Scam running Takeda Pharmaceutical Peter J Boni and others on LinkedIn

I will flag the following account because I had this, also, today, which is why I'm here, researched the guy and company, found this LinkedIn thread.: Hello Good Morning Thank you for accepting my invitation. My sincere apologies for this unannounced approach. I am Mr. Peter Helander, a Principal and CEO at Heartland Business Systems and a Public Relations officer with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd in my district and this is a reach out to you that Takeda Pharmaceutical are in need of a Financial Coordinator/Representative agent in Canada. This is a part-time job offer, so you can earn extra income while doing your normal job/business. If interested, kindly reply to Mr. Martin Freymond ( ) for more information. Best Regards, Peter Helander Principal and CEO at Heartland Business Systems/Avastone Technologies, LLC Earn Extra Income!!! Part-Time Job Offer!! Representative Required in Canada
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