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CW Rugby

CW Start Strong – Fail To Finish.

As with every CW/JBAA encounter, one expects passion and dedication from both sides and more often than not, the team that makes the least mistakes wins and today was no exception. The oft sunny day that accompanies these encounters didn’t materialize until after Premier kick-off and so the First Division game was conducted with high winds and clouds that dropped the temperature down to a chilly level. It was Victoria after all and no matter what the locals said, it was far from cold on the field!

CW First Division team took the field and apparently still had some ferry legs left over from last week’s trip to the mainland. Some missed touches and scrambling defence, quickly brought everyone back to the same page and they settled down after a few minutes. Making only his second start ever, in the #10 jersey, Thomas Kugerbayt was still getting to know everyone around him and some miscommunication was evident on offence. The immediate bright spot for …

Strath Rugby

IRELAND V ENGLAND Doors @ 1015hrs
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In order to get the second game “live” the times for Saturday Feb 24th have to be brought forward by half an hour. Bring your friends, should be a great day for rugby!!!

CW Rugby

Friends of CW;
Just a reminder about the matches at Windsor this Saturday. I know many of you enjoy the Six Nations telecasts and join us after those games, I believe they are starting earlier this week, so perhaps you can get to cheer the Firsts who k.o. @ 1:00 p.m. Main Game @ 2:45. Both Supporters Club and Viewers Balconies will be open and are licensed areas. Following the game, the reception will take place in the Sports Room where we are licensed to serve until 6:00 p.m.

Many of you know long-time club man, player, coach, family man and friend, Tom Stobart. Unfortunately, Tom has had to renew his health battle. We ask for your prayers and positive energy, as Tom treks to the clinic in Vancouver to undergo his treatments. You've beaten this once, Big Fella.....may you have strength for the "second half".

Looking for any rugby person who may have some time to work with Elementary kids at Willows School, to introduce rugby to them. We have lots of retired alumni who perh…

Strath Rugby

Rugby at the Strathcona Hotel

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Well, well, well are any of you who bought the Pool tickets, still in the running to win the pot? What a topsy-turvy Six Nations this has been.
Only England and France can do the Slam! Who would have even dared to think England might be Triple Crown Victors and - on paper - could do the Slam.
Ireland will be out to revenge their stunning loss to Les Bleus and must win this one to salvage a shot at the consolation of the Triple Crown. England will have to pull something pretty spectacular out of the hat to return to HQ with another tick in the win column to keep their hopes of “doing the double”.
Les Bleus are in Paris against a Wales team that hasn’t really settled. If it’s warm and sunny, the French could run up an “All Black” score against the cellar dwellers.
[The Scotland V Italy game - which will be played on Sunday Feb 25th- will be shown on Sunday March 11th after the En…


The weekend past was HUGE for CW in a couple of ways. On the field, it was the opportunity to extricate the Prems from the bottom of the table, with a measure of confidence that would be gained in defeating UVic and off the field, the fruition of the Committee's hard work in organising our Annual Fun(d)raiser, an event that has become very successful and the major part of us being able to operate our four teams and successful Mini Rugby that's a mouthful or weekendful, whichever way you look at it!

Brent's report on the rugby tells the tough luck tale of a much improved application by our Premier squad, still lacking some cohesiveness but with a glimmer of hope that, with things going our way, we can muster the necessary wins to scrape into the playoffs. Full credit to the students whose scintillating speed and fonger-tip ball handling is a joy to behold......this past weekend led by that wily veteran, Disco Danskin.

Despite the disappointing loss on …


CW Singles Invitational Happy Hour Darts Tournament.
Held this Friday February 9th at Discovery Sports Club. This will be a double knock out tournament so if you lose the first game there's still a chance. The entry fee is a measly $10 and will include some refreshments. The tournament will begin at 5:30 pm. Please respond to me at


BEAT THE WINTER BLAHS - Join us in our Annual Fundraiser this Saturday . There are still a few tickets available for this event for members and partners. It looks like it will be a FULL house, so a great evening for all. Ticket price includes food and beverages for the evening. Phone Stephen Petzing if you require a ticket.


RUGBY @ WINDSOR: This Saturday at 1:00 and 2:45, The Chaps play two very critical games against UVic. Outcomes could well affect the club's placement in the Premier League, even at this early stage! The players have excellent incentive to strive for the CW, so come on out to support the teams. The Upper Deck will be open to Supporters Club Members, as will the be the other balcony. Join your friends in an amber after the match in the Sports Room.

CW offers condolences to Aaron Abrams whose dad passed away quite suddenly this week. Our sympathy to you and your family, Aaron.

Tours of Lord's
Lord's is renowned as the 'home of cricket' and the game's spiritual 'headquarters'.
Every year, MCC is proud to play host to tens of thousands of visitors who travel to St John's Wood, from all parts of the globe, to visit one of the world's best and most celebrated sporting venues.
Tours of Lord's give such visitors the opportunity to go behind the scenes at MCC's historic ground, where they can see many of the most famous sights in world cricket.
They include the Long Room, in the heart of the Pavilion, which is both a cricket-watching room and a cricket art gallery - with portraits of the game's best-known figures, including WG Grace. On matchdays, in particular, the Long Room has a unique atmosphere - with players making their way through the Room as they walk to and from the 'hallowed turf'.
Other Pavilion highlights include the Players' Dressing Rooms with their famous 'honours boards' (see left), wh…


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Victoria Cricket

Match played at Jaffrey's, February 5, 2007 Kenya 250 runs for 9 wickets (50 overs; Tanmay Mishra 61 runs, Collins Obuya 48 runs, Henry Osinde 4 wickets for 33 runs in 10 overs) Canada 92 (14.5 overs; George Codrington 24 runs, Peter Ongondo 5 wickets for 51 runs, Thomas Odoyo 4 wickets for 39 runs)

Victoria Cricket

Building a better club

As with most things in life, business, education, athletics programs etc. some are better organized than others. The better organized entity will in most cases be more successful than a competitor with less structure.
My 2 years of exposure to BCMCL and its member clubs supports that basic principle. Not all clubs are equal, some are run better than others and in most cases the better managed clubs become stronger as others become weaker. What does that mean to the League?

At first glance those fortunate enough to belong to a strong club may say "we are doing fine and it's not our problem, let the opposition sink or swim". An understandable viewpoint perhaps but somewhat naive when we look at the big picture. We as a League are only as strong as the weakest links in our community. How does that impact you and your club you may ask? Unfortunately less organized clubs take up a disproportionate amount of resources, in time and administration, to keep wi…