Friday, March 22, 2013

Proposed Contaminated Fill site at Shawnigan

Proposed Contaminated Fill Site

Thank you for taking interest in the future of our community, it’s watershed, Shawnigan Creek, Shawnigan Lake and our childrens future. South Island Aggregates (S.I.A.) is presently operating two mine sites (Lots 23 & 21 in Goldstream Heights) The mine site is at 460 Stebbings Road with access via a gated bridge over Shawnigan Creek. They are located within the “Shawnigan Lake Watershed Protection Area” right along the west bank of Shawnigan Creek. S.I.A. has applied for a license through the Ministry of Environment (MOE) to import and bury contaminated waste on this mine site. This contaminated material will be trucked in from all over the island with most other municipalities using this facility to dispose of their unwanted contaminated material. S.I.A. estimates a life span of 50 years and 100,000 tons per year of contaminated waste trucked to and dumped into our watershed. That’s “FIVE MILLION TONS” of contaminated waste dumped in our watershed or approximately “350,000 TRUCK LOADS” most of which will come up over the Malahat through Goldstream Park. S.I.A. along with their consultants, Active Earth Engineering Ltd. refer to this facility as unique. To some of us unique seems untested, unproven and risky. Do you want a unique contaminated waste facility in your watershed? On May 23/12 at the CVRD board meeting the MoE representative stated this facitlity would be self monitored. Self monitored meaning MoE HOPES! S.I.A. would report themselves if any issue arises and fines may be issued. S.I.A will only have to submit one an annual report to the MoE. SOUNDS LIKE THE FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE
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