Thursday, October 02, 2014

high risk check payment processing

CanAmPay high risk check payment processing services allows you to target consumers in United States and Canada. With our check processing solutions you will increase your sales, it is that easy!

An alternative option for credit card processing.

-a great solution for start-ups and a solution for established merchants to increase sales. We are the One-Stop Solution for all your Alternative Payment Processing needs.
-not uncommon for us to see our clients experience a 30% or more increase in their sales.
eComTechnology provide merchants with a payment network that supports a vast array of national credit cards and non-card based payment schemes - among them direct debits, bank transfers, real-time banking, cash based payments, ewallets, prepaid cards and checks.
The Future of PCI Incoming PCI Security Standards Council general manager Stephen Orfei emphasized greater global compliance and a concentration on merchant security as essential elements for combating future and sometimes unanticipated threats at the recent North American PCI Community Meeting. "We really need to have a risk-based dialogue versus a compliance-based approach," he says. "My message to the marketplace right now is we are here to collaborate and truly be a merchant organization." Orfei stresses merchants and the payments industry's necessary commitment to long-range security planning. He believes future hackers will target e-commerce and mobile payments, which is why the industry must be forward-looking. Meanwhile, PCI Council CTO Troy Leach notes that a merchant's perception of security challenges their ongoing compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard. He cites the importance of organizations regularly monitoring, measuring, and adjusting their security's effectiveness, which inevitably declines over time. Orfei also points to a lack of cyber-intelligence sharing, and says the global nature of modern attackers cannot be addressed without the global expansion of the PCI Council. PCI adviser board member Rob Sadowski sees a need for law enforcement to share more information with the industry and the community. "More information sharing about the threat actors and the malware—that is where we could afford to see more collaboration," Sadowski says.
From "The Future of PCI" (09/12/14) Kitten, Tracy
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