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Bitcasa's CloudFS Driver Aims to Kill Local Storage

Bitcasa's CloudFS Driver Aims to Kill Local StorageBy Chris Preimesberger Users don't have to think about storage using a device with this driver; all content flows immediately into the secure Bitcasa cloud.
It's really just business and nothing personal, but Bitcasa wants to kill the local hard drive for storing personal and business files.The San Mateo, Calif.-based company on March 29 unveiled its new CloudFS software driver, which allows any device to access cloud storage automatically at the operating system level, eliminating the need for storage on desktop or portable drives.Users don't have to think about storage using this driver; all content flows immediately into the secure Bitcasa cloud.Made possible by Bitcasa's virtual drive architecture, which uses the cloud as primary storage as opposed to a sync mechanism, the CloudFS driver enables software partners with Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)-compliant file systems and local caching requirem…

Windows 10 extensions

Windows 10 extensions Windows Insiders, members of Microsoft's early-access program, can get an early look at how extensions work on the Microsoft Edge browser, the company announced.Microsoft Edge is bundled with Windows 10, replacing Internet Explorer (IE) as the operating system's default Web browser. (IE11 is still available for users of legacy Web applications.) Faster and more Web standards-compliant than IE, Edge offers a streamlined and minimalist user experience popularized by rival browsers like Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox.Widely considered an improvement over IE, the browser launched alongside Windows 10 on July 29, 2015, lacking a critical feature for many users: add-on support.Add-ons, plugins or "extensions" as Microsoft terms them, are used to layer additional functionality onto the stock Web browser experience. For example, many users turn to ad blockers to avoid malvertising and improve their personal privacy and security online. S…

Mobile-Friendly Web Pages

Google to Boost Mobile-Friendly Web Pages in Search ResultsBy Jaikumar Vijayan | 
Web pages that are easy to access and read on smartphones and tablets will get even more preference in Google mobile search, the company said.
Website owners have about six weeks to make sure their sites are optimized for viewing on mobile devices if they want to maintain their ranking in Google's search results.Starting in May, Google will give even higher ranking in search results than it currently does to Web pages where text is easily readable on mobile devices that are more easily clickable—without any tapping or zooming—and where the page avoids unplayable content or scrolling.Sites that already meet the company's metrics for mobile-friendliness will not be affected by the change to Google's mobile search algorithm, software engineer Klemen Kloboves announced this week.However, sites whose pages do not measure up can expect to see a significant decline in mobile traffic from Google Sea…

Aquaculture Proposal Could Destroy Threatened Wild Atlantic Salmon in Newfoundland

Media Release/Communiqué de presse
Aquaculture Proposal Could Destroy Threatened Wild Atlantic Salmon in Newfoundland
For Immediate Release
Mar. 16, 2016

ST. ANDREWS – The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) and the Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador (SCNL) are calling for a full Environmental Impact Statement on a proposal by Grieg NL Seafarms to establish a massive sea cage salmon farming operation in Placentia Bay that threatens the existence of wild Atlantic salmon. Public comments on this proposal are due to Newfoundland‘s Minister of Environment and Conservation by March 26, 2016.
Don Hutchens, President of SCNL, said, “Contrary to the claims of Grieg, the proposed sea cage development in Placentia Bay poses a significant threat to wild salmon populations through genetic interaction when fish escape, the spread of disease, and sea lice infestation. Salmon populations along the south coast of Newfoundland have been designated as threatened by the Committee on the Status of End…

WinRAR compression

WinRAR compression eComTechnology WinRaR is your 100% answer to all of your file compression needs. Whether you want to unpack (unzip), or create your own archived and compressed files, WinRar is the only program you'll need. Very intuitive and easy to use makes this free program for compressed files the one to have. WinRAR 5.31 Compress, Encrypt, Package and Backup with only one utility Over 500 million users worldwide make WinRAR the world's most popular compression tool today. There is no better way to compress files for efficient and secure file transfer, faster e-mail transmission and well organized data storage. RAR and WinRAR are Windows 10 (TM) compatible, available in over 50 languages in both 32bit and 64bit and several operating systems (OS) and the only compression software that is fully accepted in all countries using Unicode. WinRAR is a powerful compression tool with many integrated additional functions to help you organize your compressed archives.WinRAR puts yo…

WordPress Websites and Hosting

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This Is The Room Where The Internet Was Born

This Is The Room Where The Internet Was Born Alissa Walker 3/05/14 3:00pm Filed to: LEONARD KLEINROCK For something as ubiquitous as the internet today, it certainly isn't easy to find where it all started. I don't mean historically, I mean logistically: 3420 Boelter Hall is a tiny room in a basement hallway of a large nondescript building on the sprawling UCLA campus. But from these inauspicious beginnings emerged the reason you're able to read this story, wherever and whenever you're choosing to do so. Although the internet itself has many authors—even, apocryphally, Al Gore—this is widely considered to be its birthplace. This room, with its glaring, lime green paint and scuffed linoleum flooring, is where the first ARPANET node was installed, where communications protocol was established, and where the first message was sent over the network to another node at Stanford University. "How many revolutions can you think about where you can see—within a few feet!—where…

Buying Basics: Portable SSDs

Buying Basics: Portable SSDs These are they key things to look out for when shopping for an external SSD. COST PER GIGABYTE. The way to calculate relative value on drives like these is perform some simple division, and calculate the cost per gigabyte based on the pricing for a given drive on the day you're shopping. Because SSD pricing fluctuates all the time, relative value changes all the time, too. INTERFACE. At the moment, portable SSDs universally use standard USB 3.0, though with the Portable SSD T3 above, Samsung shifted to a USB Type-C port on the drive end. This has no speed consequence, but it's easier to plug in. We expect in time, though, for some new drives to eventually adopt USB Type-C ports on the computer end, as well as support for USB 3.1 Gen 2 for faster throughput speeds. RUGGEDIZATION. This does vary from drive to drive, with SanDisk's offering leading the field at the moment among mainstream drives, and an upcoming update to the Extreme 500, the 510, e…

PayPal and Visa move to streamline the checkout

PayPal and Visa move to streamline the checkout
25 Feb 16 | Author | Online shopping might be booming but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a frustrating experience on many sites. Problems with poor UX, fiddly forms to fill in and crowded screens that already existed on the web are only accentuated on smaller mobile screens as consumers increasingly shift their spending to smartphones and tablets.
Cart abandonment, where shoppers get part of the way through making a payment for an online service or goods and then walk away from it, is still a massive issue. Salecycle reckons more than 70% of orders across 500 global brands were abandoned in Q3 in retail, fashion and travel – a percentage that highlights a massive sales opportunity loss for merchants and big demand for better check-out tools.

Streamlining Mobile World Congress saw a number of payments giants flexing their muscle in the space, with PayPal announcing that it’s rolling out its One Touch checkout tool to another 12…

Americans are now allowed to spend 40 times more online

Americans are now allowed to spend 40 times more online than Canadians without duty chargesALEXANDER PANETTA, THE CANADIAN PRESS  02.26.2016 Americans are now allowed to spend more than 40 times as much as their northern neighbours without paying duty on products shipped from abroad, as a result of a new law. Last week President Barack Obama signed a bill vastly expanding the duty-free exemption for products imported by mail – the new $800 (U.S.) limit quadruples the previous amount, which was already multiple times higher than Canada’s $20 (Canadian) exemption. There’s pressure on the Canadian government in the runup to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trip to Washington to narrow that gap, with the pressure coming from pockets of the U.S. government and industry. One business group has even sought to enlist Canadian customers by circulating an online petition asking people to add their names if they want to stop paying what it calls an unfair duty. “The gap is unsustainable in our i…