Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Rumors Swirl Regarding Apple’s iPhone 7

Rumors Swirl Regarding Apple’s iPhone 7

Speculation Over Possibility of Waterproof Device

Just as rumors have started swirling about the next Samsung line of Galaxy phones, Apple is now in the spotlight with reports over mysterious compounds and new models.
Apple iPhone 6SNumerous agencies have been reporting on the next iPhone with most stories pointing to a new compound that will be used in the production to create a waterproof iPhone. The idea of a waterproof iPhone isn’t a new one but it appears, this time, it could be more than just a rumor.
Apple Insider reported Catcher Technologies is expected to supply about 35 percent of the chasis compounds for the iPhone 7 which will include a sealant and gaskets to provide protection for the device’s antenna. This would lend itself to a waterproof device.
While Apple Insider was suggesting Apple may be rolling out the iPhone 7 prior to the traditional September reveal, The Daily Mail reported Apple will remain faithful to the later month.
However, it was reported, a smaller handset, referred to as the 6C, is believed to be in the works with a spring roll out possible. This device is expected to feature 2 GB of RAM and will have a four-inch screen.

Of course, there’s been no official comments from Apple and the rumors are speculation at this point with no indication how accurate they may or may not be.
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