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CW Rugby

We have a player, Trevor Pollock, looking to replace his bed. Does anyone out there have a Queen size bed they are trying to get rid of?

Give Cricket a Spin

Victoria and District Association Junior Cricket Program.
Expert Coaching ... Mini Games
Open to children 9-14
Runs every Saturday
June 2nd to August 25th 9:30am to 11:30am at
Saint Michaels University School &
Metchosin Municipal Sports Field Registration fee only $40.00Registration on the first 2 Saturdays Call John Wenman 598-5477 or Milton Carter 385-3364

CW Rugby

Is on Thursday June 7th 7:30.

Looking for a Vice President and Treasurer for the year.

Lou Webster is willing to stand again as Pres.

If interested in standing for a position please email me.

Brent Johnston.

CW Rugby

I am sending the following on behalf of Tom Woods and a cause that he and his fire-fighting colleagues are championing, primarily on behalf of Spencer Robinson. Spencer's battle has left him no alternative but to sever his coaching contract with the club for the coming season and we want to support him and the family in any possible way. You may have seen an excellent tv report on CH News last week re Spencer's plight. I include Tom's words and an attachment describing the Fundraiser. (I have deleted the poster due to forwarding and memory complexities) Hopefully, if you cannot make the trip across the bridge to Esquimalt, you might consider a financial contribution in the name of Spencer. (I know this is not the first appeal this year and your efforts for the Childrens Fund were absolutely magnanimous.)
Esquimalt Fire Department Holds “Lift For Life” to Battle Cancer

Esquimalt B.C. May 8, 2007: On May 18 and 19 firefighters from throughout the Capital Region will join Esquimalt firefighters for a different kind of fight. They will be joining forces to fight cancer and to raise awareness of the increased risk of cancer firefighters face. One of their members will spend 24 hours high above Esquimalt Plaza for “Lift for Life”, an event to launch F.A.C.E., Firefighters Against Cancerous Exposures. The impetus behind Lift For Life came when one of their own was diagnosed with cancer.

“Because of the nature of the work, firefighters are exposed to toxins that can cause cancer,” says Tom Woods, Esquimalt firefighter and volunteer who will spend 24 hours in the aerial lift. “It’s one of the dangers of the job that isn’t immediately apparent. But, unfortunately, it is one of the risks. Because it’s one of the hidden dangers we felt it was important that our event help raise awareness as well as…
Friends of CW;

Just a brief note to summarize season-ending activities. To answer the many questions - our U16's suffered a decisive loss to Cowichan in the inaugural Ed Bryans Cup for VIRU competition. The quality of the Cowichan team has been commented on earlier and since this match, they have continued on, to win the Provincial Championship against Chuckanut Bay by a 20+ margin! Our congratulations to CW’s MVP's - Beau Parker and Chris Kelly. Our thanks to Rogie Robinson, Cory Richards, Dallas Down, Denny Sinnott, Wayne Kelly and Peter Gallagher for keeping this group together since last October. The players did themselves proud, with improved play, team spirit and a good approach to training.

Although we had a number of occasions this season when teams scored more points than us (senior men), it was seldom that our players showed they were truly beaten. Brent has already posted Award winners for the season however I would like to add my personal congratulations to the …

CW Rugby

Friends of CW;

I am forwarding information regarding this Thursday's event. I am sure that our numbers include former students/teachers who might be interested in joining old team mates and friends for this occasion.


3:05 ALUMNI GAME Phone Clayton Daume (388-5456), if you are interested in playing. (Two halves of 15 mins, non-contact players get to wear red pinnies and considered tackled with two-handed touch! Peter Seale???) Barbeque available.

3:45 Presentation from 2007 Team to Alumni
Reciprocation from Til Briggs

4:00 K.O. vs REYNOLDS First place in the League is on the line!

5:45 Social gathering in the Old Gym. History of rugby @ Vic High on display. An opportunity to re-live the battles!

In rugby,