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Check processing payment solutions

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High Risk Payment Processing Solutions
CanAmPay merchant accounts - High Risk Credit Card Processing .
CanAmPay merchant account credit card processing services to businesses, working with not only traditional businesses but high risk and high volume businesses as well. CanAmPay is established with many International Business and Banking Services and will match your company with a Bank worldwide.
In order to provide the most effective and efficient credit card payment processing solutions to our merchants, we operate various business units dedicated to industry segments while working closely with our providers to determine which of the varied services in the market are best suited to their business needs.
Some of our accepted businesses:
5 New PCI Security Requirements
New best practices related to point-of-sale weaknesses and included in PCI Data Security Standard 3.0 will become requirements after June 30, and Trustwave's Don Brooks anticipates their impact will be most profoundly felt by smaller merchants. The requirements stipulate merchants secure authentication and online session management, while third-party service providers with remote POS system access should use a unique passcode credential for each merchant customer. Moreover, service providers are required to confirm in writing that they are accountable for the security of cardholder data they store, process, or transmit for merchants. In addition, merchants must regularly inspect POS devices for tampering or swapping, as well as conduct regular penetration testing via simulated device attack scenarios to exploit known and possible vulnerabilities. Brooks sees the PCI Security Standards Council's rollout of the Small Merchant Taskforce as connected to the new mandates. The council's Troy Leach says the taskforce's purpose is to streamline PCI compliance for smaller merchants by educating them on how to identify basic security flaws they should be remedying, without burdening them with technical jargon. Brooks says the taskforce's establishment also should help smaller retailers understand the penalties for not complying with PCI at the time of an audit or following a data breach.
From "PCI: 5 New Security Requirements"
BankInfoSecurity.com (05/27/15) Kitten, Tracy
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