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Get out and enjoy the Festival

Victoria Cricket

Hi Robert

I'm looking for some help and found your contact info on the web- site. Ordinarily I would have just rung up David Billingham whom I know from my field hockey days, but have had trouble reaching him.

I'm with the Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling Club downtown in Cridge Park, behind the Crystal Gardens. I joined up earlier this spring when the City announced plans to redevelop the site for a satellite art gallery. I thought it was a boneheaded move and offered to help the old timers out.

Evidently a lot of other people felt the same way.... and about 60 more have now signed on. The Club has been rejuvenated and everyone is determined to stay and put up a fight.

The City felt the property was too valuable for simple recreational park space and have suggested that they will not renew the lease this fall after 78 years of good stewardship. Instead they have suggested that the membership disband and disperse to other Clubs. As a long time Club man and field user I find this alar…

Victoria Cricket

Victoria International Six-A-Side (VISAS) Cricket Festival
August 1st to 9th, 2008
The Victoria International Six-A-Side Cricket Festival takes place at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria and Windsor Park in Oak Bay from August 1st to 9th, 2008. The festival, known as VISAS, has been held every second year since 1986 and welcomes teams from around the world to compete in a shortened, fast-paced version of cricket. Traditional cricket is played by teams of 11 players and a match can take anywhere from a few hours to five days to complete. Six-a-side cricket is a modified version of the game (similar perhaps to three-on-three basketball or seven-a-side rugby) which uses fewer players, takes less time and produces a lot of spectacular action.
This year's VISAS cricket festival includes teams from Australia, England, Isle of Man, New Zealand, Italy and the USA (Dallas and Los Angeles) along with five British Columbia entries: Islanders, Trenton Financial, Local Kitchen, Moloney Painting Wander…