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extreme sailing series start in Boston today

For the first time, every minute of the racing action from Act 4 of the Extreme Sailing Series in Boston will be available live on the internet. Sailing Anarchy’s innovative “On-The-Water Anarchy” team will produce and stream coverage of all five days of racing, and their coverage will include the Extreme 40 and 49er racing action, the opening press conference, daily prizegivings, numerous interviews, and a daily live talk show with the sailors. Racing commentary will be by two-time US Multihull Champion John Casey. The streaming video feed will also be available to iPhone, iPad. Android users via the dedicated Justin.TV app [download fee applies].

Fan Pier, Boston © Rights Reserved
The Extreme Sailing Series Race Village at Fan Pier, the 21-acre site on Boston’s waterfront spanning nine city blocks, owned by the Fallon Company, the official host venue partner to the Boston Act, is rapidly under construction for the public and VIPs. Every day of the Boston five-day event – the first …

Gaikai, a privately-held cloud gaming firm

Image via CrunchBaseGaikai, a privately-held cloud gaming firm whose backers include Electronic Arts and Intel Capital, expects to sign deals with major publishers and video game makers, as the market shifts from console-based games to online titles. Chief Executive David Perry, 44, who founded Gaikai in 2009, said he is "going back and forth with at least 20 major companies" over a licensing contract. Like larger rival OnLive, Gaikai -- a Japanese term for "open ocean" -- streams game content directly to any internet connected device, without the need for additional hardware like a console or a graphics processor. OnLive, backed by AT&TTime Warner's venture capital arm, Taiwan's HTC Corp and others, offers annual subscription based games in the United States and is expected to launch in Britain later this year. Gaikai has licenses for most of EA's game catalog and has signed with Wal-Mart to stream games on the retailer's web store. The company c…

Sprint announced it is offering businesses Sprint 4G Enterprise WAN

Image via Wikipedia
Network operatorSprint announced it is offering businesses Sprint 4G Enterprise WAN, a fixed wirelessaccess solution that provides wireless connectivity to the Sprint Global MPLS network. The company said the 4G service can help enable businesses to replace or improve on traditional "wired" options with a fast and flexible solution that can be deployed without compromising bandwidth and network reliability, available within all Sprint 4G markets.
Using business-class outdoor modems, Sprint 4G Enterprise WAN provides secure 4G and 3G wirelessaccess as primary and secondary network connectivity, backed by a 99.95 percent availability service level agreement (SLA). With faster time-to-deployment, 15 business days in contrast to what can be a lengthy process of ordering traditional wireline circuits, Sprint 4G Enterprise WAN is an alternative to the traditional T-1, or a new way to bring dataconnectivity to remote locations where the installation of traditiona…

high risk check processing-ACH

eComTechnology provides check and credit card processing services to ecommerce businesses; working with not only traditional businesses but high risk and high volume businesses as well. eComTechnology is known and established with International Business and Banking Services providing greater flexibility with banking services and getting the right match for the business and location.
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Facebook eroding

Last week, Forbes published an interesting article on why Facebook's audience has been eroding: because teens don't want to be online friends with their parents, and have all their personal information served up nice and easy. Now Retrevo has published a study that shows that yes, parents really are using Facebook to keep track of their kids. The study found that 47 percent of parents with kids under 19 have used Facebook to learn more about their kid's friends.

Parents even use Facebook to check up on other parents. Up to 34 percent of parents with kids between 13 and 24 have used Facebook to check on their kid's friend's parents. They even use it to check up on their kid's dates.

The writing is on the wall, kids. If you want privacy, you'll need to leave Facebook and find a social network that's far harder to crack.
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Rocketmelt launched beta 3

Image via CrunchBase
Facebook and RockMelt won't admit that their recent integration agreement is not a prelude to an acquisition, but it's not hard to find the value in such an arrangement if the companies decided to pursue a deal.
Why do this? For RockMelt, it would be a matter of survival. For Facebook, appropriating RockMelt for its 700 million-plus users could provide a super countermeasure to the rise of Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Chrome Web browser, which has over 160 million users.
Launched last November with backing from serial entrepreneurMarc AndreessenRockMelt is a social Webbrowser. A niche product, it has a few hundred thousands users.
The application frames the browsing experience with people's Facebook contacts along the left edge of the browser window after users log into RockMelt via their Facebook e-mail and password. The right side of RockMelt includes buttons for accessing the Facebook News Feed, Facebook Profile, Twitter tweet stream and timeline.

Google Inc found itself at the center of multiple government investigations

Google Inc found itself at the center of multiple government investigations on Thursday into whether it is using its dominance in search advertising to scotch competition.
At least three state attorneys general have started antitrust investigations into Google, a source familiar with the matter said.
The source declined to elaborate on the details of the investigations by the attorneys general of CaliforniaOhio and New York as they were still in the early stages.
The attorneys general investigation into Google was first reported by the Financial Times, citing people familiar with the investigations.
The news of the attorneys general investigation emerged on the same day the Wall Street Journal reported that the internet search giant is about to receive the civil equivalent of a subpoena from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission as part of a probe into the company's Internet search business.
The company, which dominates U.S. and global markets for search advertising, has been accused by…

high risk check processing-ACH

eComTechnology website processing solutions.
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The Problem with Money-Jane Honeck

Title: The Problem with's not about the money!
Self Help - Financial Author:Jane Honeck Rating: Must Read! Publisher: Reversing Falls Press. Web Page: Manager's E-mail: Reviewed by: Robert Richardson
Having been a financial planner, I can often assume that I have heard it, read it or have known it in the financial world. Jane Honeck's book makes us look into our life and helps us discover; “why do we think this way.” Jane brings us to recognize those facets and gives us a vision of the future.
“Your earliest memory, family of origin, significant relationships, education, work, spirituality and worldview, these are the seven facets that you will discover on your way to becoming financially conscious.”
Jane's simple work sheets will help or at least make you aware of some of those variables that have been attached to us and have caused us to lose focus. Most of us, probably never even had a clear vision of the fin…

Veracode is cloud-based application intelligence

Veracode is the only independent provider of cloud-based application intelligence and security verification services. The Veracode platform provides the fastest, most comprehensive solution to improve the security of internally developed, purchased or outsourced software applications and third-party components. By combining patented static, dynamic and manual testing, extensive eLearning capabilities, and advanced application analytics Veracode enables scalable, policy-driven application risk management programs that help identify and eradicate numerous vulnerabilities by leveraging best-in-class technologies from vulnerability scanning to penetration testing and static code analysis . Veracode delivers unbiased proof of application security to stakeholders across the software supply chain while supporting independent audit and compliance requirements for all applications no matter how they are deployed, via the web, mobile or in the cloud. Veracode works with customers in more …

Sega Corp said on Sunday that information belonging to 1.3 million customers has been stolen

Cover of SEGA
Japanese video game developerSega Corp said on Sunday that information belonging to 1.3 million customers has been stolen from its database, the latest in a rash of global cyber attacks against video game companies.
Names, birth dates, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords of users of Sega Pass online network members had been compromised, Sega said in a statement, though payment data such as credit card numbers was safe. Sega Pass had been shut down.
"We are deeply sorry for causing trouble to our customers. We want to work on strengthening security," said Yoko Nagasawa, a Sega spokeswoman, adding it is unclear when the firm would restart Sega Pass.
The attack against Sega, a division of Sega Sammy Holdings that makes game software such as Sonic the Hedgehog as well as slot machines, follows other recent significant breaches including Citigroup, which said over 360,000 accounts were hit in May, and the International Monetary Fund.
The drama surrounding the r…

World Match Racing

All Eyes on Portugal as World Match Racing Tour Reaches Halfway Stage  

London, UK - 19 June 2011: The ISAF World Match Racing Tour returns to European waters next week for the Portimão Portugal Match Cup where eight of the current top ten teams in the World Championship race will be in contention.

After three stages and three different winners, just 38 points separate current leader Francesco Bruni (ITA) Bruni Racing and Ian Williams (GBR) Team GAC Pindar who lies in tenth place.

A repeat of the epic 2010 Final between the two most recent Portugal Match Cup winners, Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR Racing and Torvar Mirsky (AUS) The Wave Muscat, would add yet more spice to what is shaping up to be a closely fought Championship battle.  

Racing will be staged in the Marina of Portimão when racing takes place from June 22-26 and the World Match Racing Tour spoke with Peter Gilmour and Portimão Portugal Match Cup President Justino de Sa Machado to get their thoughts ah…

Foxit Phantom PDF Express

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WinRAR compression

WinRAR compression utility tool at eComTechnology
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Google's Android platform has nearly caught up to Apple's iOS

Image via CrunchBase
Google's Android platform has nearly caught up to Apple's iOS in application revenue on Millennial Media for May, according to the mobile ad network. iOS accounted for 45 percent of the application revenue in May, while Android followed with 43 percent sales share. That marked a closing of the gap for Google, whose platform commanded 39 percent of application sales, compared with Apple's 50 percent figure in April.
Millennial expects Android's application revenue to rise with the proliferation of more paid applications on Android devices.
"We expect Android to start to steal share from Apple as developers start to create more applications for the Android platform to take advantage of the high volume of customers who have shifted to Android devices," Millennial noted in its June 15 Mobile Mix report.
More than 100 million Android devices have shipped, with over 200,000 applications available in the Android market and almost 5 billion install…

New Microsoft security patches

Image via WikipediaMicrosoft addressed 24 security vulnerabilities across 16 security bulletins in June's Patch Tuesday update. This will be Microsoft's second-largest Patch
Tuesday in 2011 after April's gargantuan release.

Microsoft patched the Windows operating system, all supported versions of
Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Forefront, .NET/Silverlight,
Active Directory and Hyper-V, the company said in its Patch
Tuesday advisory
released June 14. Of the patches, nine have been rated as
"critical," and seven have been ranked as "important," according to Microsoft.

Microsoft called out four critical updates as top priorities on the Microsoft
Security Response Center
blog. They include a fix for all versions of the
SMB Client on Windows (MS11-043), 11 bugs in all versions of Internet Explorer
(MS11-050), another Windows flaw (MS11-052) and two issues in the DFS client for
all versions of Windows (MS11-042), according to Trustworthy Comput…

More Vodka

Image via WikipediaMore Vodka RussiaIn the 1540s theRussian tsarIvan ‘the Terrible’ established his own network ofdistillingtaverns and ensured that the profits went straight into the imperial treasury. He outlawed taverns that were outside his control and put a ban on distilling by potential rivals. He kept his options open, however! He was always in need of the support of the nobility, so he allowed them to continue distillingVodka. From the beginning of the seventeenth century it had become customary for Vodka to be served atRussian imperialbanquets. All formal meals began with bread and Vodka. Vodka was also drunk ceremonially at religious festivals and in church ritual, and to refuse to partake could be considered impious. Peter the Great, tsar of Russia from 1689 to 1721, was renowned for his hospitality and love of drinking. He served large quantities of Vodka, his favorite drink, at his legendary banquets. On these occasions he would shock foreign guests by cutting open enormous …

The ravages from half a century of intensive farming must give way

Image via WikipediaThe ravages from half a century of intensive farming must give way to a more
sustainable approach if farmers are to feed the world in 2050, the United
Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Monday.
Global farm output must increase 70 percent, including a nearly 100 percent
jump in developing countries, to feed the world in 2050, the FAO said.

At the same time, farmers must conserve resources and protect environment,
said the FAO, which expects the world's population to rise to about 9.2 billion
in 2050 from 6.9 billion in 2010.

Climate change and growing competition for land, water and energy with
industries mean agriculture can no longer rely only on intensive crop

That approach has caused land degradation, excessive water use, pest
resistance and other problems in many countries, the FAO said in its Save and
Grow report.

"It is also clear that current food production and distribution systems are
failing to feed the world,…

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is in the process of purchasing AdMeld

Image via CrunchBase
Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is in the process of purchasing AdMeld, which sells display advertising for large Websites owned by Thomson Reuters and Discovery Communications, and News Corp.'s Fox News and New York Post sites.
Google declined to confirm the buy, which TechCrunch first reported and claimed was worth $400 million.
Google has more or less locked up the market for search ads, where it has 90 percent-plus of text-based ads paired with search results. However, the company's plot of display ads—graphical ads with glimmer and sparkle that sometimes irk users—is much less.
IDC said Google's U.S. display ad revenue share grew to 14.7 percent in the first quarter of 2011 from 13.3 percent from the fourth quarter of 2010, passing Yahoo for the first time.
Neal Mohan, Google's vice president of display advertising, said engagement rates across all display ads will increase by 50 percent as "ads become less cluttered, more relevant, more engaging and …