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Sophos security app

Image via CrunchBase Data loss and threat prevention specialist Sophos introduced the latest version of its security app for GoogleAndroid devices, Sophos Mobile Security, which is offered for free in its standalone version at the online Google Play store.
As part of the upgrade, the platform now includes spam filter capabilities for text messages and calls. The filter rules can block specific phone numbers and calls with a hidden caller ID, as well as text messages with potential malicious URLs. Blocked calls and text messages are logged in the Quarantine folder, where they can be restored as needed. Every incoming call or text message is scanned by the app’s Spam Protection feature and the active filter rules are applied successively.
The Mobile Security platform also integrates into the company’s flagship mobile device management and security solution, Sophos Mobile Control, providing full administrator management and compliance enforcement. Mobile Control only allows devices compl…

New Jersey online gambling

UK-based Probability Plc, a maker of gambling games for mobile phones, is in advanced talks with potential U.S. partners to break into the American onlinegaming market as several states relax betting restrictions.
The legalization of online gambling in New Jersey this year, following similar legislation by Nevada and Delaware last year is expected to persuade other states to change their laws.
"Within a couple of years, half the population of the United States will live either in a state or very close to somewhere they can gamble for real money through their mobile phone or desktop," Probability Chief Executive Charles Cohen told Reuters in an interview.
New Jersey, the largest of the states to have legalized online gambling, and Delaware have approved online gambling within their state borders. Nevada is the only state to allow interstate online gambling.
The U.S. government banned online gambling in 2006, but the Department of Justice clarified its stance in late 2011, pavi…

Virtual Terminals for ACH and Credit Card Processing

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Australia arrests international hacker

LulzSec Gentleman (Photo credit: karat)Australian Federal Police have arrested the self-proclaimed leader of the international hacking group LulzSec, the collective that claimed responsibility for infiltrating and shutting down the CIA website.
Police said the 24-year-old IT worker, who held a position of trust at an international company, was arrested in Sydney on Tuesday evening and charged with hacking offences that carry a maximum penalty of 10 years.
Glen McEwen, manager of cyber crime operations at Australian Federal Police, said the man was detained at work, where he had access to sensitive information from clients including government agencies.
LulzSec, an offshoot of the international hacking group Anonymous, has taken credit for hacking attacks on government and private sector websites, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Sony Pictures, a unit of Sony Corp, 20th Century Fox and Nintendo.
Anonymous - and LulzSec in particular - became notorious in late 2010 when …

HSBC employee arguing he was a whistleblower fighting corruption.

A former HSBC employee wanted in Switzerland on allegations of stealing data on tens of thousands of bank accounts came before a Spanish court on Monday for extradition proceedings, arguing he was a whistleblower fighting corruption.
The data caused a furore in 2010 when it ended up in the hands of tax authorities in France, Italy, Spain and other European countries, which have used it to seek to recover billions of euros in lost taxes.
Switzerland's $2 trillion offshore banking sector, built on strict secrecy laws, has come under pressure as governments around the world try to clamp down on tax avoidance in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.
On Friday the European Union's six biggest countries agreed to cooperate in the fight against tax havens, piling pressure on Austria to follow Luxembourg in ending bank secrecy. Tax evasion deprives EU governments of roughly 1 trillion euros ($1.3 trillion) annually.
Switzerland has asked for Herve Falciani, who has Italian and F…

Bangladesh factories ignored evacuation order before deadly collapse

Shaw Communications Inc's plans to sell wireless spectrum

Shaw Communications logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Shaw Communications logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Canada's industry minister signaled he is unhappy with Shaw Communications Inc's plans to sell wireless spectrum to rival Rogers Communications Inc, a move that would add heft to Rogers, already one of three dominant players in the market.
In 2008, Shaw, based in Western Canada, bought some of the spectrum the Conservative government had set aside for new entrants in the mobile telephony market as part of a plan to encourage more competition for the big three: Rogers, BCE Inc's Bell Canada and Telus Corp.
"The intent of the policy was not to have this set-aside spectrum to end (up) in the hands of incumbents," Industry MinisterChristian Paradis told reporters on a conference call when asked about Shaw's plans.
Consumer and advocacy groups want Paradis to block the sale.
All spectrum license transfers must be approved by the federal industry ministry, giving Ott…

Macau, the Chinese boomtown

English: Galaxy Macau ‪中文(繁體)‬: 澳門銀河 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson's reference to triad organized crime gangs in testimony in a lawsuit has hit a raw nerve in Macau, the Chinese boomtown that his Las Vegas Sands Corp helped transform from a gangland haven into a $38 billion gambling capital.
The lawsuit against Sands was brought by Hong Kong businessman Richard Suen, who is seeking $328 million he says he is owed for helping the U.S. firm obtain one of three coveted casino licenses in Macau, now the world's biggest gambling market with annual revenues more than six times Las Vegas's.
Adelson's comments about triads reverberated across Macau this week and prompted a former Sands partner, casino operator Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd, to post a regulatory filing with the Hong Kong stock exchange objecting to "certain inaccurate statements".
Sands and Galaxy jointly won a Macau casino license in 2002, but they failed to reach an ope…

U.S. judge on Thursday scolded retail trade groups

MasterCard logo used on cards 1997 to present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)MasterCard logo used on cards 1997 to present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A U.S. judge on Thursday scolded retail trade groups for creating websites urging millions of fellow merchants to reject a proposed $7.2 billion settlement with Visa Inc and Mastercard Inc over credit card fees.
U.S. District JudgeJohn Gleeson singled out the website of the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), which tells merchants to "take action" and says their options are to "opt out" or "object."
He said the wording of the websites could prompt merchants to think that accepting a settlement was not an option.
"It's not fair," Gleeson said during a 15-minute hearing in Brooklyn federal court prompted by a complaint from the lead class counsel for a proposed class of 8 million merchants. "It's completely misleading."
He gave the lawyers for pro- and a…

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Microsoft is introducing GeoFlow

Image via CrunchBaseMicrosoft is giving Excel users a new way to explore data: GeoFlow. The technology, which sprang from a stargazing project at Microsoft Research, is capable of generating animated 3D visualizations on a globe or map powered by Bing Maps.
GeoFlow allows data analysts to embark on eye-catching flyovers and flythroughs, where data points can sprout out from the landscape like skyscrapers. Not only does it provide a flashy alternative to 2D charts and graphs, GeoFlow can help users gain valuable new perspectives on business data, according to the company.
"GeoFlow adds to the existing self-service business intelligence capabilities in Excel 2013, such as Microsoft Data Explorer Preview and Power View, to help discover and visualize large amounts of data, from Twitter traffic to sales performance to population data in cities around the world," wrote Microsoft Officeproduct marketing manager Ari Schorr in a company blog post.
The Excel add-in's data-mapping

Online credit card processing for pharmacy

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WinRAR compression for large files

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Japan (Photo credit: Yashar.Mans) The Obama administration has put Japan on notice that it was watching its economic policies to ensure they were not aimed at devaluing the yen to gain a competitive advantage.
In a semi-annual report on currency practices of major trade partners, the United States also said China's currency remained "significantly undervalued," but again stopped short of labeling the world's second-biggest economy a currency manipulator.
It has been more than 18 years since the U.S. Treasury has designated any country a manipulator. China was labeled a manipulator between 1992 and 1994.
The U.S. Treasury said it would press Japan to adhere to the commitment it made in February as a member of the Group of Seven and Group of 20 nations to let the market determine exchange rates. The U.S. move followed comments by Japanese officials that suggested they were targeting a weaker yen.
Treasury's report highlighted statements made by Japanese officials l…

KPMG resigned as the auditor of Herbalife Ltd

The logo of KPMG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The logo of KPMG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) KPMG resigned as the auditor of Herbalife Ltd after one of its senior partners engaged in insider trading in Herbalife stock, the nutritional products company said on Tuesday.
Herbalife said in a statement that KPMG's resignation had nothing to do with its accounting practices or the integrity of its management - issues called into question by the high-stakes drama between hedge fund titans Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn over the company.
KPMG said late on Monday it had resigned as the outside auditor of two of its clients because of the actions of a senior partner, who was in charge of the audit practice in its Los Angelesbusiness unit. It said the unidentified partner provided inside information about its clients to someone who had used that information in stock trading.
Herbalife is based in Los Angeles. The other company has not yet been confirmed.
KPMG is the smallest of the Big Four global acco…


Inequality – Both Economic and In Access to Liberty And Justice – Skyrockets to Historic Levels
AP reports that the U.S. is seeing the highest spike in poverty since the 1960s, and notes:
According to a report by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service late last year, “U.S. income distribution appears to be among the most unequal of all major industrialized countries and the United States appears to be among the nations experiencing the greatest increases in measures of income.” Inequality has grown steadily worse:

Indeed, a recent study shows that the richest Americans captured more than 100% of all recent income gains. And see this. And the details of poverty in the U.S. are shocking.
Social mobility – the ability to go “from rags to riches” – is no longer an American quality. Indeed, many parts of the world have now surpassed the U.S. in social mobility.
We’ve previously reported that income inequality has increased more under Obama than under Bush.
But we have to go much f…