Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CW Rugby

CW Rugby

After what appeared to be a CW stranglehold with the score at 10 - 7 in favour of the visitors, chaos suddenly prevailed and UVic's "Ten Minute Tigers" were unleashed, leaving CW with a number of improved positives but continued dejection with a final 10 - 22 scoreline.

CW started the day with early pressure which resulted in a penalty,which was 'waved off' despite its queried success. After further forward control, a good blind side try was scored by winger, Cavin, for CW. CW put together a series of sustained phases only to lose the ball in contact, something which plagued the visitors throughout the game. CW established some early superiority in the sets but to counter, UVic showed early flashes of the speed that worries all of their opposition. Soon, Sawers filled from the blindside after quick ball and Moonlight was sprung and with the successful convert, UVic took the lead. Despite Rob Turk at #10 cleverly controlling affairs for the hosts, it was clear that CW had the right game plan and on this day, they had come to make ammends for recent results. Play ebbed, excitingly back and forth and the score was unchanged at the interval.

The second half commenced with further promising CW attack, only to be snuffed by the turnover plague. Both teams failed to penetrate with their backs and the kicking game was also tried without any superiority being achieved. CW backs tackled UVic's speedsters with enthusiasm and ten minutes in, CW won quick ball and flanker, O'Toole showed good 'quicks' to hustle over for a well-taken try. Graf, as usual, was totally committed and did his very best to facilitate another try, filling from #15, toeing grubbers and pushing good diagonals to turn UVic around and coupled with active forraging from Gay and Ault, CW slowly appeared to gain ascendancy. The speed factor from the students was always on the edge and as the pace increased and the defence became desperately sprawled, the disastrous happened.

With eight minutes remaining, Gay was yellow-carded for a "spear tackle", simultaneously, #10 Buckley was blood subbed and the subsequent reorg put CW off-stride. Suddenly, from what appeared as inconsequential events, a tackle was missed, a shimmy and a dummy and Mackenzie was over in the corner. Following the kickoff, a mismatch occured with the necessity for a prop to tackle a whippet in centre field. Sawers had the ears pinned back and sent Grant headed for pay dirt. Grant certainly made sure his opposition was aware of the tally and the score read 17 - 1 0. CW talked in goal of this still being one score and mentally tried to pull off the miracle. It was not to be, as young legs, good support angles and swift passes to get the ball to space, saw the final nail with another end-to-ender, scored by substitute player, Shannon.

It was rather hard for this scribe to summarise events when the visitors had played so well for so long and so badly wanted and needed the W. There is no substitute for pace and UVic, once again, needs to credited for their ability to make the ball do the work and their team faith in never being out of a game. They almost pulled it off last week and this week they were successful!! CW has a week off to prepare for its remaining three games, Indeed, if the team can put this result aside, prepare and play with the effort displayed today, they are not out of the picture by a long shot.

Postscript. CW d. JBA in U19 play 22 - 20 in a very close, hard-fought, well officiated match at McDonaldon Sunday. This result keeps CW atop the U19 table with Cowichan. This League is offering very good rugby to spectators and the players of all teams deserve commendation for their performances.

Sidney Lighted Boat Parade

Sidney Lighted Boat Parade

We are calling on all SNSYC members to be part of this spectacular event!

Information Meeting Thursday November 1st, 7.30 p.m. Upstairs at the club house – Come for dinner early too!

When: Saturday November 24, 2007 1730 hours

Where: Assembling in front of Van Isle Marina and sailing past the Sidney dock under the guidance of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

What: Decorate your boat with lights! Be creative! The more lights the cheerier!

Who: The crew can be made up of friends of your choosing. Anything goes!

How: Choose a theme or just light up the boat! Need help decorating, call Duncan at 652- 8868

After Sail-past Party. 8.30 p.m. Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club.

Experience the excitement of thrilling the crowds and having a great time doing it!

The traditional Sidney sail past of lighted boats will once again help bring the spirit of Christmas to the peninsula children and adults lining the Sidney Waterfront shores. This year’s event will dove tail with the Santa Claus parade so everyone will be in high spirits. Make this one of the best years ever! The more boats participating, the merrier all will be!

It’s easy to enter just see the attached information sheet and or get an application form at news and notices page or Tanner’s Books or phone, 656-4365

There are trophies to be won and a post sail past party at the yacht club!

- For sailing details call ….. Warren Franklin at 655-014

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

CW Rugby

Friends of CW Rugby;
This week's game report comes to you prefaced by a couple of Editorial comments. Once again, last Saturday, our Premier side found itself on the wrong end of a close score. Clearly we need to win games - and lots of them to qualify for the BCRU (post-Xmas) Premier League.

It was less than a year ago when Exner, Abrams, Dunning, Ault, Mooney, Goodland, Reganvanu, Gay, Hall, Graf, Molia, Franklin, Weingart, LaCarte and Daypuck put BC Premiers JBAA, to rest at Windsor Park. At this point in time, we only have six of these players available to the club! The club's inability to field a consistently healthy and full-strength side has been a contributing factor to our results. The Executive of CWRFC has given the coaching staff a vote of confidence and its continued support.

Speaking of support, now, more than ever, the players need your support. The RWC put a dent in attendance in our games and it is to be hoped that in the second round games, the faithful will step up and serve the lads with positive support. Alan Oliver, Steven Petzing and Jim Wenman have sought memberships for our Supporters Club and have been met with a very lean response to date. In its inaugural season we had 120 members but so far, only half that number have signed up. $150 is not an inordinate amount to ask. The comment of "results on the field" has been heard and it is a poor excuse if we are true rugby people. The club, spirit and comraderie and putting a small measure back into the game, should be our benchmarks.

Regarding results, CW Juniors from 8 - U19's are having stunning success, (assisted by your membership dues!). After last week's 22 -12 win over Cowichan, the U19's find themselves tied at the top of the table and if you want to see the future of CW rugby, come out and support them this Sunday when they play JBA @ McDonald Park (1:00 p.m. k.o.??). Our U17 team is 2 - 1 after a much improved performance against a very strong Shawnigan LS/Cowichan XV last week. U16's are training for post-Xmas League play and our U10's, U12's and U14's lost only three of seventeen games they played at last Sunday's Nanaimo Jamboree! You can see these tykes in action any Sunday at Windsor 10 - 11:30......check the website.

Finally, it is with pleasure that we announce that Chris Noel has stepped up to take on the role of Club President. Again, the Executive hopes that you might involve yourself in some small way of giving extra to the it helping to rope the field for home games to definitely being in attendance as a Supporters Member.

See you on the sidelines.
Past President

In the curtain-raiser, perhaps as a precursor of what was to follow, CW Firsts failed to add to their 17 first half points , losing to a more committed Cowichan side, 17 - 21.

The Premier contest opened with a series of good phases orchestrated at the base by Weingart although CW failed to make any real penetration. It took ten minutes for Cowichan to visit the CW half but CW turnovers and a penetrating run from #10, Carter, was the visitor's first foray. CW countered and after working from their own 25m, Weingart gave a slick pass to Handysides who made a long gainer, quick ball from the tackle and a shimmy from Hall resulted in first blood. Cowichan forwards responded by strongly mauling their way to a penalty. CW countered with a good run from O'Toole. The resultant quick ball to Hall, a crafty dummy and change of pace , opened the gap and a soft pop-up to the Evergreen Robinson, enabled CW to widen the gap to 12 - 3. Sadly, for CW that was "all he wrote"!

As the half drew nigh, CW showed signs of self-destruction. An inept 22m drop out error and another good run by Carter resulted in a penalty which Cowichan did not try the goal but rather a cheeky touch-finder which further resulted in a 5m scrum. This almost back-fired when CW, #8, Ault broke away and play was soon at the half however, CW backs seemed so surprised and excited that they were called for a "shepherding" pass. Lines run by the three-quarters all day seemed to confuse fans and players alike. Cowichan found touch and drove the lineout but the play was held up. The resultant scrum ended in a melee and seemingly, frustration and indiscipline saw a yellow card to Seamus Gay. A strong run by Cowichan's Chris Clarke was snuffed at the 46th minute - no RWC here and CW had luckily retained their advantage. This yellow was one of a number seen in both games on the day....A Yellow C!

The second stanza opened with an obstruction penalty against CW. The gift was slotted by Wright. After the kickoff, the visitors controlled the mauls and although play ebbed, one sensed a change of order - the genetic ghosts of Cowichan past - Goodmunseth, Garside, James and Hales, haunted and hunted everywhere and this, supplemented by clever foiling by #8, Inglis, slowed the pace, retained possession and frustrated CW. Play never rose to any great heights except for the closeness of the encounter. The skills of the home side deteriorated as they visibly tired. Weingart was a touch of class during this period and along with Warhorse Graf, tried hard to spark CW. 25 minutes into the half a collision on scissors ball by CW resulted in the ball popping into Patterson's hands and the youngster was so surprised and elated, he simply took off, leaving CW dumbfounded. Wright chipped the convert.

Confidence was visible amongst the young Cowichan backs, with Carter running loop plays, throwing misses to #15, Clark, behind the back, flick scissor passes and forwards grinding away, painted the picture. Hales was having a field day whenever CW had the ball and at the 40 minute mark, Cowichan secured a tight-head scrum, providing their forwards with further energy and impetus. Despite this, CW found their way back to Cowichan territory and was rewarded with a penalty......a long distance lame duck resulted.

With five minutes to play a second tighthead reinforced CW's problems. In the final minute, the hosts had an expiring chance and booted a long ball, after finally winning a scrum. The ball was fielded by Clark who skirted the touchline, evaded two tackles, eventually being pulled down short. From the ruck and drive, Cowichan were deemed to be held up by referee Ward, who was on the spot, only to be over-ruled by the touch judge and a try awarded. Strange indeed! Final score, an ecstatic Cowichan prevailing 20 - 12.

CW must be praying to morph the skills of their many talented Junior players into playing bodies as soon as possible as they now only have the slimmest of mathematical chances to qualify for the CDI Premier League. Cowichan are to be congratulated after years of struggle and hard work, to more than likely, return to the BIGS. Today was a day when the prize was recognised and the victors played hard and tough to win it.

CW U19, 22 d. Cowichan 12.

Friday, October 19, 2007

CW Rugby

CW vs Cowichan Div 1. Windsor Park 1pm Saturday

CW vs Cowichan Premier. Windsor Park 2:45. Saturday

Post game will be at the Discovery Sports Club 714 Discovery Street.....for food, pints, and to watch the World Cup match from earlier in the day.

Sunday morning Oct 21 at DSC at 11:30 the Friday WC game will be shown followed by the Saturday WC final.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

There are a few lads looking for work....especially if it is part time or afternoons etc due to particular training schedules.

Let me know if you have any leads or ideas.
Much appreciated.

Brent and all at CWRFC.

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