Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CW Rugby

U20 World Cup fever hits Victoria this Sunday July 01 at Royal Athletic Park.
After watching the excitement on the pitch continue the fun down at the DSC/Castaway Clubhouse.
The clubhouse will be open at 7:00 pm on both Sunday July 01 and Saturday July 07 following the games.
Come on down and share a pint after the match.
714 Discovery Street. Across from Sopranos.
Walking distance from Royal Athletic Park

Monday, June 25, 2007

Victoria Cricket

Building a better club

As with most things in life, business, education, athletics programs etc. some are better organized than others. The better organized entity will in most cases be more successful than a competitor with less structure.My 2 years of exposure to BCMCL and its member clubs supports that basic principle. Not all clubs are equal, some are run better than others and in most cases the better managed clubs become stronger as others become weaker. What does that mean to the League?At first glance those fortunate enough to belong to a strong club may say "we are doing fine and it's not our problem, let the opposition sink or swim". An understandable viewpoint perhaps but somewhat naive when we look at the big picture. We as a League are only as strong as the weakest links in our community. How does that impact you and your club you may ask? Unfortunately less organized clubs take up a disproportionate amount of resources, in time and administration, to keep within the cricket community. In short they are high maintenance and detract from all participants in the League. If we build stronger clubs it is not unreasonable to expect a stronger League.This project is a work in progress and those who chose to participate can all learn something. I want to begin to map out the basic components as we understand them essential to building a stronger club. There is no one magic formulae but somewhere in our combined experiences we have learned some of the basic fundamentals which no good club can do without. This then is an attempt to share those basic building blocks for the benefit of all who participate in the BCMCL.Some will say that these so called fundamentals are nothing more than common sense and for many clubs that may be the case. My two seasons with the BCMCL has revealed several clubs who lack the management skills and tools necessary for success. I believe a little participation and sharing of knowledge in this exercise has the potential to benefit all clubs in our League, weak or strong.The building blocks:1. All clubs must have a workable and enforceable Constitution. Why?a) Without a Constitution you will not have a mechanism that allows the elected officials to govern, administer and organize a club.b) The rights and aspirations of the general membership will not have a voice in the affairs of the club.c) Without a formal structure of checks and balances any volunteer group of diverse personalities and egos must eventually result in conflict and chaos. That is human nature.2. All clubs need at least 2 of the following, a strong President/Secretary/Treasurer. Why?a) In order to organize and control a diverse group of individuals you must have strong motivational and organizational leadership.b) You cannot please all the people all of the time, your decisions must benefit the club as a whole and they may be unpopular.c) Also, get non playing interested individuals involved, they can help in the necessary details to running an efficient club as they are not hindered by time taken up playing cricket.3. All clubs must have a clear and enforced subscriptions policy. Why?a) The key too many of the most successful clubs is the collection of subscriptions. By all means have subsidized status within your club for students or unemployed etc. but eventually someone must pick up the tab. The bills have to be paid or you cannot play cricket.b) Subs should whenever possible be collected before the season starts and in all cases before the individual has played three games for the club. The longer the season progresses the less chance a club has of collecting subs. Any club collecting subs from anyone but new players in July or August will not succeed.c) Many clubs are reluctant to apply a "no pay no play" policy for fear of loosing players. If you have the courage to apply such a policy you will encounter resistance from many of the membership in the short term but experience shows that once a player has sat out a couple of weeks funds become available. Adopt the policy and stick to it for one season and your subscriptions will be paid on time in the future. If you loose a couple of players at least some other weak club is paying for their services, you and your club mates are not!Example: The league has recently raised the team entry fee to $800 per season that may sound a lot but in fact it's the best bargain in sport. Working on the assumption that it takes at least 14 players to field a team every week lets look at the numbers but first let us look at a few facts.Cricket competes for space with many other sports such as soccer, softball, field hockey, ultimate frizbie, etc. and in the greater scheme of things we are a very minor sport. In most municipalities each of those sports would outnumber us at least 10 to 1 in participants. Our particular sport takes up far more space than all of the competition and about three times longer to play a game. In many ways we are very fortunate to be able to play our game with the intense competition for playing fields.Let's look at the cost. Most players in BCMCL are scheduled to play 18 games per season and an average game takes about 6 hours to play for a total of 108 hours of recreation. It is reasonable to assume that a team is made up of about 14 players.$800 divided by 14 players = $57.15 per season. $57.15 divided by 108 hours = 0.53 cents per hour to participate.If you can find a better bargain in sport please let me know about it. These figures do not include practice time, 6 a side tournaments, friendies or play off games so in fact 53 cents per hour of entertainment may be on the high side. Anyone not willing to pay subscriptions for that kind of bargain should probably not be playing cricket.4. All clubs should have fundraising strategies in place. Why?a) The cost of playing cricket will increase in the future as user fees are introduced in all municipalities and access to gaming funds is reduced.b) Apart from League dues you also have to buy equipment bats, balls, pads etc in order to participate. How much do you have to spend on cricket equipment and where does the money come from? I play for a club where the effective subscription per player is about $79.00 per season. I am told that some clubs charge up to $200 per season to players, why the disparity? Fundraising I believe.The costs to field a team in the BCMCL should be about the same for all of us I assume so why would it cost more to belong to one club than another? Once again the answer must be fundraising, or the lack of it.Fundraising can take many forms from Sponsorship through garage sales to 50/50 draws and most of these initiatives require a lot of work. Therein lies the problem for many clubs, if you cannot commit the membership to give up time and energy for fundraising activities then the funds must be raised by raising subscriptions. This is not difficult math here, you either raise money for your club or you pay more to play for that club. That is a choice to be made by the membership. Some individuals may say I have better things to do with my time I would rather pay more subs. Others may say this is a great way to cut the costs of playing cricket and at the same time creating a better club atmosphere, either way the club cannot exist without these revenues. If a club cannot collect these revenues in a timely manner your season will be long and frustrating and the future uncertain.5. All club members must be available for umpiring assignment. Why?As you know each team is tasked 10 assignments to fulfill its obligations to the League. If the club misses assignments then the club incurs penalties. Who pays? In some cases the individual will accrue debts to his club to be paid by the individual or his club. In some cases the entire club is penalized if the umpiring assignments slip below 75% Umpire assignments are part of the cost of participating in the BCMCL. If individuals are not prepared to fulfill this obligation a similar criteria as failure to pay subs should apply, they should not be available for selection. If the individual elects to pay for a substitute umpire to fulfill that assignment it is still his responsibility to ensure the assignment is filled.6. All clubs must have a definitive selection process, understood by the membership. Why?The selection process should be a function of the club goals set for that season and the wishes of individual players should be secondary to the goals of the club. The wishes or preferences of individual players can be taken into consideration by the selectors but the decisions of the selectors take precedence. The bottom line is do the players play for the club or do they play for a team within that club? If the latter is the case then a selection committee should quit the charade and let the team captains and players fight for their own personal agendas.7. The workload of as club should be distributed amongst a manageable amount of the membership. Why?As with many endeavours in life 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people and in a club environment that is not healthy. I know this is a problem common to many clubs/teams but that doesn't make it right. If you as a club do not get off field participation from a broad section of the club that club will stagnate and eventually fail. Once again this relates to strong leadership and motivational skills and the importance of getting broader participation in club affairs should not be underestimated.8. No club should be based upon ethnic or religious guidelines. Why?a) Apart from the Canadian Charter of Rights it is simply a stupid policy and runs contrary to the society we have chosen to live in.b) Any club, group, body drawn upon ethnic or religious lines is destined to be inward looking and prone to paranoia of the outside world. There is enough of that kind of myopia in the world already without introducing such limiting factors and prejudices into the world of amateur sport. Get over it!The opinions and ideas stated in this document are based upon my own personal experiences in local cricket. I am sure that many clubs and individuals within the BCMCL have different ideas and theories as to the fundamentals of a good cricket club. This is your chance to share them with your peers.I would appreciate any feed back, positive or negative on this subject in an effort to improve our game for all its participants.John McCabe.
Friends and Supporters of CW rugby:

I am writing to inform you of a recent announcement made by this "august" body, of the candidates for the Second Induction into the IRB Hall of Fame. It is almost beyond belief to read of a Canadian name amongst an extensive list of candidates. The IRB will select six semi-finalists, based on voting. The lone Canadian candidate is Gareth Rees and I urge you to inform your friends and take the time to click onto the url and cast your vote.

20.12 Gareth Rees (Canada) - born in 1967, the young Canadian played for Castaway Wanderers and British Columbia in his country, but also for Richmond and Harlequins during his various trips to Britain. He was part of a generation of players who put Canadian rugby on the world map and his contribution to Canada’s coming of age can not be overestimated. He played for the Canadian team that reached the quarterfinals of the 1991 RWC, where they gave New Zealand a good game in Lille and captained his country both in 1995 and 1999 Tournaments. He was the first player to participate in four RWC tournaments: 1987, 1991, 1995 and 1999.
What a thrill for our "young" club to be mentioned in dispatches in Gareth's bio. You can cast your vote by clicking onto:
http://www.irb.com/EN/IRB+Hall+of+Fame/Nominees+2007/2007+NOMINEES+PROCESS.htm It is to be hoped that rugby people across Canada and indeed, North America as well as the many friends made by Gareth during his illustrious career will get behind his nomination and who knows? Perhaps, against all odds he could be a semi-finalist! I ask you to do your bit and "Chalk one up for Gar!"


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CW Rugby

KO. 3 pm
After the scandalous loss to the Gold, which sent rippling after shocks that ruffled not only the coach but also the players, the Tide face the Calgary Mavericks this Saturday June 23rd @ Windsor Park. The Mavericks have been defeated – away from home - by the Fire, even though they led at the half.
The stark reality is that the Tide have to win ALL their remaining games – with bonus points – in order to be assured of making it to the RCSL Final. This is no easy task but we are assured that the morale is high in the Tide camp and the manager and coach report a very positive attitude at training.
The Tide need your support in person , this Saturday June 23rd . @ Windsor Park.
The Tide Committee also request - although the players would likely dismiss such an appeal as superfluous - that the entire rugby fraternity bombard the heavens with prayer, confident in the faith that victory with the necessary number of points will be achieved by the Tide, in order to continue their quest to bring back the RCSL Trophy to Victoria.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


President's vs Vice Presidents
Victoria District Cricket Association has let it be known that the match will be played at Windsor Park start 12:30.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I am currently in the process of looking for volunteers for the 18th annual Bayview Residences Victoria Symphony Splash on August 5th. I was wondering if some of your players or coaches would be interested. Splash is one of the largest annual outdoor events in North America and it’s a wonderful opportunity to help out while hanging out in Inner Harbour, listening to some great music and promoting Victoria Cricket in the community. We have a number of volunteer positions, but are particularly in need of Security and Production Crew Volunteers.

All volunteers are provided with a Splash Volunteer package consisting of a neon Splash t-shirt and a Splash tote bag, as well as free refreshments at the orientation, lunch and water at the event, a $10 Thrifty’s gift card and an invitation to the After Splash party! I’m attaching job descriptions for Security and Production Crew as well as an application form for anyone interested, or you can contact me directly at 385-9771 ext. 222 or chelsea@victoriasymphony.ca.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Chelsea HenschelSplash Volunteer CoordinatorVictoria Symphony

ph: 385-9771 ext 222 fax: 385-7767
620 View St. Suite 610 Victoria BC V8W

Monday, June 11, 2007

CW Rugby

The time is upon us again for the annual CW Golf Tournament. This will be the 6th year in a row that the best CW golfers, and Kenny Goodland, strut their stuff at the Cordova Bay Golf Course. The Tournament will be held on July the 2nd, which is a Monday, and will start at 1:00 pm. The cost will be approx $75.00 which covers your green fee and seven cash prizes for kps (5) and long drives (2). The field of twenty will be divided into teams of two and each teammate will score his own ball on each hole, with only the teams best score counting ( best ball). It will not be a scramble which is where each team member hits from the spot of the best shot. Each team must use at least six holes from one player. The tournament is open to all and the 20 spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested, please email Ian Jones at ianandmaryke@shaw.ca.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

CW Rugby

Hi All,
We are having a Jazz Night with a live band at the C.W. Clubhouse 714 Discovery St on Friday June 15. It starts around 6:00 p.m. and goes till 8:00p.m. [?] there is a $10 cover charge to help defray the cost of the band, but included in the price is Hamburger, Caesar and Potato Salad. If you plan on attending please reply to peter.gallagher@shaw.ca to help us plan our food supplies.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

CW Rugby

With the Score showing the game live at 7am on TV, any Canadian rugby club worth its salt will be open....so yes I'll be down at the Club early early Sat am on the 16th with the joint open at around 6:30am. and the game on the big screen at 7am!
Bit o cheap beer....can do....Units too.... you bet. Fancy drinks....don't push your luck!

The big ''ask'' is to have some breakfast available....well if enough people tell me they will show up I'll talk with the hotel across the street about something....so rsvp to my email brent.johnston@shaw.ca noting if you're in....if the numbers are good I'll let you know by mid next week if I've set something up for a reasonable fee or if you need to bring your own breakfast coffee and food.

Man our boys gotta be crazy....but we love em nevertheless!
Remember, it took NZ 20 mins in the last world cup to cross our line....go Canada, stand proud!

Matt's power washing business is up and running.

A high quality service to the Greater Victoria area and hopefully branch out further if this company does well.
Right now he is equipped with a 3000 PSI power washer, 100ft of hose, and a truck....and will be expanding to get a couple of 100 gallon tanks to put in his truck to make his business portable to areas that do not have water access.
This business will cater to small or large jobs, commercial or residential, operating 7 days a week depending on the customers. Matt can cover a wide range of tasks such as pressure washing driveways, mold and mildew removal, tar and gum of sidewalks, moss off roofs of houses, etc.Matt James.....cell number is 208-9802

Friday, June 08, 2007

Dog River, SK
By Doug Crosse - not in Dog River, SK
The fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan, is becoming the catalyst for fans of rugby from across the country to dip into their pockets to support key members of the Canadian national team ahead of the Rugby World Cup this summer.
Dog River, made famous as the location of the popular Canadian comedy show Corner Gas, is being used as the name of a Saskatchewan touring side that is heading to Cuba in November, and a collection of jerseys and polo shirts that are being offered to the rugby public will allow certain members of the Canadian team to get support that others who either play professionally, or are part of the national carding program, don't enjoy.
Karl Fix is the man behind the drive that will see the sale of Dog River Howlers gear go to players such as Saskatchewan natives Scott Franklin and Nanyak Dala, as well as Craig Culpan and Mauro Perizzolo (Vancouver,BC) . Lorne Cardinal, who plays Officer Davis on the show, is a long time rugby player and supporter of the Rugby Canada Super League Prairie Fire team, and helped Fix get clearance from the program's producers to use the fictional location as a team name.
"I'm sure you can imagine the stress of being away at the Churchill Cup and the NZ tours alone, which amounts to over five weeks away from school and work with bills back home piling up," said Fix, adding "making it even more challenging for them to represent their country."
In a an opening email campaign to promote the drive and offer up Dog River Howler’s gear as an incentive (see pricing below) Fix has gotten a commitment from the staff at the Rugby Canada office, U17 head coach Tim Murdy and current national team member and former Prairie Fire player Kevin Tkachuk to name just a few. But as Fix points out, it doesn't have to just be individuals that contribute, groups, teams and businesses can get together to make a donation, regardless of the amount.
"We want groups of players, or referees, or groups of professionals to do a whip around and help support these players," he said.
The money will be distributed according to actual need which will be decided upon mainly by Geraint John (Rugby Canada High Performance Director) as he is most familiar with their particular circumstances.
Rugby Canada is also holding a series of fund-raising dinners across the country, the first of which was held in London, England last week and raised $35,000 CDN for the team.
The money raised for the Dog River initiative will also be used for the women's program as well, with similar criteria used to determine need of a particular player. (The women's senior team is to announce shortly the recipients of the national carding program for women).
Of the tour to Cuba in the fall, Fix has confirmed well over 100 in the party, including two competitive and one old boys side as well as supporters. The goal of the tour will be to brings school supplies, sports equipment and other materials to help Cuban nationals as they struggle with life often near the poverty line. The Dog River Howlers team, is believed to be the first Canadian rugby side to tour that Caribbean nation and will try and achieve a number of goals beyond just playing rugby.
"We want to leave the place a little better than when we got there," said Fix, who has traveled to the island nation a number of times.
The Dog River logo is filled with Canadian icons, including a howling coyote, with a silhouette of a grain elevator in the background against a full harvest moon.
Tax receipts will only be issued for all amounts $50 and above. Of course all amounts are needed and welcome.If your donation is less than the stated $50 please make the cheque payable to -Dog River Rugby Club.
In addition to the tax receipt "Howler" gear will given according to the below donation amounts:
$100 - fitted baseball cap or t-shirt
$250 - golf shirt
$500 - jersey
Please mail your cheques made payable to Rugby Canada Players Fund (as to receive an official tax receipt)- to :
Dog River Howlers Rugby Club,
c/o Joan Hrycyk,
14 Kilarney Way,
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4S 6X8

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CW Rugby


Last Saturday, CW senior team players joined our Minis, parents and friends to spread the good word of Ceedub rugby to the Oak Bay community. Another of Johnno's bright ideas, with the help of Ron and Bert Willems came to fruition on a glorious sunny day which saw the troops wend their way down the Avenue. Our Minis distributed CW candies, ballons and pamphlets about our program, in what was another community oriented project for the club. The kids enjoyed meeting and having fun with the players.

Upcoming, we have a number of our U14's training with Senior players prior to a selection Trial for a B.C. U14 team which will be selected to travel to Alberta and take in the Stampede as well as playing Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. We wish the boys good luck at the Trial. At the U16 and U18 level we also have players trying out for the Crimson Tide Team and we wish them all the best. Our Premier team has a number of members who have been selected to the Crimson Tide squad for upcomng Super League play....(not sure of who all!) however, their first game is this coming Saturday, June 9th at Herd Rd Field in Duncan when both the seniors and juniors will be in action.

If not at Cowichan, I'll look forward to seeing as many as can make the TGIF Jazz Afterwork Barbie on 15th @ The Temple.


CW Rugby

Fellow Rugby Enthusiasts
As you well know most countries who our Canadian National Rugby Team will be competing against whether in this upcoming New Zealand tour or the Rugby World Cup are paid professionals who on top of that are paid by their respective national unions to represent their countries.This unfortunately however is not the case for Canada.We have a mix of paid professionals,carted players who receive a some funding from Rugby Canada via our Canadian Government and a few(Scott Franklin,Nanyak Dala,Craig Culpan and Mauro Perizzola) who receive absolutely nothing from anyone.I'm sure you can imagine that this stress(between the Churchill Cup and the NZ tours alone over 5 weeks away from school and work with bill back home pilling up) makes it even more challenging for them to represent their country.This is of course is often the case for other National Team players both male and female of all age groups.
Having said that the first endeavor of the new Dog River Howlers Rugby Club will be to raise some much needed money to help alleviate these 4 players financial burdens.The money will be distributed according to actual need which will be decided upon mainly by Garent John (Rugby Canada High Performance Director)as he is most familiar with their particular circumstances.Any monies need needed for this particular endeavor will in turn stay in this fund for future use of male and female National Team athletes
Please mail your cheques made payable to Rugby Canada-Players Fund(as to receive an official tax receipt)- to Dog River Howlers Rugby Club,c/o Joan Hrycyk,14 Kilarney Way,Regina,Sask.,Canada,S4S- 6X8.Please make sure your cheque has your name address and phone number on it.Tax receipts will be mailed to the addresses given.Do not mail these cheques to Rugby Canada but instead to the above given address.
Tax receipts will only be issued for all amounts $50 and above.Of course all amounts are needed and welcome.If your donation is less than the stated $50 please make the cheque payable to -Dog River Rugby Club.
In addition to the tax receipt "Howler" will given according to the below donation amounts:
$100 - fitted baseball cap or t-shirt
$250 - golf shirt
$500 - jersey
If you have any further questions either e-mail me at - karl_v_fix@hotmail.com or phone at 306-535-0800.
Karl Fix

Phoenix Brochure by R.G.Richardson – Books on Google Play

Phoenix Brochure by R.G.Richardson – Books on Google Play