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Apple Watch Is No Flop And FitBit Should Be Worried

Apple Watch Is No Flop And FitBit Should Be Worried - StrategyEye StrategyEye The Apple Watch is having an eventful first year. Since it launched in April, Apple’s first foray into wearable tech continues to face intense media scrutiny. Initial sales and shipments data suggested it was set to become a rare financial upset for the Cupertino giant. Then surveys pointed towards massive user satisfaction. Then, when Apple bundled watch sales into its “other devices” category on quarterly sales reports, some observers suggested that it was covering up poor performance.
Now, new data from IDC suggests the optimists were right and that the Apple watch is a driving force in what is turning into a watershed year for wearable tech.

According to IDC’s Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker, Apple shipped 3.6m Apple Watches in Q2 2015, its first sales quarter, making up 20% of the total wearables market. By comparison, market incumbent in the fitness tracking segment Fitbit shipped 4.4m device…

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) has hired a senior engineer from electric car maker Tesla

An Apple logo hangs above the entrance to the Apple store on 5th Avenue in the Manhattan borough of New York City, July 21, 2015. REUTERS/MIKE SEGAR Consumer electronics company Apple Inc (AAPL.O) has hired a senior engineer from electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA.O), according to a LinkedIn posting, as part of Apple's effort to build a team of experts in automated driving. A LinkedIn profile for Jamie Carlson shows that he has left Tesla and moved to Apple. At least six others with experience developing self-driving technology and systems have joined Apple, according to their LinkedIn profiles. Attempts to reach all seven people were unsuccessful and Apple declined to comment. Sources have said that Apple is developing a car and studying self-driving technology, but it is unclear if the iPhone maker is designing a vehicle that could drive itself. Since January, Apple has hired Megan McClain, a former Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) engineer with expertise in automated driving, …

China's economic slowdown and a sharp fall

An investor looks up in front of an electronic board showing stock information at a brokerage house in Fuyang, Anhui province, China August 21, 2015. REUTERS/CHINA DAILY China's economic slowdown and a sharp fall in its stock market herald not a crisis but a "necessary" adjustment for the world's second biggest economy, a senior International Monetary Fund official said on Saturday. Fresh evidence of easing growth in China hammered global stock markets on Friday, driving Wall Street to its steepest one-day drop in nearly four years. "Monetary policies have been very expansive in recent years and an adjustment is necessary," said Carlo Cottarelli, an IMF executive director representing countries such as Italy and Greece on its board. "It's totally premature to speak of a crisis in China," he told a press conference. He reiterated an IMF forecast for a 6.8 percent expansion in the Chinese economy this year, below the 7.4 percent growth achieved…

Samsung unveils massive 16TB SSD

Samsung unveils massive 16TB SSD built with new 3D NANDBy on August 14, 2015 at 7:30 am50 Comments Share This article15.5K287101148 We’ve seen multiple companies jockey for the record of largest SSD over the years, but Samsung appears to have gotten tired of the hooplah and decided to own the category outright. The company announced a new 16TB SSD (formatted capacity, 15.36TB) at the 2015 Flash Memory Summit. The massive increase in density is thanks to the 48-layer 3D TLC NAND that Samsung announced earlier this week, and it’s one massive puppy. Based on the company’s own statistics, each of its new 3D NAND chips can hold up to 256Gb (32GB). That means 32 chips per terabyte, and 512 chips to provide 16TB of data. If Samsung over-provisioned the drives by 10%, there could be as many as 600 NAND chips inside the PM1633a.
Techfrag managed to snap a photo of the drive, and as you can see, it’s not what you’d call a standard form factor. If you’re hoping to see this kind of ca…

Ethereum Transforms Apps into Secure Cryptocurrency Revenue Generators

Ethereum Transforms Apps into Secure Cryptocurrency Revenue Generators
Ethereum is integrating the security of blockchain into an application development platform to create the foundation for next generation applications that bring a new revenue model to the world of applications. Let’s face it, every interaction comes at a price. Whether that price is measured in electrons, actions or currency isn’t what really matters initially, what matters is that the cost and the validity of that interaction is accounted for. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of electronic interactions, where transactions are the mechanism for data to change virtual hands, while audit trails are the key element for determining the provenance of that data. The team behind Ethereum ( recognized the synergy of transactions, value and trust and have built Frontier, the first public release of the Ethereum project. Frontier is tailored specifically for developers and offers a command line based …

Amazon reclaims e-commerce crown from Alibaba

Amazon reclaims e-commerce crown from Alibaba A slowdown in the Chinese economy and surprising second quarter results from Amazon means that Alibaba is no longer the most valuable e-commerce market place.
Bloomberg reports that the American marketplace has overtaken the Chinese retailer, after quarterly reports revealed the values of both firms.
Now valued at $240bn, Amazon surprised a number of financial analysts in the second quarter, with a growth in sales put down to its cloud-computing business and solid investment strategy.
Alibaba on the other hand, has seen its shares slump significantly in recent weeks. After securing a record $25bn during its IPO last September, the e-commerce platform has seen its market capitalization share fall almost 30 per cent, with the value of the company now standing at $180bn.
With China’s economy being significantly weakened in recent weeks, coupled with the China International Payment System’s (CIPS) decision to scale back its international paym…

The UN’s Unpaid Internships

The UN’s Unpaid Internships Are Screwing Young People From the Developing World The UN's unpaid internship came under fire this week following reports that a 22-year-old intern from New Zealand was living in a tent in Geneva because he couldn't afford to pay rent in the Swiss city.
Critics say that by not paying interns, or at least reimbursing them, the UN is effectively limiting the program to the global elite, predominantly from developed countries, often in Europe. As news of intern David Hyde's plein air residence spread, UN officials were quick to repeat, as they have in the past, that it's up to the General Assembly to fix the program. After a flurry of media reports, Hyde resigned from his internship. He copped to lying on his application, which asked if he had the means to support a stay in Geneva.
VICE News first spoke to current and former interns about the lack of payment early last year. In more than a dozen interviews, the interns unanimously recognized a…

BitPay enters into partnerships

Bitcoin company BitPay enters into partnerships on three continents10 Aug 15 | Author | The bitcoin payment processor BitPay has signed deals with payment companies such as Payfirma, Sonic Payments, BillPro, Kadu and OpenPay, which in total serve over 100 countries over three continents. In recent times BitPay has been actively seeking to secure partnerships with payment companies in order to make the cryptocurrency an easily accepted payment method for thousands of companies. The partner companies implement a bitcoin payment method directly through their PSP, without needing a separate solution. During the last two quarters, the company says it has seen interest in bitcoin increase exponentially from traditional payment companies. “We believe in bitcoin’s potential to be an integral part of the future of money, and we’re excited to add it to our growing list of ways to pay,”saidChris Cashwell, Founder and CEO of Sonic Payments. “We believe bitcoin will enhance our cross-b…

Apple Pay added to AmEx US corporate cards

Apple Pay added to AmEx US corporate cards 11 Aug 15 | Author |  AmEx’s Global Corporate payments division has activated Apple Pay for its customers.The mobile payment option became available yesterday for eligible US Corporate Cards.
Through its Global Corporate Payments division, American Express offers a suite of B2B and T&E payment solutions that deal with organizations’ streamline processes and focus on savings and efficiency.
“Businesses today are going digital,” said  Greg Keeley, Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Payments, American Express. “We continue to invest and expand digital offerings for our corporate customers in ways that maximize security and enhance the user experience.” 
Apple Pay allows American Express Card Members to add their eligible Corporate Card and pay with their mobile devices at contactless merchants in stores, or within participating apps that accept American Express.

Three Million Gallons of Toxic Wastewater

Three Million Gallons of Toxic Wastewater Has Turned This River the Color of American Cheese The gush of toxic wastewater that spilled out from a defunct Colorado gold mine last week and turned the Animas River a bright orange-yellow is now estimated to be at least three times larger than initially reported.
The spill occurred on Friday, when workers from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accidentally breached a mine wall that held back the wastewater, unleashing the flood of toxic sludge. The mine, called Gold King, is located in San Juan County, near the town of Silverton. While the spill was initially estimated to be one million gallons, the agency revised that on Sunday to three million gallons.
Laced with poisonous minerals like arsenic and lead, the wastewater rushed through Cement Creek and into the Animas River, prompting nearby towns, including Silverton and Durango, to switch off their freshwater intake from the river. The EPA, however, said that there is no immed…

Buffett pays high price for Precision Castparts

Buffett pays high price for Precision CastpartsBY JONATHAN STEMPEL, SAGARIKA JAISINGHANI AND SWETA SINGH Warren Buffett is paying a hefty price for the biggest acquisition of his career, now that his Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRKa.N) has agreed to buy Precision Castparts Corp (PCP.N) in a merger valuing the maker of aerospace and other parts at $32.3 billion.
The purchase extends Berkshire's transformation from a company largely dependent on insurance businesses into one resembling the broader U.S. economy, including a railroad, several industrial companies, utilities, a car dealership and consumer goods businesses.
It also joins several recent Buffett forays into unglamorous sectors, including a big stake in what is now Kraft Heinz Co (KHC.O) and the pending takeover of the Duracell battery business from Procter & Gamble Co (PG.N).
ADVERTISING "I'm not crazy about paying $30 billion for a $1.5 billion earnings stream of a cyclical company supplying airplane makers,&quo…

Google Maps Goes Coastal with Unmanned Boat

Google Maps Goes Coastal with Unmanned Boat July 31, 2015by: Larry Dorminy1 Comment You will think you are seeing things when this unmanned inflatable passes you. Wonder how it will deal with jet skis? Google Maps Goes Coastal with Unmanned Boat

A new high-tech unmanned vessel, launched with the help of Google, will use innovative technologies from the boatbuilding and mapping fields to map shorelines and raise awareness of the impacts of global sea level rise.
Originally designed to be worn by backpackers, Google’s proprietary Street View Trekker camera system was provided on loan to the San Francisco Baykeeper organization, allowing them to create bay-level maps. It plans to use the imagery collected—nearly 500 miles of coastline ranging from San Jose to Antioch, California—on its website and for educational purposes. It will also help illustrate the threats posed by global sea level change to critical wetlands.
Electric motor developer Torqeedo said it was chosen to power the craft …

Eating spicy food frequently is linked to a lower risk of death

Eating spicy food frequently is linked to a lower risk of death in a Chinese study, adding heat to the debate on whether people should eat chilies for health benefits. The study involved 487,375 people aged 30 to 79 across China. Half were followed for 7.2 years. Over the study period, there were 20,224 deaths. Those who said they ate spicy food once or twice a week showed a 10 per cent reduced overall risk of dying, compared with people who ate spicy foods less often. "Compared with those who ate spicy foods less than once a week, those who consumed spicy foods six or seven days a week showed a 14 per cent relative risk reduction in total mortality," concluded Lu Qi, an associate professor at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and his co-authors in Tuesday's online issue of The BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal. Fresh and dried chilies were the most commonly used of spices in the study. It's impossible to draw a cause-and-effect inference between eat…

West Coast has a vast bloom of toxic algae

A vast bloom of toxic algae off the West Coast is denser, more widespread and deeper than scientists feared even weeks ago, according to surveyors aboard a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research vessel.
This coastal ribbon of microscopic algae, up to 64 kilometres wide and 198 metres deep in places, is flourishing amid unusually warm Pacific Ocean temperatures. It now stretches from at least California to Alaska and has shut down lucrative fisheries. Shellfish managers on Tuesday doubled the area off Washington's coast that is closed to Dungeness crab fishing, after finding elevated levels of marine toxins in tested crab meat.
Toxic algae bloom off West Coast might be largest everToxic algae blooms: What you should know about the mysterious phenomena So-called "red tides" are cyclical and have happened many times before, but ocean researchers say this one is much larger and persisting much longer, with higher levels of neurotoxins bringing severe conseq…