Friday, March 30, 2007

CW Rugby

Friends of CW;

As mentioned yesterday, I love Brent's image of being aware of the ogre in the basement..........old school - remember when you were the kid??? CW has been referred to in many sources as the "cellar-dweller" of late, so this is an ideal situation for them to show up as a real test for the team near the top of the heap. We hope that you have been deprived sufficiently of club rugby of late, that you will be there for this momentous occasion.

First Div to ko at 1pm Carnarvon Park.
Premier to follow at 2:45 Carnarvon Park.
Hoping for the first dry games in many many weeks.
Both squads had very good, sharp runs on Thursday night in keen anticipation of the boys from White Rock.
Hope to see you all at Carnarvon then back to the Club 714 Discovery Street for a pint and story or three.

Premier Firsts
1. Josh Handysides Will Shaw
2. Adam Hill Capt. Doug Hepp
3. Scot Franklin Dave Handysides
4. Layne Nadeau Trevor Pollock
5. Andrew Mooney Iain Bergland
6. Jason Hodge Riis Anderson
7. Seamus Gay Tensley Kuntz Capt
8. Mike Webb Stefan Alexander
9. Evan Hall Kit Warren
10 John Graf Tom Howell
11 Omar Thomas Jay Bok
12 Johnny Inoke Matt James
13 Brennan Marcoux Jacob Lamb
14 Kevin Carr Stephen Mosher
15 Ciaran Hearn Jeff Wood

Thursday, March 29, 2007

CW Rugby

Gentlemen, the NA4 organizers have asked me to co-ordinate buses for the NA4 game on April 7th (Canada East v Canada West). The idea is to have a 48 seat bus(es) from Tsawwassen to Thunderbird Stadium and return, people would find their own way to Swartz Bay. The NA4 game is at 5pm with a planned opening game at 3pm (possibly Premier). The cost would be $20 which would include the ticket, so bus transportation would only cost $5 for each leg of the journey, which seems like a good deal. There will be a beer garden and food concession on site at Thunderbird Stadium. The timing of the game would mean taking the 1pm ferry over and the 9pm return.

Could you pass this info onto your club members, they can contact me directly at to make reservations or if your club wants to guarantee a specific number of reservations, that would work as well. Obviously we need accurate numbers so as to not oversell or undersell the number of buses. We need a minimum of 40 to make it a go.

If people could let me know by Sunday, what their wishes are, that would be excellent.

Cheers, Mark

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Victoria Cricket Photos

Guy Drake has put up some great VISAS photos and also some great cricket shots of years gone by. So go find yourself.
Click on the link below and take a look.

CW Rugby

For those of you who braved the elements today.....thank you. I hope I met and spoke with each of you regarding the last minute cancellation at Carnarvon.
CW had hoped to get at least one game off 7am I found the field was playable but soggy.
By 12 noon a significant portion of the field had accumulated standing water due to the constant down pour making conditions unplayable.
Next Saturday we have a home game planned, again at Carnarvon, vs Bayside. Will get details out to you all as the week progresses.
Let's all hope for some sunshine.
Brent Johnston.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

CW Rugby

Unfortunately we've been hit by poor weather, closed fields, and only one option for Saturday.
We've arranged with UBC to play only the Premier game.
Kick off to be earlier kick off than usual to respond to their early arrival for only the Premier game.
Game will be played at Carnarvon Park.
Reception back at the Club.

See you there, let's hope the sun will break through for the game and CW gets another win.
Your support and attendance at the game will be a great incentive for the lads.

Brent Johnston.

Friday, March 23, 2007

CW Rugby

Windsor Park has been closed due to weather. At this time, both games are still on, but have been moved to Carnarvon Park. If there are any last-minute changes, they will be announced here.

CW Eke Out Two Wins vs. Velox.
Another rainy Victoria day forced CW and Velox to split the locations of the intended doubleheader and play the First Division game at Windsor Park and the Premier tilt at Gordon Head so as not to totally destroy the fields. In the First Division game some of the spectators in the CW camp could be forgiven for thinking it was 1987 all over again with Lou Webster and Chris Horsley suiting up to help their club in need. Though they are both forward oriented they were placed in the backs to save Lou losing more appendages and to keep Chris out of the bin! Along with Al Willems and Rich Neery, these guys need to be commended for stepping up and coming through for CW in these tough times.

The game started as has been the case for CW these last few weeks with a knock on from the first pass from #9-10! As has also been the case, the forward pack picked up the pieces and played some nice defence to start the game. Iain Berglund led the way with tackles made, from one sideline to the other and was a standout in this department. We’d hear more from “Bergie” in the Premier game. After some sustained pressure resulting from a CW mistake, Velox touched down to take a 5-0 lead. CW were not to be deterred and came fighting back, playing some good phase ball and enjoying some early rumbles from prop, Dave Handysides. Ten minutes later, Stefan Moser showed his potential when he took a pass from Omar (“T.O”) Thomas and fended off a would-be tackler, to touch down in the corner. Tied 5-5, the game continued with CW enjoying most of the possession but unable to convert this into points. This was due in part to the weather but also because of some good defence by Velox. The Velox defence then turned into offence and they managed to touch down before the half making it 12-5. CW were also able to convert a penalty by Lou Webster making him eligible for the Gordie Howe Award, scoring in five decades, and it was 12-8 at the half.

The second half portrayed a lot of the same characteristics as the first, only this time possession by CW was finally turned into points and Moser scored his second of the match. Add on two more penalties made the final score 16-12 for CW. Credit is due to both sides for putting solid efforts forth considering the conditions. Standouts for CW were Bergie, Johnny Langdon, Thomas, Moser and Kit Warren for both, his defence and playing out of position.

Same conditions different venue! The Premier match was off and running by the time most supporters arrived from Windsor and given CW’s misfortunes in the injury department lately it wasn’t surprising to see their captain, Roger Robinson on the sidelines after crying off in the first thirty seconds. This forced coach May’s hand and yet again he was to play the part of busker and juggle the backline. The First Division reserves were also making their way from Windsor and luckily, Iain Berglund, the flanker from that game, showed up in time to play on the wing, moving Johnny Inoke to the centres. Full credit to Iain for playing a pretty solid thirty minutes after a great 70 minutes only an hour earlier! The game was much like the early one with the two most prominent players being Captain Chaos and General Disarray! These two were all over the pitch and slowed a lot of ball down on both sides resulting in a very messy and mistake-filled affair.
The bright spot for both teams was the defence and at times it was nothing short of heroic. Brennan Marcoux put CW up 3-0 and the hits just kept on coming. Some big collisions involving both front rows made spectators on the sideline wonder why in God’s name they would throw themselves around in such dreadful conditions! The simple answer to the question was because of dedication and love for the game. With CW up by three points, Velox began to take shape and a nice move in the backline saw the fullback break through and perfectly place a chip kick in the in-goal for a very nice individual try. As had been the case in other encounters, CW responded in kind with some more heroic defence by the forwards and very solid play by the ageless John Graf. If people question the dedication and talent of this guy they should come watch a game before he retires. The half ended with Velox up 7-3 and CW searching again for the solution to ongoing problems.

The second half was again marred with mistakes but the pace and skill was a little better, the players perhaps becoming used to the awful conditions. Making their way towards the Velox goal line, CW was intent on coming away with more than just a penalty this time and in the 70th minute, Adam Dowhy bowled over for a five pointer. Add this to his timely 35 metre ‘touch finder’ earlier and one could mistake him for a veteran of four World Cups! Unfortunately, the try wasn’t converted so the lead was a slim 8-7 for CW with ten minutes to go. Velox were not to be turned away though and they fought their way to CW’s thirty metre line where discipline was lacking. This enabled Velox to have a shot at goal and dramatically, the ball bounced off the crossbar and went over. Up 10-7, Velox secured the kick-off and found touch. The fight in CW that had been evident this half and the ensuing lineout was won to keep the pressure on. This time though the lack of discipline was Velox’s downfall and Brennan Marcoux had a shot at full time to win the game. The kick didn’t hit the cross bar but was no less dramatic when it sailed through. 11-10 was the final score and for the first time in the Premier competition, it was in favour of CW. The proverbial monkey was off CW’s back and the threat of going winless in the Premier League ended. Thanks to the entire CW team for putting in another gutsy performance. Next week it’s a visit from UBC Thunderbirds to Windsor and another tough challenge to prove this effort was no fluke.

CW Rugby good wine and last week's two wins, good things come to those who, attached it is! The two pix tell the tale of the weather and demo the good form of Adam Dowhy whose timely kick for touch was just another feature of what he has added to the picture this season.

In recent weeks I have reported the health status of some members..........just to add a couple of names - John Morley is currently awaiting a knee replacement in Jubilee, following infection occuring in his current replacement and we continue to remember past President, Doug Grey and his situation. Others have had various brushes with major health challenges which serve as a reminder to all, that one needs to take care of their own monitoring to ensure we around for our loved ones. To all of these folk,........... keep the faith.

Two club men who deserve the Thumbs-up Award...........lay it on them the next time you see them. Firstly, to Evan Jones. The Jones Boy has rendered sterling service to the club this season with U14's. The kids have been the recipients of his rugby experience and his coaching skills and knowledge and care about young people. We have a cadre of kids at this age level who are going to be future stars. Secondly, to Shep. We have regaled Paul before for his weekly field-lining but here it is again. Last Saturday when we had to change a game from Gordon Head to Windsor..........Brent gave Paul a call early Saturday morning and before you knew it, there was Shep, in the rain, lining the field with particular attention to getting a line in the quagmire by the pavilion, so that the game could be played on an appropriate pitch. Thanks guys.

CW takes on UBC at Windsor this Saturday, as Ken mentioned and we hope to have as many as possible to help keep the train rolling. There is still a mathematical chance of Playoff Bound!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Velox Valhallian field at Gordon Head.
Today at 1pm for the Firsts and 2:30 (might be 2:45 with lots of light available) for the Premiers.
Team for Premiers is:

Ref...Mr. Sam Langridge
1. Josh Handysides
2. Adam Hill
3. Adam Dowhy
4. Andrew Mooney
5. Trevor Pollock
6. Stefan Alexander
7. Jason Hodge
8. Scot Franklin
9. Seamus Gay
10 John Graf
11. Johnie Inoke
12. Roger Robinson Capt
13 Brennan Marcoux
14 Kevin Carr
15 Chris Noel
Note to all.....our good man Tom Stobbart has undergone stem cell inplant and major radiation and is in good spirits, given the extent of his battle, joined by Sue in Vancouver. Tom is ready for the fight and our thoughts are with him.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rugby at the Strathcona

ITALY V IRELAND Doors 0915am.
Well, well, well what drama, what excitement last week! Crikey!
Ireland “the rapier”, will want to put up a good score against the “blunt instrument” that is the Azzuri, not only to erase the nasty taste from their mouths having scraped out a win over the Thistles, perhaps by a referee’s miss-call in the dying seconds? Italy @ home – tough to beat. Ireland need to score big to have a shot at being the Champs.
Les Bleus will still be smarting from the defeat at HQ. Galling will be the fact that England -– for the first 30 mins. -played like they were re-living the retreat to Dunkirk, only to have the “little boats” from the bench, arrive and save them from certain disaster! Scotland maybe “the spoilers” at home but @ Stad? The French to win comfortably, especially if the weather is warm and dry and by winning big, Les Bleus will become the 2007 Six Nation’s Champions.
England -again Jonnyless (but who cares!) - will no doubt huff and puff @ Millennium but they wont blow the house down. The old "All Whites" will be magnificent in defeat to the Welsh Dragon. What other result could there be when a team - whose back is so firmly pressed against the cellar walls -is released to tear into the old enemy on the green, green grass of home?
Who’s at 9? What’s at 12?

Amidst the pouring rain and pineapple juice, CW travelled to the confines of Brockton Oval, (Burnaby Lake being exactly that, a lake), in pretty good spirits and looking forward to another battle with Burnaby Lake Rugby Club. A good week at practice had the confidence high and other than the fact the line up had to again be juggled, CW managed to field a team at least similar to last week. Learning from the great Nathan Buckley, regular open side flanker, Seamus Gay, donned the #9 jersey (and the nickname “Buckley” for the day!) He wasn’t the only forward in the backline. Scott “The Bus” Franklin suited up at #12 and one could see the twinkle in his eye on the way to the pitch. I guess the opposing midfield saw this twinkle as well and didn’t want it to sparkle, for on his first touch of the ball, Franklin was met with a rush defence and a huge collision occurred, resulting in a welt for Scotty and eight stitches above the eye for Burnaby’s center, Adam Martin. There could have been an argument for; no attempt to “wrap” but the referee must have seen it otherwise or not at all. Nevertheless the tone was set and Burnaby was not going to let Scotty get a head of steam on this day.

Enjoying the rain much more than CW, Burnaby, continued to pressure and about ten minutes in, broke through to score under the posts. With the CW hooker, Adam Hill kicking the dropouts, a la Peter Densmore, CW showed the signs of inexperience and miscommunication with some sloppy play and ill advised passing out of the tackle. This only worked to help Burnaby stay camped in CW’s end and only minutes later a penalty made it 10-0 Burnaby. This was the last attempt at goal for Burnaby. They were more interested in scoring tries and CW, for the first forty minutes at least, didn’t argue! Another try soon followed, this time by the forwards, making the score 17-0 and the rain and the scoring didn’t look like it was going to let up. A few minutes later after another unconverted Burnaby try followed and frustration came to a head, a small melee occurred. In most cases these melees result in one yellow card each, however, after punches being thrown from both sides, the referee thought it best to give a yellow to a CW player and not confer with the touch judges as to what occurred elsewhere. This was seen as strange ruling, even to some Burnaby supporters. With a man in the “bin”, CW couldn’t hold Burnaby and another try followed to make the score 29-0 with still some time left in the half! There was enough time for Burnaby to add yet another try and go into the halftime break, leading 34-0. The pineapple juice was apparently a bad omen, - it had been brought along in anticipation of a sunny day for CW!

The captain on the day, Jason Hodge, must have had something good to say at the break because CW started to show the heart that has been evident in every game until this point. Playing with a little desperation, CW forwards started to show signs of dominance and drove some lineouts very successfully, eating up yards but unfortunately, time as well. The backs also began to play to their strengths, not wanting to drift too far from the forwards and get caught alone out wide. The plan started to work well and CW looked a different team in the second half and if only they hadn’t played so disjointedly in the first half to give Burnaby their sizeable lead this could have been a very exciting finish. With their heads up, CW finally broke the line and fittingly, a forward touched down, the mud made it hard to see who the scorer was so we’ll give it to the entire pack. A nice conversion by Brennan Marcoux made the score 34-7 Burnaby.

This trend continued and CW was very unlucky not to score at least one more try. With time running out, CW showed great passion in trying to finish the game strongly and camped on Burnaby’s line. Multiple penalties to Burnaby for offside and not being back 10m helped this but it was CW’s pressure that forced these penalties and it was unfortunate that the score remained 34-7 on the final whistle.

And so 0-6 is CW with four games remaining! The crew from Oak Bay can take solace in the fact that this is only short term pain for long term gain because with so many players hurt, there are signs for the future in every game. Ian Berglund continues to improve and had a very good twenty minutes, Trevor Pollock is getting some back row experience that will only help his future and Adam Hill is slowly but surely becoming a quiet leader with his new club. That being said, there are still important games left and more hard work to complete. This week it’s off to Gordon Head to take on the hot Velox Valhallians who seem stronger than ever.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

World Cup

The Cricket World Cup - held once every four years - will be hosted by nine Caribbean countries, with matches beginning in Jamaica and concluding in Barbados. A total of 51 matches will take place over 47 days, with each match expected to last eight to nine hours. Competing teams will include Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Bermuda, Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands.

Canada Cricket Team 2007

Canada Cricket Team 2007

Back row: Ian Billcliif, Geoff Barnett, Henry Osinde, Umar Bhatti, Austin Codrington, Kevin Sandher, Abdool Samad, Sunil Dhaniram, Dan Kiesel (physio) Front row: Andy Pick (National Coach), Desmond Chumney, George Codrington, Ashish Bagai (vice-captain), John Davison (captain), Mike Henry (Manager), Qaiser Ali, Andy Cummins, Ashif Mulla.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rugby at the Strathcona Hotel

Rugby at the Strathcona

Those thistles north of the border are the only ones able to “rain on Ireland’s parade.” A win in Murrayfield for the Scots would prevent the visitors from lifting the Triple Crown, for the third year running!! Crikey! Never underestimate a Scotsman in the spoiling role- they are past masters at this game!
ITALY V WALES 12 noon.
With both teams perhaps destined to the crypt of the 2007 competition - this clash could bring ignominy to the Dragon in defeat. The Azzuri - in victory- would cover themselves in glory, by posting a 100% improvement in results, more than in any previous Six Nations competition! Watch the sparks fly in the rucks!!!
“.And now for something completely different…” Martin Cory in the second row!! Humph!! He’s slow enough, so perhaps this is the stroke of genius the coaches have been looking for to turn things around. No Vicary – who he Ed?-no Farrell-thank God, no loss really - but no Jonny - oh dear! Les Bleus will likely have a strangle hold on the Grand Slam after their visit to HQ.
Played on February 25th ……… Unless you are Scottish you will want to see the first seven minutes at least!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

CW Rugby

Tough Times Continue for CW.

Having lost four in a row in the Premier League and struggling for numbers, so much so, that the First Division game had to be postponed, CW travelled to Abbotsford and valiantly fought a spirited Abby side, only to come up short once again.

The game started out like many other recent CW games, with a clean catch off the kick off by the ever steady, Jason Hodge and an immediate foray into the opposition’s 22. However, some quality phases and increased pressure eventually led to a CW knock on and within minutes, (nay seconds), Abby chipped over a flat defence and scored the first try of the match. This was how most of the day went for CW and Abbotsford are to be given full credit for playing a solid game and capitalizing on mistakes, while using their own possession to the fullest. It was later overheard on the sidelines that this turned out to be one of the most complete games Abby has played thus far in the Premier League.

After another Abby try, CW began to show the heart and urgency so sorely needed in this time of trouble. Led by the indomitable Roger Robinson, his first of two tries on the day came from a play very few could make. Coming up in defence, he made contact, in a stand up fashion, of the attacker and literally took the ball from the hands of the offence and barrelled over the line! Leading 13-10 after another try and penalty, CW looked to be in control and one couldn’t be blamed for hoping the end of the losing streak was in sight. After careless mistakes resulting from loose passing and a not so stellar day in the “lineout defence department”, CW let Abbotsford stay within striking distance and the hosts were more than happy to oblige. A neat little blindside move off a driving lineout from Abby and the shoulders dropped again amongst the lads from Victoria. Add that to the fact CW lost three more players to injury, Captain Robinson, prop Franklin and winger Wolfe, the game took on a tone of desperation.

Despite these setbacks, the heart and urgency displayed earlier, resurfaced and after trading punches, CW fought to take the lead. Strong running by Johnny Inoke, playing his first game at fullback and Brennan Marcoux, making his debut at #10, was proof that brighter days are ahead. The forward pack battled hard but was up against a unit that play very well together and should not be taken lightly. Finding themselves up 26-24 with only minutes remaining, CW once again lost focus and gave up at least three, consecutive penalties, each successive one, gradually bringing Abby’s goal kicker into range and he finally achieved success with about a minute left. Down 27-26, the spirit of CW reared its head again and they pressured inside Abbotsford’s 22, only to have this “head” lopped off and replaced with the much uglier, unfocused version that gave up a penalty and handed Abbotsford a simple kick to touch to end the game.

“Experience tells us that nothing lasts forever” and with notable performances by Adam Hill (our best forward so far this half), Jason Hodge, Marcoux and Robinson, this old adage certainly rings true for CW. The experience gained during these tough times will no doubt benefit us in the future. Winston Churchill once said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. So it’s off to Burnaby next week and another battle that will no doubt put CW to the test once again.

Dallas City Guide – Interactive City Guide

Dallas City Guide – Interactive City Guide