet Rollout in Several CitiesBy Jaikumar Vijayan Alphabet suspended operations where it had announced it would deploy Fiber services but had not yet started work, and plans to shift to new ways for delivering high-speed Internet services.
Google's parent company Alphabet has scaled back plans, temporarily at least, for its much-touted Fiber high-speed Internet service and will lay off about 9 percent of the employees engaged in the project.In addition, Craig Barratt, the Alphabet executive who headed Fiber operations, has resigned from his role amid a reassessment of the company's strategy for deploying high-speed Internet services to metro areas around the country.Effective immediately, Google suspended operations and offices where the company previously announced it would deploy Fiber services but had not yet begun work.The metro areas affected by the change are Dallas; Oklahoma City; Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe, Ariz.; Portland, Ore.;…

CEO's Death Stirs Debate

CEO's Death Stirs Debate as China’s Techies Face 9-to-9 Workday
 Bloomberg NewsThe premature death of the 44-year-old founder of a prominent mobile health app startup has spurred a bout of soul searching in the Chinese tech community, where working long hours in the hope of making a quick fortune has become a way of life.Zhang Rui, founder and chief executive officer of the startup Chunyu Doctor, died from a heart attack on Oct. 5. Heart attacks can have many causes and Chunyu spokesman Tan Wanneng said there’s no evidence that Zhang’s death was due to overwork. Yet as tech executives mourn his passing, that hasn’t stopped some from wondering about the deeply competitive nature of their industry and the potential health burdens they face."The stress and loneliness that startup founders feel can’t be comprehended by normal people," Leon Li, founder of Huobi, one of China’s largest bitcoin exchanges, wrote on his WeChat account in response to Zhang’s death. "Especiall…

WinRAR compression

How to Pick the Right Compression Settings in WinRAR Creating archives with WinRAR is easy, but the compression settings can be tricky, so check out our guide to learn more By Elena Opris Archiving utilities such as WinRAR, WinZip or 7Zip are useful for compressing large files into smaller ones to send as email attachments to someone who can extract them using a similar tool, or store on USB flash drives with a limited capacity to transfer to another computer, for example. There are endless advantages to such tools. When it comes to creating archives, though, there are many properties that can be taken into account, such as file type, compression mode, file checksums, and backups. Most casual users opt for the default, "as is" configuration simply because it's faster and easier to understand. However, learning about these parameters is essential for maximizing an archiver's efficiency and getting optimal results. It depends on what you're trying to compress, how …

AMP Project to Enable Faster Mobile

AMP Project to Enable Faster Mobile Web Off to Good Start, Google SaysBy Jaikumar Vijayan Sites that have enabled the protocol are seeing substantial gains, Google says on the first anniversary of the AMP launch.
Google this week said that substantial progress has been made with the open-source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative in the one year since it launched last October.The AMP project is a Google-led effort to enable a faster mobile web. Under the effort, the company is trying to get website owners to implement the AMP protocol for creating lightweight web pages for mobile devices.The project is part of a Digital News Initiative that Google launched last year for publishers in Europe but is now being applied on a broader scale.Publishers who were the first to get on AMP have seen substantial benefits from having fast-loading mobile content, David Besbris, Google's vice president of search and AMP, wrote on the company's Europe blog.
As one example, Besbris pointe…

Australia is one of world’s wealthiest countries

Sydney Opera House Australia is one of world’s wealthiest countries and its economy has been doing exceptionally well for the past several decades. Managing to avoid the most recent recessions faced by America and the rest of the world, Australia’s economic performance remains strong according to the World Economic Forum’s Competitiveness Index. The index ranks Australia especially well in the areas of education, financial market development, and labour market efficiency. Ease of Doing Business Ranked as one of the easiest countries in the world to do business in by The World Bank (13th out of 180+ economies), it takes just 3 simple procedures and less than 3 days to get a business started. Other startup advantages include having no requirement for minimum paid up share capital, reputable local and international banks, a safe currency (AUS$) that is set to inflate against the US$ in the coming year (according to the IMF). Additionally, Australia has one of the most diverse and skille…

ACH Payment Processing

Check Processing – ACH Payments as a Service You don't need a U.S. Checking account for this! Increase your customer base by offering an alternative to credit card payments Offering ACH (direct deposit) payments to your US customer base will greatly increase your online sales revenue.  US citizens made over 2.1 billion online ACH payments, accounting for an online payment industry worth almost US$1 trillion each year.
By offering ACH payments, your company gains an essential edge in the competitive online market and becomes accessible to millions of US citizens seeking alternative online payment options.
ACH payments are easy to make, secure, and ensure the validity of all transferred funds. With three to ten day settlement and full transaction tracking, diversifying your payments with ACH will expand your online market and provide additional revenue for your eCommerce business.
ACH Payment Processing BenefitsDiversify payment options to attract more customersOffer payment altern…