Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Mobile Phone Wallet Payments

Mobile Phone Wallet Payments

Accept payment by Visa and MasterCard from a cell phone.
This works well for High Risk Merchants in Pharmacy, Nutraceuticals, Generic Drugs and Gambling etc.
A Mobile Phone Wallet, is an alternative to the traditional wallet; allowing consumers to manage and operate all cards from their mobile device.
Mobile Wallet Payment Processing A Global Payment System: that enables instant electronic commerce to be conducted using the mobile phone and to make payments to merchants primarily outside of regular banking channels primarily using a mobile phone or to make person to person payments. How Do I Become A Merchant: Individual businesses apply to become a Mobile Wallet Merchant so you can receive payment for goods and services via the Global Payment System. This is a quick setup and enables a business to accept a volume of transactions from eWallet users. It Starts With A Mobile Wallet The heart of the Global Payment System is the eWallet. The eWallet is used to store electronic cash and every user of the system will need to create their own user account (eWallet) within our system. Once the account is created, the eWallet account can be accessed securely from any mobile phone or the internet.  A user adds credit (electronic cash) to their eWallet by adding funds from a linked bank account, visiting a credited location, or the user receives a payment from another eWallet that sends credit to them. What Can I Do With The Cash In My Global Payment System:  Purchase goods and services from a eWallet Merchant; these merchants have been setup to take payment directly from an eWallet. Instant person to person payments when a user has cash in their eWallet. Send credit to another eWallet, anywhere in the world for free. How Do I Get Cash Out of My Global Payment System: To turn your credit into real cash all a user needs to do is load credit onto one of our prepaid MasterCards having funds available instantly. You can withdraw with prepaid card at an ATM. Visit one of our many credited locations to redeem cash or withdraw directly into a linked bank account. With A Mobile Wallet Account: Merchants can receive payment for goods and services online and in-store. Customers can transfer money World Wide and have complete access to their money, anywhere, anytime. Global Payment System customers can send credit (Money) to any other eWallet or any mobile phone number or email address. Send money to friends and family anywhere in the world! Currency Conversion: If the recipient is in another country, the Global Payment System will automatically convert the amount into the correct local currency.
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