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Samsung Windows phone 8

Windows Phone Marketplace on Samsung Focus (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Samsung was not exactly paralyzed by its big loss in the patent lawsuit brought against it by Apple. It is moving forward by, among other things, introducing its first smartphone to run Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system.
At IFA, Germany’s equivalent of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled the ATIV S, which is expected to be available in late October. News reports say Oct. 29 is the release date for Windows Phone 8, but that Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that.
Ben Rudolph, director of the Windows Phone experiential marketing program at Microsoft, wrote about the ATIV S on the Windows Phone blog. Rudolph made a point of describing new and unique design features of the Samsung smartphone, which may or may not have been intended to discourage Apple patent lawyers who may be scouring the phone’s specifications for signs of infringement.
The ATIV S is “crazy-thin,” Rudolph notes, at 8.…

HP suffers biggest loss in history

The current two dimensional HP logo used on corporate documents, letterheads, etc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hewlett-Packard says it suffered an $8.9 billion loss during its most recent quarter as the technology company accounted for an acquisition that hasn't panned out the way management envisioned.
The setback isn't a surprise. Hewlett-Packard Co. had telegraphed the news earlier when it disclosed plans to take an $8 billion charge to reflect the shrinking value of Electronic Data Systems, a technology consulting service that it bought for $13 billion in 2008.
The fiscal third-quarter loss announced Wednesday translates to $4.49 per share. It's by far the biggest quarterly setback in HP's 73-year history. The company earned $1.9 billion, or 93 cents per share, at the same time last year.
HP's revenue sank 5 percent from last year to $29.7 billion. That was about $500 million below analyst projections.

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Merchant accounts from eComTechnology

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PayPal and Discover partnership

PayPal and Discover said today that they will partner to bring PayPal's digital wallet and payment services to millions of merchants in the Discover network.

Under the partnership, merchants in the Discover payment network will be able to accept PayPal payments. PayPal said that consumers would be able to take advantage of its services at these merchants.
PayPal, which has long handled online transactions, has attempted to breach the physical world with several mobile payment initiatives. From exploring the use of physical cards to the use of tap-and-go stickers, and even paying with smartphones, the company wants to be a legitimate player in the payments world, both in online merchants and brick-and-mortar stores.
"This relationship quickly extends PayPal's reach to millions of merchant locations nationwide and is a milestone moment for us that will create new benefits for Discover merchants without requiring new hardware or software," said Don Kingsborough, vice…

Foxconn completes labor law violations

Apple supplier Foxconn has completed a majority of the changes aimed at fixing labor law violations, but its biggest obstacle may be ahead of it -- communicating with its employees that it will continue cutting work hours from more than 60 down to 40 to comply with China's regulations, according to the Fair Labor Association.
The Association published a report today reviewing Foxconn's completed changes and its next steps. The Chinese supplier has completed the April and May, finding that Foxconn made all of the 195 change due in April and May. These are mainly physical changes that improve worker health and safety, and include health and safety training, the enforcement of ergonomic breaks, changing the design of workers' equipment to guard against repetitive stress injuries, updating maintenance policies to ensure equipment is working properly, and testing emergency protective equipment like eyewashes and sprinklers.
This brings Foxconn's total to 280 completed acti…

PC sales increase

A sign at the main entrance to Hewlett-Packard headquarters in Palo Alto, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Lenovo has been racing to catch up to global PC market leader Hewlett-Packard, and during its fiscal 2013 first quarter, it made notable strides toward overtaking the stumbling Palo Alto–based PC maker.
Hong Kong-based Lenovo announced revenue of $8 billion for the quarter, as sales increased 35 percent year-over-year. While the industry was down 2 percent, Lenovo's PC shipments increased by more than 24 percent; for the 11th quarter in a row, it grew faster than any of the top-four vendors; and it achieved its highest-ever quarterly market share of 15 percent, it said in an Aug. 16 statement.
Going forward, Lenovo will work to gain traction in new markets, such as with small and midsize customers, and in emerging markets. And feeling strong in the PC segment, it will continue to sacrifice profits in order to drive momentum in the mobile device segment, according to Techn…

WinRAR compression

WinRAR compression utility tool at eComTechnology
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banks and jobs

Three keys logo by Warja Honegger-Lavater. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The gradual easing of lending standards by U.S. banks may help lower the jobless rate. According to a report by Drew Matus, an economist at UBS (UBS), “easier lending standards are usually associated with faster employment growth.” Quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve has left U.S. banks with plenty of money to lend. According to UBS data, since the start of the third quarter they have started to relax lending standards—especially when compared to their approach during the depths of the recession, when the banks were not extending credit.
Easier credit feeds job creation. “What comes first?” asks Matus. “Is a company ready to hire but needs a loan to do so, or does a company see a chance to expand, gets the loan, and then thinks about hiring? It’s not clear, but jobs are jobs.”
By augmenting its bank lending standards composite index with data about corporate capital market conditions, UBS has come up with an e…

Seniors learning social media

Seniors, some in their 90s, could soon be making new friends on Facebook thanks to New York libraries offering classes to help the elderly learn, or brush up their social network skills.
Carol White, 69, was already on Facebook when she enrolled in the "Facebook for Seniors" class at the Spuyten Duyvil Library in the Bronx. But she didn't understand how it worked.
Rosalind Licht, 76, was completely new to the social networking site and hoped the class would provide another way to stay in touch with family and friends.
"I understand that young people, the grandchildren, don't use e-mail very much now. They only use Facebook, specifically, so I feel it is another way of communication with them," she said.
Seniors are a growing demographic, with more than half of U.S. adults 65 and older online, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.
For many elderly citizens, particularly those who live alone and far from their families, social …

merchant account guidelines from eComTechnology

To get a merchant account, you must go through an application process to assure your business is qualified and to assume this responsibility. You have to submit the application and required documentation completed in a timely fashion. Try not to go on vacation when you are waiting or start doing major renovations to your website while waiting for a reply. ACH takes a week or less and credit cards will take most likely two weeks these days.
Applying for a merchant account is similar to applying for a business bank account or loan.
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Your merchant account provider is an extension of what the bank…

another Libor manipulation executive exits

English: UBS Investment Bank offices at 299 Park Ave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Jay V. Merchant, who has come under federal scrutiny in the Libor manipulation scandal related to his tenure at Barclays Plc, left his position as head of swap trading at UBS on Monday, a UBS spokeswoman confirmed.
Merchant, who worked for Barclays in New York from 2006 to 2009, is being looked at by U.S. authorities over his activities while working at Barclays' (BARC.L) swaps desk in New York. Merchant's lawyer, John Kenney, was not immediately available for comment.
His departure comes in the wake of a Reuters report that another former Barclays trader, Ryan Reich, "has cooperated" with the federal criminal probe into the alleged rigging of international benchmark interest rates. Merchant was one of Reich's supervising traders at Barclays.
Libor, the London interbank offered rate, is used to set rates on trillions of dollars of contracts for everything from home mortgages t… wins dismissal

Legal Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Internet daters aren't likely to get a date in court with
The online matchmaking service, a unit of IAC/Interactive Corp., won the dismissal on Friday of most of a lawsuit that contended the company duped consumers into believing it had millions of subscribers when more than half were inactive, fake or scammers.
U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay in Dallas ruled that had not breached its user agreements, finding the pacts do not require it to remove dormant or inaccurate profiles.
The language of the agreements "in no way requires to police, vet, update the website content" or verify the accuracy of profiles on the site, the judge wrote.
Jeffrey Norton, a lawyer for the plaintiffs at the law firm Newman Ferrara, in an e-mail said, "we are reviewing the decision and considering our options."
A spokesman for said it was pleased with the ruling, adding that it had always…

non-biodegradable plastic waste into clean-burning biofuel

Ah, teenagers these days. With their love for fast cars and power-hungry gadgets, it shouldn’t be too surprising that being environmentally responsible is probably the last thing on their mind. But every once in a while you’ll get a youngster who goes way above and beyond the call of duty.
Meet Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad. The 16-year-old Egyptian high schooler has just come up with a way to turn non-biodegradable plastic waste into clean-burning biofuel. Considering that in Egypt about 1 million tons of discarded plastic pile up in landfills each year, her discovery would allow the country convert all that trash into $78 million worth of ethanol annually.
This is all made possible by an catalyst called aluminosilicate. Comprised of aluminium, silicon, and oxygen, aluminosilicate minerals have been used in the past to produce the strong, impact-resistant glass found in helicopters and smartphones. But what Faiad discovered was that, as a catalyst, it can also be harnessed to break down pla…

Fracking in New York State

Against fracking 01 (Photo credit: Bosc d'Anjou)
Though the public announcement of New York State's plans to lift the moratorium on fracking is yet to be made, and the final details not fully determined, has some details of what the future of hydraulic fracturing in the Empire State will probably look like.
First off, the state DEC is finalizing reviews of public comments and the new rules regulating fracking are expected to be released by Labor Day.
Second, new fracking will be introduced into the state in two stages, with 50 wells permitted in the first year and 100 permitted in the second. In both cases they will be permitted on in towns that allow them.
That watersheds don't respect human-made boundaries negates a good measure of the noble attempt to give communities control over their land.
Third, no new monitoring or inspection staff will be added in the initial period of fracking.
Fourth, the waste will be treated as medical waste, not toxic waste, al…

Check processing for Pharmacy

Process your customer's checks on a virtual terminal right over the internet.
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eComTechnology credit card processing solutions.
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Facebook to allow real money wagers in Britian

Image via CrunchBase Facebook Inc will allow users in Britain to wager real money on its service, opening its doors to gambling for the first time as revenue growth slows at the world's No. 1 social network.
On Tuesday, Gamesys, an independent gaming company, launched a version of online Bingo for Facebook users in Britain who are at least 18, and which the company said will pay winners real money. Gamesys also announced plans to offer virtual slots gambling on Facebook.
Facebook confirmed that it is partnering with Gamesys to allow gambling on its service.
"Real money gaming is a popular and well-regulated activity in the UK and we are allowing a partner to offer their games to adult users on the Facebook platform in a safe and controlled manner," Facebook said in a statement.
Facebook spokeswoman Linda Griffin said there are no current plans to offer gambling in any other countries or with any other partners besides Gamesys.
She declined to disclose what por…

Senators ease up on ethanol based gasoline

Ethanol (Photo credit: wasoxygen) As the worst drought in more than 50 years withers the Midwestcorn crop, 25 senators urged the Environmental Protection Agency to cut the mandate that requires fuel blenders to add grain-based ethanol to gasoline.
The senators representing 25 percent of the chamber urged EPA chief Lisa Jackson to adjust the Renewable Fuels Standard, or RFS, that requires fuel blenders to mix 13.2 billion gallons of ethanol into gasoline this year.
The mandate rises steadily until peaking at 15 billion gallons per year in 2015 and holding that level through 2022.
The lawmakers blame the mandate for raising the price of corn -- the main feedstock for U.S. ethanol refining -- which threatens to increase feed costs for livestock producers and eventually saddle consumers with higher food costs.
Some 40 percent of the U.S. corn crop is now used to make ethanol, though some byproducts of the process are fed to livestock.
"Adjusting the corn grain-ethanol manda…

Enbridge allowed to restart line

Enbridge pipeine marker (Photo credit: Environmental Defence) Enbridge Inc will be allowed to restate a pipeline that last month leaked more than 1,000 barrels of crude onto a Wisconsin field, the U.S. government said on Monday, vowing to keep a close eye on the company's progress in implementing new safety measures.
The U.S. government's pipeline regulator had blocked Enbridge from resuming operations after a rupture of its line 14 on July 27.
"Communities across the country deserve to know that the pipelines running underneath their homes, streets and businesses are safe," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. "That is why we are requiring Enbridge to commit to such a thorough safety plan."
Some of the conditions of the restart include additional aerial and foot patrols of key areas of the pipeline and a lower operating pressure, the Transportation Department's pipeline regulator said.
The department did not offer an estimate for whe…