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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Knocks Out Webcam

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Knocks Out WebcamBy Pedro Hernandez Microsoft admits that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which includes Bash support, Windows Ink and a smarter Cortana, has made webcams virtually useless for possibly millions of users. Add webcams to the list of hardware that has succumbed to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, leaving users scrambling for answers on how to restore functionality that worked just fine in older versions of the operating system.This month's update was supposed to put a new,developer-friendly spin on Windows 10. New and enhanced features like Bash support, Windows Ink and a smarter Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant technology, promised to help users get more out of the stock Windows experience.Instead, several users have run into hardware-related issues since its release on Aug. 2. For instance, some PC configurations with the OS installed on a solid-state drive (SSD) freeze during startup, effectively locking out their owne…

Sea piracy drops to 21 year low

Sea piracy drops to 21 year low18.08.2016 1shares

Latest figures from the International Maritime Bureau reveal piracy and armed robbery at sea has fallen to its lowest levels since 1995. image: TAGS: A new report shows a drop in piracy and armed robbery at sea. However, there has been an increase in kidnappings off the West African coast. The figures for January-June 2016 have been compiled by the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau (IMB). Its Piracy Reporting Centre is the world’s only independent office to receive reports of pirate attacks, 24-hours-a-day, from across the globe. IMB’s global piracy report shows 98 incidents in the first half of 2016, compared with 134 for the same period in 2015. image:…

Louisiana’s Sinking Coast

Louisiana’s Sinking Coast Is a $100 Billion Nightmare for Big Oil
Bloomberg Catherine Traywick9 hrs ago
© William Widmer/Redux The Phillips 66 oil refinery on the bank of the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish, near the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority’s Bayou Dupont Marsh and Ridge Creation.From 5,000 feet up, it’s difficult to make out where Louisiana’s coastline used to be. But follow the skeletal remains of decades-old oil canals, and you get an idea. Once, these lanes sliced through thick marshland, clearing a path for pipelines or ships. Now they’re surrounded by open water, green borders still visible as the sea swallows up the shore. The canals tell a story about the industry’s ubiquity in Louisiana history, but they also signal a grave future: $100 billion of energy infrastructure threatened by rising sea levels and erosion. As the coastline recedes, tangles of pipeline are exposed to corrosive seawater; refineries, tank farms and ports are at risk.

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Amazon is making a 13-episode show about Playboy

Amazon is making a 13-episode show about Playboy Nathan McAlone On Thursday, Amazon announced it's bankrolling a 13-episode series about Playboy and its founder, Hugh Hefner. Amazon says the producers of the docuseries have access to 17,000 hours of footage that has never been seen, as well as over 2,600 scrapbooks from Hefner’s personal archives. The series will trace the entire development of Hefner's Playboy empire, and will be available through Amazon Prime. The take is definitely going to reflect Hefner's point of view — Amazon describes it as Hefner's story "in his own words," and says Hefner has been "deeply involved" in the development. Amazon is no doubt hoping it will be able to build the kind of buzz Netflix and HBO have gotten with documentary hits like true crime series "Making a Murderer" and "The Jinx." Lisa Nishimura, Netflix’s VP in charge of documentary acquisitions, described the viral success of documentaries…

Azimo lets customers send money via Facebook Messenger

Azimo lets customers send money via Facebook Messenger
05 Aug 16 | Author 
As momentum builds behind social payments, UK remittance firm Azimo is plugging its money transfer services deep into the biggest social media platform in the planet: Facebook.
More specifically, Azimo is integrating with the social media behemoth’s Messenger service, which now has 1bn monthly users, as it looks to make international money transfer as easy as sending a message.
Azimo is, it says, the first money transfer service to integrate with Messenger in this way.
“This is about making money transfer better. It brings peace of mind to both you as a sender and your friends and family as recipients,” says co-founder and general manager Marta Krupinska.
“The recipient can guarantee that their details are correct, the sender doesn’t have to worry about entering the wrong numbers or hassling their recipient for further information. Everyone wins!”
How does it work?> Users open the Azimo app, choose to …

wheeler-dealer at centre of B.C. real-estate deals

Mysterious wheeler-dealer at centre of B.C. real-estate deals
Gated mansion in Richmond is the listed corporate address for Kevin Sun's companies.   Photograph By Gerry Kahrmann
A Chinese property tycoon linked to a massive banking scandal in China’s industrial north is at the centre of more than $500 million in B.C. property deals, a joint investigation by Postmedia and global due diligence firm IPSA International shows.
Chinese real estate magnate Kevin Sun — also known as Hong Sun, Kevin Lin, Hong Wei Sun and Sun Hongwei — founded Sun Commercial Real Estate in 2013. In addition to buying and selling hundreds of millions in B.C. property, the B.C. company, which focuses on immigrant investors, has raised over $200 million from investors.
The banking scandal, at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, started with a $500-million loan fraud audit in Jilin, a corruption-plagued northeastern province.
“As far as my client knows, there are no ‘Chinese poli…