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Apple to Drop Thunderbolt Monitor

Apple to Drop Thunderbolt Monitor: 4K or 5K Replacement Coming? By Todd R. Weiss The company is ditching its Thunderbolt display as soon as the current stock sells out, according to reports. What will replace it? Apple is ending production of its own 27-inch Thunderbolt computer displays, and the product will be phased out as soon as its current inventory runs out, which will soon leave the company without a monitor in its product lineup.The demise of the Thunderbolt external monitor, however, could mean that Apple is preparing to announce a new 4K or 5K Retina replacement model that would better match its high-end computer models that already feature 4K capabilities, according to a June 23 story by The Verge.The Thunderbolt display, which retails for $999 and has been available from Apple since July 2011, is a thin-film transistor (TFT) active-matrix LCD display with 2560 by 1440p resolution.An Apple spokesperson told The Verge that the company is "discontinuing the Apple Thunde…

Tesla's bid for Solar City

Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) shares plunged over 12% in after-market trading today after the automaker announced its offer, via a blog post, to acquire beleaguered solar panel manufacturer SolarCity Corp. (SCTY). Subject to SolarCity shareholder approval, Tesla’s proposal involves a straightforward stock swap of .122x to .131x shares of Tesla common for each share of SolarCity common, valuing the deal at around $2.8 billion, or $26.50-$28.50 per SCTY share. Moreover, Elon Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla and Chairman of Solarcity, will “net” roughly $587 million to $632 million from his 22% stake in SolarCity along with a sizable increase in his Tesla position following the transaction. In a conference call Tuesday evening, Musk hailed the offer as a “blindingly obvious” step towards Tesla--what is in his own words, becoming “the best manufacturer on the planet”. Indeed, as per Tesla’s official blog, the synergies inherent within the merger are tremendous. Based on shared ideals between the…

check and credit card processing

Apply for Credit Card Processing today. Accepting Credit Cards is Now for Anyone. On Any Device. Anywhere. Cards, eChecks and Debit. The Payment Industry is in need of a serious change.  For too long it has cost organizations far too much money and time to do something as simple as receiving money on their website or application.  It’s the Internet age, but for some reason organizations have to pay 2.9% of all of their revenue, wait weeks for bank approval, and hire a developer just to do what amounts to moving bits from one bank database to another. The next generation payment & eCommerce checkout system that enables any organization to receive money on their Website, Social Network, or Web Application without transaction costs. We are a multi-payment gateway that accepts credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover), eCheck (ACH/Dwolla), and eCash (Bitcoins) with 0% transaction fees. Thousands of merchants are using our their online payments, shopping cart, donation management, s…

Interactive City Guides

Interactive City Guides - eComTechInteractive search ebooks are interactive ebooks with multi-search engine capability built right in. No typing needed. You just pick it and click it.  The search engine algorithms are curating the search. The web pages on the top of each search are the ones who rank the best. You can see who is at the top. It tends to be the most authoritative experts and media.  It changes every day. It can literally change from minute to minute. It’s always current.  And fully mobile – it works on any device with an ebook reader and access to the Internet anywhere. They are organized into several targeted information ebook series including: Business Marketing (by industry)Travel & Recreation (by topic or location)Health & Wellness (by disease or issue)Technology (by app, program, or device)Special Topics (upon request)Interactive Search can also be used to create course specific electronic handouts (ebooks, pdf files, and emails) -- educational tools for educ…

Russia Is Really Good At Cyberspying

The Hackers That Broke Into The Democratic Party May Show That Russia Is Really Good At Cyberspying John Dyer for VICE News Whether the Russian government directed hackers to break into the Democratic National Committee's servers and steal opposition research on Donald Trump and other documents recently is an open question.
But experts said the hacking reflects the latest cyber and traditional espionage that Moscow has been pursuing lately: collecting data surreptitiously, often for years, with the goal of using information to humiliate and destabilize the country's rivals rather than steal money, industrial secrets or military information.
To be sure, Russia still aims to gain information on NATO, American politics and other issues. But Russia's cyberspies are following the examples of some activists and hackers who seek to violate their targets to score points in the realms of politics and public relations.
"We see a definite shift in cyberattacks from the financia…

PayPal Axing Apps for Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android Fire

PayPal Axing Apps for Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android Fire By  in Breaking NewsTechnology PayPal is doing away with its apps for Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android Fire next month.
PayPal image The change will come as the digital payment platform updates its iOS and Android apps June 30. Customers using older versions of the mobile app will be required to upgrade to version 6.0. Version 6.0 will be supported on Android devices running OS 4.03 or greater and Apple devices running iOS 8.1 or higher: iPhone 4S or greater, iPad 2 or greater, and iPod Touch 5th gen or greater. Windows Phone users will still be able to access PayPal through the Web via Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. users, meanwhile, can use the PayPal add-in to send money directly from their inbox. Amazon Fire and Blackberry users will be able to log into PayPal on their phones via the Web. Blackberry users will also be able to use the BBM app to send peer-to-peer payments via PayPa…