Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CW Rugby

CW Start Strong – Fail To Finish.

As with every CW/JBAA encounter, one expects passion and dedication from both sides and more often than not, the team that makes the least mistakes wins and today was no exception. The oft sunny day that accompanies these encounters didn’t materialize until after Premier kick-off and so the First Division game was conducted with high winds and clouds that dropped the temperature down to a chilly level. It was Victoria after all and no matter what the locals said, it was far from cold on the field!

CW First Division team took the field and apparently still had some ferry legs left over from last week’s trip to the mainland. Some missed touches and scrambling defence, quickly brought everyone back to the same page and they settled down after a few minutes. Making only his second start ever, in the #10 jersey, Thomas Kugerbayt was still getting to know everyone around him and some miscommunication was evident on offence. The immediate bright spot for CW came from solid scrummaging and very active defence from the back row of Ian Berglund, Matt James and Stefan Alexander. Nevertheless, the score was 5-0 for James Bay after 15 minutes. Some great pressure by the Bay’s U20 scrum half, White, kept forcing mistakes and after 30 minutes it was 8-0. Good defence prevented the score from getting out of hand too early but frustration mounted and CW had a man sent to the bin late in the half

A very nice early score to start the second half put some wind back in CW’s sails. Newcomer, scrum half Josh Green, made a nice gap and off loaded to one of the fastest guys in the club and the maturing winger, Stefan Moser showed a great finishing touch. This was something the Premiers could have used later. The “wind” soon died down though and an unfortunate injury to Green at the 50 minute mark forced yet another backline shuffle. (A center had to be called up to the Premiers just hours earlier). CW was unable to recover. The score was 27-5 at full time but certainly a marked improvement from last week and something to build on looking towards Abbotsford.

On to the Premier game and the exciting thing about these games is that it never matters what the rosters look like, a passionate battle will always be in the cards. With notable names from both sides missing, Dunkley and Collins for JBAA and Molia and Cordle for CW, the teams delivered yet another exciting chapter in this ongoing rivalry. The game started well for CW and quality, multi phase ball saw them threatening early. As is the case with many James Bay teams over the years, one little mistake and the pressure will quickly disappear. A turnover inside the 22 led to CW scrambling back on “D” and within a few minutes it was 5-0 for the Bays. CW pressure from the ensuing kick off led to a John Graf penalty and CW were back on the front foot. The forward pack of CW showed they are still one of the best in the league and the front row in particular stood out all day.

A simple miss pass and some miscommunication on CW defence led to a forty metre try by the Bay’s left winger, Dan Harlow and the home team was beginning to dig a hole they would have trouble getting out of. James Bay 12, CW 3. The response to this however was a great sign for CW and a blocked kick from the ever present Seamus Gay, (a continually unnoticed quality #7), led to an Adam Dowhy tally a few minutes later. This was deftly converted by Graf from the sidelines and the score stood at 12-10 for the Bays. The renewed energy from this was soon sapped by some silly mistakes and shoddy tackling which led to another JBAA score and a seven point lead. Some hard running by Rob Robson and the incessant chatter of Jeff Williams are two constants of the Bay’s success and today was no different. An untimely miss by Graf right on halftime kept the score at 17-10.

The second half started much like the first with a lot of CW possession leading to a high tackle count for James Bay. The break that usually accompanies good multi phase ball, eluded CW on this day and the result was a turnover and a return to defence. Robson made another break, followed by a pass inside to Williams (these two again!) and James Bay increased their lead. They then dedicated themselves to the tackle for the rest of the day. The two forward packs once again battled tooth and nail for every inch with maybe a slight edge to CW in the scrum and a pretty even war in the rucks and mauls. With another unconverted try, the score mounted to 29-10 for James Bay. CW fought very hard, right to the final whistle. CW is definitely better than their 0-4 record indicates but more hard work is needed to turn the record around.

A very good debut on the wing by Kevin Carr (he was the guy called up hours earlier and had only played center) and the amazing work rate of Evan Hall, Roger Robinson and the entire pack led to a much better performance than the previous week and some silver linings to the dark clouds covering CW this last month. Onward and upward for CW while it’s off on another very tough road trip. Let’s hope we’ve learned from our past mistakes and come out flying against a tough Abbotsford side.

Reporter: Ken Goodland

Friday, February 23, 2007

Strath Rugby

IRELAND V ENGLAND Doors @ 1015hrs
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In order to get the second game “live” the times for Saturday Feb 24th have to be brought forward by half an hour. Bring your friends, should be a great day for rugby!!!

CW Rugby

Friends of CW;
Just a reminder about the matches at Windsor this Saturday. I know many of you enjoy the Six Nations telecasts and join us after those games, I believe they are starting earlier this week, so perhaps you can get to cheer the Firsts who k.o. @ 1:00 p.m. Main Game @ 2:45. Both Supporters Club and Viewers Balconies will be open and are licensed areas. Following the game, the reception will take place in the Sports Room where we are licensed to serve until 6:00 p.m.

Many of you know long-time club man, player, coach, family man and friend, Tom Stobart. Unfortunately, Tom has had to renew his health battle. We ask for your prayers and positive energy, as Tom treks to the clinic in Vancouver to undergo his treatments. You've beaten this once, Big Fella.....may you have strength for the "second half".

Looking for any rugby person who may have some time to work with Elementary kids at Willows School, to introduce rugby to them. We have lots of retired alumni who perhaps could give an hour for two after-school sessions per week, let me know @ macca@shaw.ca Speaking of kids.........an earlier missive talked about a great crop of U16 players we have and this Sunday @ 11:30, they travel cross-town to do battle with James Bay, a coffee on the sideline would be an enjoyable hour.
See you on the balcony!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Strath Rugby

Rugby at the Strathcona Hotel

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Well, well, well are any of you who bought the Pool tickets, still in the running to win the pot? What a topsy-turvy Six Nations this has been.
Only England and France can do the Slam! Who would have even dared to think England might be Triple Crown Victors and - on paper - could do the Slam.
Ireland will be out to revenge their stunning loss to Les Bleus and must win this one to salvage a shot at the consolation of the Triple Crown. England will have to pull something pretty spectacular out of the hat to return to HQ with another tick in the win column to keep their hopes of “doing the double”.
Les Bleus are in Paris against a Wales team that hasn’t really settled. If it’s warm and sunny, the French could run up an “All Black” score against the cellar dwellers.
[The Scotland V Italy game - which will be played on Sunday Feb 25th- will be shown on Sunday March 11th after the England v France game.]

Monday, February 12, 2007


The weekend past was HUGE for CW in a couple of ways. On the field, it was the opportunity to extricate the Prems from the bottom of the table, with a measure of confidence that would be gained in defeating UVic and off the field, the fruition of the Committee's hard work in organising our Annual Fun(d)raiser, an event that has become very successful and the major part of us being able to operate our four teams and successful Mini Rugby program..........now that's a mouthful or weekendful, whichever way you look at it!

Brent's report on the rugby tells the tough luck tale of a much improved application by our Premier squad, still lacking some cohesiveness but with a glimmer of hope that, with things going our way, we can muster the necessary wins to scrape into the playoffs. Full credit to the students whose scintillating speed and fonger-tip ball handling is a joy to behold......this past weekend led by that wily veteran, Disco Danskin.

Despite the disappointing loss on Saturday, the Club did have cause for celebration on the field this weekend. The U16 League kicked off with our lads at Velox. In what was a very well played game, CW came away with a 29 - 14 victory. Many of these young lads are showing the outcomes of two and three years Mini Rugby and will be the lifeline of the club. One late CW try was nothing less than champagne - an effort which would have done any senior team credit, the ball sweeping through six sets of hands in the backs to create an overlap for a wonderful winger's try 'in the corner'.
GAME REPORTS (Brent Johnston): The First Division game began with a typical Uvic counter attack from the kick off...receive the ball...move it wide and fast...score the try. Let's see....did the CW First Div lads train for just that in the week preceding? The game is physical and mental....play only half of that formula and the opposition will score twice as many points as you do .....final CW 13 Norsemen 38. There were flashes of good play by new comers Will Shaw and Nigel Thompson and others who are just getting their rugby legs....welcome additions to the Club.
Otherwise the CW team struggled for form and phases while the Uvic lads played a more organized game. Individual's always give their all on the field and should be recognized and commended for that......if CW could just get the same at training the team would be a much more successful, and happy, group.
See you all on Tues and Thurs this week...good things to come.

Now to the Premier game. Some players on one page....others on another page....does not make for winning rugby.
Although, if you viewed the DVD, watched the play, didn't keep track of the score, you would have thought...CW on this day!
First minutes of the game with CW pressure...Jason Hodge with a great steal on the ground (outstanding half by Jason). Adam Dowhy at Tighthead with strength and pressure...the tight five moving the Uvic pack at will. 5 mins into the game we see the first sign of trouble for CW....kick return by Tye Spicer who goes to ground...shoulder first into the ground and dislocated. Johnny Inoke comes in to begin his second game of the day...and plays well for the lads. Graf location kicks and Cordle pressure/follow up working well. The CW control of the game is going well with tight ball taking up a meter at a time from the 50 into the Viking red zone....and then the players ''on the other page'' take the ball wide and flare, turnover. This after 15 phases of controlled ball and progress.
Sets and stolen ball by Aylward, Hill and Dowhy in the front row continues....countered by Uvic Danskin clearing kicks and pressure reduction.
At 15 mins the pressure begins to produce penalties for CW in the zone.....three penalties on the day.....all will be missed....uncharacteristically.
Good lineout work gave solid attack platform 80% of the time, very helpful on the day and for the style contemplated against the Uvic team....but in the red zone two missed line outs, the only two on the day, stifled momentum at critical times. As usual, on every slip Uvic attacked and flared......CW to find itself back inside its own 22 needing to work forward again.
At the half CW 0 Uvic 3

The half starts with Seamus Gay in for Hodge and Mosher in for Inoke. First 5 minutes penalty in the loose for Uvic. Uvic in the red zone with the ball in the loose play going nowhere fast and CW player tries a 50/50 move to get to the ball....penalty and points result.
Restart taken by CW to work into the Uvic 22. Knock on by CW....Uvic set in trouble and ball turned over 5 meters out.....put in for CW.
Goodland gathers the pack for a 30 second pep talk and confirmation of tactic.....that tactic, the push over, secures a try and conversion.
Uvic responds a few minutes later with a ball wide move met with confusion in CW outside coverage....Uvic backs taking full advantage, as they do on two occasions this day, cross the line for the retaliation score.
Josh Green at #9 works well all day and helps get the lads down into the 30 of Uvic....Hill with a perfect line out toss is followed by a knock on in the drive....momentum change again.
Andrew Mooney keeps up his pressure filled game......he is everywhere making yards.....ball produced into the back field and CW knock on....Uvic moves quickly again to counter and move the ball far down field.
Back the ball comes with big pressure and flow for CW...cross the 50...men over lap for CW....Mr. DeGoede calls ball held on the ground by CW....tough one on this day as the speed to this particular whistle is counter to the timing all day in this aspect of law interpretation.....yet keeping up with the game pace this day would be a challenge...a challenge well met by Mr. DeGoede throughout.
The CW try that follows reinforces control and keeping the ball through 10 phases of play...picture perfect. Seemed to be in the offing 4 or 5 times on the day....yet only completed this one time in 80 minutes.
The restart is a scary reminder of the VIRU final 2006...with CW not securing the kicked ball and Uvic taking it on a run. One would have thought that restart memory from 2006 would be burned in the minds of the CW players.....it seems not so!
The missed Uvic drop goal from the ensuing attack is but a brief respite.....as the Uvic backs once again move the ball to the sideline and with the simplest of attack a troubling missed tackle by CW provides time and space for the Uvic tally in the corner.
No more to say....as the concluding statement is read on the scoreboard. Uvic 18 CW 14.

Next Saturday the CW lads travel to Capilano......call to arms CW....Tues + Thurs = CW two wins.

CLUB NEWS: It is with a sense of some relief that I report from Jane Robinson that surgery on Head Coach, Spencer, went as well as could be expected last Friday. Spence remains positive and strong and we hope he can be home in a about a week. Just a personal editorial, Spence is a private man and out of respect, his condition was made known to very few, however, indicative of the man - he told his players and then whipped them out onto the practise field! I know Jane was appreciative of the many supportive comments and compassion demonstrated. Spence needs your continued prayers as further steps and treatment occur.

To Tye......... tough luck. We hope your recouperation is not too burdensome for you.

To..........the Club Man of the Week - David Richardson.........it is time to recognise the work this man does for every home game. He is the man who cheerily greets you at the Windsor Rd Gate. David is there rain, hail or shine and eventhough he is an avid England supporter, pulls himself away from the Strath in the second half to be on duty for CW, (I don't think it took too many second thoughts this past weekend!!) It would be interesting to know the number of donated dollars David has been personally responsible for over the past five years since we have instituted the entertainment buck. Thanks, David.

Keep your fingers crossed for our visit to Klahanie - a cauldron that we haven't had success in for a while. We have the ability but it will take even more hard work, and concentration, but with an ounce of luck it could be the upset of the season.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


CW Singles Invitational Happy Hour Darts Tournament.
Held this Friday February 9th at Discovery Sports Club. This will be a double knock out tournament so if you lose the first game there's still a chance. The entry fee is a measly $10 and will include some refreshments. The tournament will begin at 5:30 pm. Please respond to me at kengoodland@hotmail.com


BEAT THE WINTER BLAHS - Join us in our Annual Fundraiser this Saturday . There are still a few tickets available for this event for members and partners. It looks like it will be a FULL house, so a great evening for all. Ticket price includes food and beverages for the evening. Phone Stephen Petzing if you require a ticket.


RUGBY @ WINDSOR: This Saturday at 1:00 and 2:45, The Chaps play two very critical games against UVic. Outcomes could well affect the club's placement in the Premier League, even at this early stage! The players have excellent incentive to strive for the CW, so come on out to support the teams. The Upper Deck will be open to Supporters Club Members, as will the be the other balcony. Join your friends in an amber after the match in the Sports Room.

CW offers condolences to Aaron Abrams whose dad passed away quite suddenly this week. Our sympathy to you and your family, Aaron.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tours of Lord's
Lord's is renowned as the 'home of cricket' and the game's spiritual 'headquarters'.
Every year, MCC is proud to play host to tens of thousands of visitors who travel to St John's Wood, from all parts of the globe, to visit one of the world's best and most celebrated sporting venues.
Tours of Lord's give such visitors the opportunity to go behind the scenes at MCC's historic ground, where they can see many of the most famous sights in world cricket.
They include the Long Room, in the heart of the Pavilion, which is both a cricket-watching room and a cricket art gallery - with portraits of the game's best-known figures, including WG Grace. On matchdays, in particular, the Long Room has a unique atmosphere - with players making their way through the Room as they walk to and from the 'hallowed turf'.
Other Pavilion highlights include the Players' Dressing Rooms with their famous 'honours boards' (see left), which provide a lasting reminder of exceptional batting and bowling performances in Lord's Tests.
After covering the Pavilion, the Tour takes visitors to the MCC Museum where the fascinating story of cricket is brought to life. Paintings, photographs and artefacts, covering 400 years of cricket history, reveal the game's development from a rural pastime to a modern and increasingly international sport.
The Museum's most precious exhibits include the Wisden Trophy and the tiny, delicate and irreplaceable Ashes urn, fresh from its return to England following a highly successful Ashes Exhibition Tour of Australia.
Recent additions to the Museum include a bat on loan from Mahela Jayawardene, used in his century at Lord's in the npower Test match in May 2006. Also on loan is a bat from Paul Collingwood, which he used when scoring his Test century in Nagpur and when he began his century innings at Lord's last July.
Other Lord's attractions include the Tennis Court, where Real Tennis, 'the game of kings' (including King Henry VIII), is still played, and the MCC Indoor Cricket School - where many future Test and county stars hone their skills (helped by video technology, expert coaching and 100mph bowling machines).
The Tour also gives visitors a chance to admire some outstanding architecture. Despite its historic fame, Lord's is the setting for some of the most innovative architecture in London. In addition to the award-winning Mound Stand and the Grand Stand, Lord's includes the futuristic Media Centre (left), which was acclaimed in 2001 as one of 'The Fifty Best Buildings in Britain' - coming eleventh (two places ahead of St Paul's Cathedral!)
The Tour, which lasts approximately 1 hour 40 minutes, starts by the Grace Gates and ends at the Lord's Shop - described as "outstanding" by The Times in its 'Good Ground Guide'.http://www.lords.org/lords-ground/tours/

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


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Victoria Cricket

Match played at Jaffrey's, February 5, 2007 Kenya 250 runs for 9 wickets (50 overs; Tanmay Mishra 61 runs, Collins Obuya 48 runs, Henry Osinde 4 wickets for 33 runs in 10 overs) Canada 92 (14.5 overs; George Codrington 24 runs, Peter Ongondo 5 wickets for 51 runs, Thomas Odoyo 4 wickets for 39 runs) http://canadacricket.com

Friday, February 02, 2007

Victoria Cricket

Building a better club

As with most things in life, business, education, athletics programs etc. some are better organized than others. The better organized entity will in most cases be more successful than a competitor with less structure.
My 2 years of exposure to BCMCL and its member clubs supports that basic principle. Not all clubs are equal, some are run better than others and in most cases the better managed clubs become stronger as others become weaker. What does that mean to the League?

At first glance those fortunate enough to belong to a strong club may say "we are doing fine and it's not our problem, let the opposition sink or swim". An understandable viewpoint perhaps but somewhat naive when we look at the big picture. We as a League are only as strong as the weakest links in our community. How does that impact you and your club you may ask? Unfortunately less organized clubs take up a disproportionate amount of resources, in time and administration, to keep within the cricket community. In short they are high maintenance and detract from all participants in the League. If we build stronger clubs it is not unreasonable to expect a stronger League.

This project is a work in progress and those who chose to participate can all learn something. I want to begin to map out the basic components as we understand them essential to building a stronger club. There is no one magic formulae but somewhere in our combined experiences we have learned some of the basic fundamentals which no good club can do without. This then is an attempt to share those basic building blocks for the benefit of all who participate in the BCMCL.

Some will say that these so called fundamentals are nothing more than common sense and for many clubs that may be the case. My two seasons with the BCMCL has revealed several clubs who lack the management skills and tools necessary for success. I believe a little participation and sharing of knowledge in this exercise has the potential to benefit all clubs in our League, weak or strong.

The building blocks:

1. All clubs must have a workable and enforceable Constitution. Why?
a) Without a Constitution you will not have a mechanism that allows the elected officials to govern, administer and organize a club.
b) The rights and aspirations of the general membership will not have a voice in the affairs of the club.
c) Without a formal structure of checks and balances any volunteer group of diverse personalities and egos must eventually result in conflict and chaos. That is human nature.

2. All clubs need at least 2 of the following, a strong President/Secretary/Treasurer. Why?
a) In order to organize and control a diverse group of individuals you must have strong motivational and organizational leadership.
b) You cannot please all the people all of the time, your decisions must benefit the club as a whole and they may be unpopular.
c) Also, get non playing interested individuals involved, they can help in the necessary details to running an efficient club as they are not hindered by time taken up playing cricket.

3. All clubs must have a clear and enforced subscriptions policy. Why?
a) The key too many of the most successful clubs is the collection of subscriptions. By all means have subsidized status within your club for students or unemployed etc. but eventually someone must pick up the tab. The bills have to be paid or you cannot play cricket.
b) Subs should whenever possible be collected before the season starts and in all cases before the individual has played three games for the club. The longer the season progresses the less chance a club has of collecting subs. Any club collecting subs from anyone but new players in July or August will not succeed.
c) Many clubs are reluctant to apply a "no pay no play" policy for fear of loosing players. If you have the courage to apply such a policy you will encounter resistance from many of the membership in the short term but experience shows that once a player has sat out a couple of weeks funds become available. Adopt the policy and stick to it for one season and your subscriptions will be paid on time in the future. If you loose a couple of players at least some other weak club is paying for their services, you and your club mates are not!

Example: The league has recently raised the team entry fee to $800 per season that may sound a lot but in fact it's the best bargain in sport. Working on the assumption that it takes at least 14 players to field a team every week lets look at the numbers but first let us look at a few facts.

Cricket competes for space with many other sports such as soccer, softball, field hockey, ultimate frizbie, etc. and in the greater scheme of things we are a very minor sport. In most municipalities each of those sports would outnumber us at least 10 to 1 in participants. Our particular sport takes up far more space than all of the competition and about three times longer to play a game. In many ways we are very fortunate to be able to play our game with the intense competition for playing fields.

Let's look at the cost. Most players in BCMCL are scheduled to play 18 games per season and an average game takes about 6 hours to play for a total of 108 hours of recreation. It is reasonable to assume that a team is made up of about 14 players.

$800 divided by 14 players = $57.15 per season. $57.15 divided by 108 hours = 0.53 cents per hour to participate.

If you can find a better bargain in sport please let me know about it. These figures do not include practice time, 6 a side tournaments, friendies or play off games so in fact 53 cents per hour of entertainment may be on the high side. Anyone not willing to pay subscriptions for that kind of bargain should probably not be playing cricket.

4. All clubs should have fundraising strategies in place. Why?
a) The cost of playing cricket will increase in the future as user fees are introduced in all municipalities and access to gaming funds is reduced.
b) Apart from League dues you also have to buy equipment bats, balls, pads etc in order to participate. How much do you have to spend on cricket equipment and where does the money come from? I play for a club where the effective subscription per player is about $79.00 per season. I am told that some clubs charge up to $200 per season to players, why the disparity? Fundraising I believe.

The costs to field a team in the BCMCL should be about the same for all of us I assume so why would it cost more to belong to one club than another? Once again the answer must be fundraising, or the lack of it.

Fundraising can take many forms from Sponsorship through garage sales to 50/50 draws and most of these initiatives require a lot of work. Therein lies the problem for many clubs, if you cannot commit the membership to give up time and energy for fundraising activities then the funds must be raised by raising subscriptions. This is not difficult math here, you either raise money for your club or you pay more to play for that club. That is a choice to be made by the membership. Some individuals may say I have better things to do with my time I would rather pay more subs. Others may say this is a great way to cut the costs of playing cricket and at the same time creating a better club atmosphere, either way the club cannot exist without these revenues. If a club cannot collect these revenues in a timely manner your season will be long and frustrating and the future uncertain.

5. All club members must be available for umpiring assignment. Why?

As you know each team is tasked 10 assignments to fulfill its obligations to the League. If the club misses assignments then the club incurs penalties. Who pays? In some cases the individual will accrue debts to his club to be paid by the individual or his club. In some cases the entire club is penalized if the umpiring assignments slip below 75% Umpire assignments are part of the cost of participating in the BCMCL. If individuals are not prepared to fulfill this obligation a similar criteria as failure to pay subs should apply, they should not be available for selection. If the individual elects to pay for a substitute umpire to fulfill that assignment it is still his responsibility to ensure the assignment is filled.

6. All clubs must have a definitive selection process, understood by the membership. Why?

The selection process should be a function of the club goals set for that season and the wishes of individual players should be secondary to the goals of the club. The wishes or preferences of individual players can be taken into consideration by the selectors but the decisions of the selectors take precedence. The bottom line is do the players play for the club or do they play for a team within that club? If the latter is the case then a selection committee should quit the charade and let the team captains and players fight for their own personal agendas.

7. The workload of as club should be distributed amongst a manageable amount of the membership. Why?

As with many endeavours in life 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people and in a club environment that is not healthy. I know this is a problem common to many clubs/teams but that doesn't make it right. If you as a club do not get off field participation from a broad section of the club that club will stagnate and eventually fail. Once again this relates to strong leadership and motivational skills and the importance of getting broader participation in club affairs should not be underestimated.

8. No club should be based upon ethnic or religious guidelines. Why?

a) Apart from the Canadian Charter of Rights it is simply a stupid policy and runs contrary to the society we have chosen to live in.
b) Any club, group, body drawn upon ethnic or religious lines is destined to be inward looking and prone to paranoia of the outside world. There is enough of that kind of myopia in the world already without introducing such limiting factors and prejudices into the world of amateur sport. Get over it!

The opinions and ideas stated in this document are based upon my own personal experiences in local cricket. I am sure that many clubs and individuals within the BCMCL have different ideas and theories as to the fundamentals of a good cricket club. This is your chance to share them with your peers.

I would appreciate any feed back, positive or negative on this subject in an effort to improve our game for all its participants.

John McCabe.

Phoenix Brochure by R.G.Richardson – Books on Google Play

Phoenix Brochure by R.G.Richardson – Books on Google Play