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Racing Manuals for 2008 are now available at the club.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vancouver Boat Show

Vancouver International Boat Show - February 6-10, 2008 at BC Place Stadium

The largest boat show in Western Canada, the Vancouver Boat Show is the best place to see and buy the latest and greatest in boating and fishing. The Vancouver Boat Show is definitely a "one-stop-shop" - featuring everything from canoes, kayaks, inflatables, runabouts, pontoon and deck boats, fishing boats, cruisers and motor yachts and sailboats to all the latest gear.

And…for SNSYC members, if you buy an E-ticket on-line before February 6th you’ll get $1 off the price of an adult admission.

For more information please visit Vancouver Boat Show

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Kim Chow around the world

Follow the progress of RVYC Club member Glenn Wakefield in his 40' sloop Kim Chow around the world.

Grand Opening of the Dining Room

Thursday, 29 November
Grand Opening of the Dining Room
Featuring the New Menu
Many selections made in-house from fresh local ingredients
Look for:
Three Kinds of Schnitzel
Malaysian Coconut Curry Prawns
Chocolate Pate
Reservations a Must 656 4600

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club Regatta 2007 Photos

Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club Regatta 2007 Photos

The Regatta 2007 photos can now be found at

Monday, November 19, 2007


Thursday Night Speakers Series
Paul & Deanna Shaw present:

Exploring the Copper Canyon,
One of the World’s Great Train Rides
Across Chihuahua State, Mexico.

Thursday November 22nd, 2007 6.00 p.m.
Wonderful Mexican Buffet
Corn chips and salsa
Spicy marinated Jicama salad
Corn and cilantro salad
Papas con chorizo oxaqueno don dora
Rice and beans
Zucchini with fried garlic and lime
Shredded pork tamales
Mole’ Chicken
Desserts $18.95

7.30 p.m. Presentation

Spectacular hikes on century old trails
Incredible bird watching
Steep Excursions into the Canyons
And the history, traditions and local cuisine of the Tarahumara, a shy and gracious people whose roots go back to antiquity
Reservations a Must! – 656-4600

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ken at the Blethering Place has invited the CW players and supporters to his restaurant on Oak Bay Av for a Fish and Chips night to celebrate the wins last Saturday and to encourage the lads going up to Cowichan this Saturday.
Thursday night Nov 15th around 8pm with players arriving at 8:30 .....supporters for $10 (plus a tip!) Fish and Chips.....expect a bit of piano playing and sing along to break out!

Email me back as soon as you can if attending so we can make necessary arrangements.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club

SNSYC and Saanich Peninsula Canadian Power Squadron
Presentation by John Hudson

The Making of an Atlantic Voyage - 2007
Skipper Dr. John Eby wanted to get his Beneteau 393 from Sidney to Europe for

extended cruising off the Iberian Peninsula and in the Mediterranean. Three

friends of the skipper including myself made up the crew. After three years of

preparation, the journey started on 24 February 2007 when the vessel left for Anacortes

to be trucked to Norfolk, Virginia. We departed for Horta, Azores, on 1 May,

arriving 23 May, and then we went on to A Coruña, Spain, arriving six days late on

3 June after some unseasonable weather. The talk will deal initially with the crew

and vessel preparation and then with the voyage itself.

John is a SNSYC member and is Commander of CPS – Saanich Peninsula Squadron

and a member of Bluewater Cruising Association.

Thursday 8 November 2007

Dinner 6.00 PM Reservations Please!

Presentation 7.30 PM


For Sale -second owner
1976 Eldorado Cadillac Convertible 37,000 original miles, mint condition. $35,000.00
Sidney BC.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CW Rugby

CW Rugby

After what appeared to be a CW stranglehold with the score at 10 - 7 in favour of the visitors, chaos suddenly prevailed and UVic's "Ten Minute Tigers" were unleashed, leaving CW with a number of improved positives but continued dejection with a final 10 - 22 scoreline.

CW started the day with early pressure which resulted in a penalty,which was 'waved off' despite its queried success. After further forward control, a good blind side try was scored by winger, Cavin, for CW. CW put together a series of sustained phases only to lose the ball in contact, something which plagued the visitors throughout the game. CW established some early superiority in the sets but to counter, UVic showed early flashes of the speed that worries all of their opposition. Soon, Sawers filled from the blindside after quick ball and Moonlight was sprung and with the successful convert, UVic took the lead. Despite Rob Turk at #10 cleverly controlling affairs for the hosts, it was clear that CW had the right game plan and on this day, they had come to make ammends for recent results. Play ebbed, excitingly back and forth and the score was unchanged at the interval.

The second half commenced with further promising CW attack, only to be snuffed by the turnover plague. Both teams failed to penetrate with their backs and the kicking game was also tried without any superiority being achieved. CW backs tackled UVic's speedsters with enthusiasm and ten minutes in, CW won quick ball and flanker, O'Toole showed good 'quicks' to hustle over for a well-taken try. Graf, as usual, was totally committed and did his very best to facilitate another try, filling from #15, toeing grubbers and pushing good diagonals to turn UVic around and coupled with active forraging from Gay and Ault, CW slowly appeared to gain ascendancy. The speed factor from the students was always on the edge and as the pace increased and the defence became desperately sprawled, the disastrous happened.

With eight minutes remaining, Gay was yellow-carded for a "spear tackle", simultaneously, #10 Buckley was blood subbed and the subsequent reorg put CW off-stride. Suddenly, from what appeared as inconsequential events, a tackle was missed, a shimmy and a dummy and Mackenzie was over in the corner. Following the kickoff, a mismatch occured with the necessity for a prop to tackle a whippet in centre field. Sawers had the ears pinned back and sent Grant headed for pay dirt. Grant certainly made sure his opposition was aware of the tally and the score read 17 - 1 0. CW talked in goal of this still being one score and mentally tried to pull off the miracle. It was not to be, as young legs, good support angles and swift passes to get the ball to space, saw the final nail with another end-to-ender, scored by substitute player, Shannon.

It was rather hard for this scribe to summarise events when the visitors had played so well for so long and so badly wanted and needed the W. There is no substitute for pace and UVic, once again, needs to credited for their ability to make the ball do the work and their team faith in never being out of a game. They almost pulled it off last week and this week they were successful!! CW has a week off to prepare for its remaining three games, Indeed, if the team can put this result aside, prepare and play with the effort displayed today, they are not out of the picture by a long shot.

Postscript. CW d. JBA in U19 play 22 - 20 in a very close, hard-fought, well officiated match at McDonaldon Sunday. This result keeps CW atop the U19 table with Cowichan. This League is offering very good rugby to spectators and the players of all teams deserve commendation for their performances.

Sidney Lighted Boat Parade

Sidney Lighted Boat Parade

We are calling on all SNSYC members to be part of this spectacular event!

Information Meeting Thursday November 1st, 7.30 p.m. Upstairs at the club house – Come for dinner early too!

When: Saturday November 24, 2007 1730 hours

Where: Assembling in front of Van Isle Marina and sailing past the Sidney dock under the guidance of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

What: Decorate your boat with lights! Be creative! The more lights the cheerier!

Who: The crew can be made up of friends of your choosing. Anything goes!

How: Choose a theme or just light up the boat! Need help decorating, call Duncan at 652- 8868

After Sail-past Party. 8.30 p.m. Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club.

Experience the excitement of thrilling the crowds and having a great time doing it!

The traditional Sidney sail past of lighted boats will once again help bring the spirit of Christmas to the peninsula children and adults lining the Sidney Waterfront shores. This year’s event will dove tail with the Santa Claus parade so everyone will be in high spirits. Make this one of the best years ever! The more boats participating, the merrier all will be!

It’s easy to enter just see the attached information sheet and or get an application form at news and notices page or Tanner’s Books or phone, 656-4365

There are trophies to be won and a post sail past party at the yacht club!

- For sailing details call ….. Warren Franklin at 655-014

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

CW Rugby

Friends of CW Rugby;
This week's game report comes to you prefaced by a couple of Editorial comments. Once again, last Saturday, our Premier side found itself on the wrong end of a close score. Clearly we need to win games - and lots of them to qualify for the BCRU (post-Xmas) Premier League.

It was less than a year ago when Exner, Abrams, Dunning, Ault, Mooney, Goodland, Reganvanu, Gay, Hall, Graf, Molia, Franklin, Weingart, LaCarte and Daypuck put BC Premiers JBAA, to rest at Windsor Park. At this point in time, we only have six of these players available to the club! The club's inability to field a consistently healthy and full-strength side has been a contributing factor to our results. The Executive of CWRFC has given the coaching staff a vote of confidence and its continued support.

Speaking of support, now, more than ever, the players need your support. The RWC put a dent in attendance in our games and it is to be hoped that in the second round games, the faithful will step up and serve the lads with positive support. Alan Oliver, Steven Petzing and Jim Wenman have sought memberships for our Supporters Club and have been met with a very lean response to date. In its inaugural season we had 120 members but so far, only half that number have signed up. $150 is not an inordinate amount to ask. The comment of "results on the field" has been heard and it is a poor excuse if we are true rugby people. The club, spirit and comraderie and putting a small measure back into the game, should be our benchmarks.

Regarding results, CW Juniors from 8 - U19's are having stunning success, (assisted by your membership dues!). After last week's 22 -12 win over Cowichan, the U19's find themselves tied at the top of the table and if you want to see the future of CW rugby, come out and support them this Sunday when they play JBA @ McDonald Park (1:00 p.m. k.o.??). Our U17 team is 2 - 1 after a much improved performance against a very strong Shawnigan LS/Cowichan XV last week. U16's are training for post-Xmas League play and our U10's, U12's and U14's lost only three of seventeen games they played at last Sunday's Nanaimo Jamboree! You can see these tykes in action any Sunday at Windsor 10 - 11:30......check the website.

Finally, it is with pleasure that we announce that Chris Noel has stepped up to take on the role of Club President. Again, the Executive hopes that you might involve yourself in some small way of giving extra to the it helping to rope the field for home games to definitely being in attendance as a Supporters Member.

See you on the sidelines.
Past President

In the curtain-raiser, perhaps as a precursor of what was to follow, CW Firsts failed to add to their 17 first half points , losing to a more committed Cowichan side, 17 - 21.

The Premier contest opened with a series of good phases orchestrated at the base by Weingart although CW failed to make any real penetration. It took ten minutes for Cowichan to visit the CW half but CW turnovers and a penetrating run from #10, Carter, was the visitor's first foray. CW countered and after working from their own 25m, Weingart gave a slick pass to Handysides who made a long gainer, quick ball from the tackle and a shimmy from Hall resulted in first blood. Cowichan forwards responded by strongly mauling their way to a penalty. CW countered with a good run from O'Toole. The resultant quick ball to Hall, a crafty dummy and change of pace , opened the gap and a soft pop-up to the Evergreen Robinson, enabled CW to widen the gap to 12 - 3. Sadly, for CW that was "all he wrote"!

As the half drew nigh, CW showed signs of self-destruction. An inept 22m drop out error and another good run by Carter resulted in a penalty which Cowichan did not try the goal but rather a cheeky touch-finder which further resulted in a 5m scrum. This almost back-fired when CW, #8, Ault broke away and play was soon at the half however, CW backs seemed so surprised and excited that they were called for a "shepherding" pass. Lines run by the three-quarters all day seemed to confuse fans and players alike. Cowichan found touch and drove the lineout but the play was held up. The resultant scrum ended in a melee and seemingly, frustration and indiscipline saw a yellow card to Seamus Gay. A strong run by Cowichan's Chris Clarke was snuffed at the 46th minute - no RWC here and CW had luckily retained their advantage. This yellow was one of a number seen in both games on the day....A Yellow C!

The second stanza opened with an obstruction penalty against CW. The gift was slotted by Wright. After the kickoff, the visitors controlled the mauls and although play ebbed, one sensed a change of order - the genetic ghosts of Cowichan past - Goodmunseth, Garside, James and Hales, haunted and hunted everywhere and this, supplemented by clever foiling by #8, Inglis, slowed the pace, retained possession and frustrated CW. Play never rose to any great heights except for the closeness of the encounter. The skills of the home side deteriorated as they visibly tired. Weingart was a touch of class during this period and along with Warhorse Graf, tried hard to spark CW. 25 minutes into the half a collision on scissors ball by CW resulted in the ball popping into Patterson's hands and the youngster was so surprised and elated, he simply took off, leaving CW dumbfounded. Wright chipped the convert.

Confidence was visible amongst the young Cowichan backs, with Carter running loop plays, throwing misses to #15, Clark, behind the back, flick scissor passes and forwards grinding away, painted the picture. Hales was having a field day whenever CW had the ball and at the 40 minute mark, Cowichan secured a tight-head scrum, providing their forwards with further energy and impetus. Despite this, CW found their way back to Cowichan territory and was rewarded with a penalty......a long distance lame duck resulted.

With five minutes to play a second tighthead reinforced CW's problems. In the final minute, the hosts had an expiring chance and booted a long ball, after finally winning a scrum. The ball was fielded by Clark who skirted the touchline, evaded two tackles, eventually being pulled down short. From the ruck and drive, Cowichan were deemed to be held up by referee Ward, who was on the spot, only to be over-ruled by the touch judge and a try awarded. Strange indeed! Final score, an ecstatic Cowichan prevailing 20 - 12.

CW must be praying to morph the skills of their many talented Junior players into playing bodies as soon as possible as they now only have the slimmest of mathematical chances to qualify for the CDI Premier League. Cowichan are to be congratulated after years of struggle and hard work, to more than likely, return to the BIGS. Today was a day when the prize was recognised and the victors played hard and tough to win it.

CW U19, 22 d. Cowichan 12.

Friday, October 19, 2007

CW Rugby

CW vs Cowichan Div 1. Windsor Park 1pm Saturday

CW vs Cowichan Premier. Windsor Park 2:45. Saturday

Post game will be at the Discovery Sports Club 714 Discovery Street.....for food, pints, and to watch the World Cup match from earlier in the day.

Sunday morning Oct 21 at DSC at 11:30 the Friday WC game will be shown followed by the Saturday WC final.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

There are a few lads looking for work....especially if it is part time or afternoons etc due to particular training schedules.

Let me know if you have any leads or ideas.
Much appreciated.

Brent and all at CWRFC.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Castaways Season

Tune your tv's on News 6 or Chan. 12 news, sports Friday night...both were at training tonight doing shots of players and interviews..... some time between 5pm and 6pm Friday.

CW Premiers take the field at 3pm vs Uvic Vikings, Windsor Park.
Preceded by the CW Firsts vs Norsemen at 1:30 KO Windsor Park.

Show up for a great start to the season for CW.....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Victoria Cricket

The Tomalin Cup game: Cowichan v Meralomas will NOT be played this season.
No date could be found that suited both clubs. The game will therefore be played in mid-May, 2008 at Beacon Hill.
Cowichan will now go ahead with its 20/20 game against Albion on Sat. 22 at Beacon Hill, start 3.30.

Regards, Howard

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Victoria Cricket

Canada clinch the first-ever ICC Americas Women’s Championship after a resounding 5 wicCanada beat Bermuda by 5 wickets in an enthralling contest at Maple Leaf CC, and thereby won the first-ever ICC Americas Women’s Championship. After winning the toss and electing to bat, Bermuda made 169 for 7 in their allotted 40 overs. In reply, Canada marched to an emphatic victory, and the Americas crown, reaching 173 for 5 in 35 overs. Canada got off to a nervous start in reply, and in search of the Americas title, but a 123 run 3rd partnership, between Kim Coulter, 37 off 81 balls, with 3 fours, and a brilliant undefeated 50, off 78 balls with 4 fours, for player of the match Joanna White, effectively signed and sealed the outcome.ket victory over Bermuda.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Castaway and Wanderer

Castaway and Wanderer

As we head into the new season, we wish to remind you of the need for your financial support in the coming months. As many of you know, the budget for CW Rugby last season was a staggering $186,000, and shows no signs of receding this year. This was the main reason for launching the CW Supporters Club in 2006, and we successfully signed up 130 members, providing a much- needed cash infusion to Rugby and to Discovery Sports. Our target this year is 200 members, and we know there are many Castaway and Wanderer veterans out there who just need a small prompt to jump on board. Please visit our Supporters Club section and view the benefits of membership. We are aware of concerns re; the exclusivity of the Members Balcony, and realize this not only turned some prospective members away, but was impossible to enforce, so we will continue to display our Supporters club banner and hope that many of you will congregate there to enjoy the banter and hospitality of your old team-mates, while others prefer to be nearer to the heat of the battle on the touch-line!

Again we must remind our supporters that running Senior, Junior and Mini rugby with all the inherent costs of equipment, insurance, travel, referee expenses etc. is a costly business, so dropping $5 in the box the odd time at Windsor is a drop-in-the-bucket, so please, please go to the Supporters Club section, download a membership form and put it in the mail with a much-appreciated cheque for $150 to CW Rugby and mail it to Allan Oliver, 540 Beach Dr. V8S 2M5 to receive your laminated membership card for 2007-8. We will also have a table in the Pavilion for Saturday’s home opener, so bring your chequebook and visit us there.

Many thanks,

Allan Oliver, Peter Gallagher, Stephen Petzing and Jim Wenman, Committee.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Victoria Cricket

V.D.C.A. Cricket Play-off Final on Sunday, 16th. Sept. at Beacon Hill, Victoria

COWICHAN defeated Albion by 8 wickets:

Albion 191 all out (35 overs) Gareth Sanders 2 for 30, Dan Vann 3 for 49, Lucien Nel 2 for 18,
Adam Benning 2 for 32, Rick Fletcher 1 for 0

Cowichan 193 for 2 (19.5 overs) Dan Vann 127 not out, Lucien Nel 42 not out

Cowichan won the toss and elected to field first despite the steady drizzle. At 65 for 6 Albion were in serious trouble, but their middle order batsmen rescued their innings. The 7th wicket fell at 149. And their last three batsmen were able to run the total up to 191. It might have been higher were it not for two superb catches taken by Mike Andrews, the wicketkeeper. Once again Cowichan's fielding was excellent given that the ball resembled a bar of soap! Such a total appeared a difficult target considering the miserable weather that Cowichan were having to bat in.
Rick Fletcher and Dan Vann opened the batting for Cowichan and immediately attacked the bowling. 50 was on the board after only 6 overs. Then Rick and Dave Norrish were out in quick succession, leaving the score at 62 for 2.
Lucien Nel, a very promising and talented cricketer who is a grade 10 student at Shawnigan Lake School, then joined Dan and the two made the task look so easy. Dan scored 127 not out with 14 boundaries and 8 "sixes".
Lucien drove and pulled the ball with the strength and confidence of a player twice his age and produced a chanceless innings of 42 not out. To score nearly 200 runs in only 20 overs was an amazing performance. It was a pity that the rain kept many spectators away. Many would be surprised that the game was played.
Cowichan will now play the Vancouver Mainland champions at Beacon Hill next weekend. Whether it will be Saturday or Sunday has yet to be settled. It will be a 50 over game starting at 11.30 a.m.

Howard Martin

Monday, September 10, 2007

Victoria Cricket

Hi Everyone,
I have been somewhat tardy in forwarding Cowichan cricket news over the last few weeks. I'll bring the club's progress up-to-date. At the midway mark of the season Cowichan was top of the VDCA table. We then lost FOUR straight games and finished with a win and loss. Finally our record was won 7, lost 7. Unlike all the other clubs, we were not involved in any rain-outs. This reflects our determination to play cricket rather than weather conditions. (Shawnigan Lake has more rain than Victoria anyway!).
Our record would normally have left us out of the play-offs, but because of penalty points deducted from some clubs we finished in fourth place. Thus, last Saturday (Sept. 8) we played a semi-final against the first place team, Colts. Here is the outcome:

Cowichan WON by 7 wickets.
Colts 107 all out Adam Benning 3 for 33, Adam Price 3 for 46, Benjy Brooks 2 for 1,
Dan Vann 2 for 12 (Gareth Sanders 0 for 9 in 7 overs!)
Cowichan's fielding was excellent as were two or three of the catches that removed useful batsmen.

Cowichan 110 for 3 Dan Vann 79 not out.

Two quick wickets fell, but Dan put the Colts' bowlers to the sword. The match was won in only the
18th. over, with more than 22 overs remaining!!

The next stage is the VDCA final to be played on Sunday, 16th. Sept. at Beacon Hill. The opposition will be
either Albion or Carico. They are playing their semi-final as I write.

Cheers, Howard

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The 11th Annual Vancouver Island Easter Seals Regatta will take place on Saturday, September 15, 2007!
This unique fundraising event hosted by the Royal Victoria Yacht Club supports children with disabilities on Vancouver Island.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Victoria Cricket

Canadian Women are the Americas Cricket Champions

Scoring summary: ICC Americas Womens Championships:
Maple Leaf, CC, King City, Ontario
August 22, 2007 (40 overs per side match)

Bermuda 167 runs for 7 wickets (40 overs; Terry-Lynn Paynter 58 runs)

Canada 173 runs for 5 wickets (35 overs; Joanna White 50 runs not out, Kim Coulter 37 runs)

Bermuda won the toss and elected to bat.
Canada won by 5 wickets & wins ICC Americas Womens Championship

Canada Cricket

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Victoria Cricket

Canadian Women Win

Canada’s women cricketers beat Argentina by 8 wickets on Tuesday in the ICC Americas Regional Championships. Argentina made 108 all out (32.3 overs), breaking the century mark for the second game in a row, which is commendable for an emerging team. The Argentine bowlers had some early success, but Yvette Singh, with 35 runs not out, and Joanna White, 34 runs not out, powered Canada to victory in the 17th over. Canada made 112 runs for 2 wickets.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Victoria Cricket

Worcester Cricket Club Tour 2007

2007-08-23 Victoria XI - Worcester Over 50's at Windsor Park with start time of 12.00 noon.
2007-08-24 BH Pav. Soc. XI - Worcester Over 50's at Beacon Hill.
2007-08-27 Cowichan XL - Worcester Over 50's at Shawnigan Lake.

Victoria Cricket

Honolulu sweeps Canadian Tour 2007

The Honolulu Cricket Club came with a mission and completed it by sweeping both Vancouver games and three games with Victoria. Congratulations to Mark and all the team members for their fine display of the skill and friendship.

I am sure the Vagabonds are busy planning their return trip to Honolulu for a match.

Thanks Peter, Howard, Guy and Russ for helping with the organization of this event.

Victoria Cricket

Women’s Cricket: Trinidad beats Canada in Americas Championships at King CityTrinidad and Tobago’s women’s cricket team beat Canada’s women by 7 wickets on the opening day of the International Cricket Council Americas Regional Tournament on Monday August 20. Bermuda marched to an expected victory over Argentina by 143 euns. However, Argentina did well in making a total of 132 runs in its first overseas excursion.

Further details

CW Rugby

Please note fyi. If you are looking to stay involved or get back involved while keeping up your great fitness level, then please consider doing some can do junior up to men's games according to your interest.
The league is always looking for both on the field and on the touch line refs.
Please let me know if you are interested.
Brent Johnston
Director Rugby Operations, CWRFC.
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2007 12:43 PM
Subject: Fw: Reminders again of upcoming ref courses

> To all VIRU Club Reps;
> Enclosed is a remainder to all the clubs re. a course for referees -
> that will be put on next Friday/Saturday in Victoria (August 24/25) -
> and in Nanaimo on August 7/8.
> Last year, our clubs did a good job in producing refs for Div. 3. This
> season will also be very tight - and I think we all agree we need to
> redouble our efforts to expand our base of refs.
> The courses offered by the VIRRS will enhance the quality of
> refereeing on the Island - and reduce our collective liability in the
> event we had to defend a catastrophic injury lawsuit.
> Please pull out the stops - and get some folks from each club to these
> instruction sessions. There is no requirement to formally join the
> Vancouver Island referee's society to take the course - although if
> some decide to do so, that would be appreciated.
> I know that JBAA has decided to pay the $20 fee for any of it's
> members who attend. Other clubs might like to do so also.
> I am asking Bruce Kuklinski to extend registration through next
> Wednesday's VIRU Board meeting - to give you as much time as possible
> to develop support within your club for attendance at these very
> important sessions!
> Thank you for your support!
> Phil Meyer

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Victoria Cricket

The Honolulu Cricket Club remains unbeaten on its tour after beating Cowichan yesterday:

Honolulu 332 after 40 overs for 8 wickets
Cowichan 167 after 40 overs for 7wickets

After sweeping both games in Vancouver they continue tomorrow at Beacon Hill Park against the Vagabonds 1:00pm start time.
Saturday 18th at Beacon Hill Park.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Canadian Girls

Thursday, August 9, 2007
Only seven days left until the majority of the BC girls jet out to join the rest of the crew in Toronto. It's going to be an epic adventure, and I can hardly wait! Stay tuned to this blog to follow the inside track as the Canadian girls prepare to take on the challenge at the inaugural ICC Americas Womens Championship.

Monday, August 20th: Canada vs Trinidad & TobagoBermuda vs ArgentinaTuesday, August 21st: Canada vs ArgentinaTrinidad & Tobago vs BermudaThursday, August 23rd: Canada vs BermudaTrinidad & Tobago vs ArgentinaFriday, August 24th: Trinidad & Tobago vs Americas XIRest of Americas "A" vs "B"All games taking place at the Maple Leaf Cricket Club in King City, Ontario. 11am start. Spectators and cheering squads welcome and encouraged!

Team Canada 2007
Claire Abbott
Chelsea Baker
Tony Cordle (Coach)
Kim Coulter (Vice-Captain)
Meara Crawford
Lenore Davis (1st Alternate)
Shelly Fathers
Helene Gaffney
Ramdai (Janet) John-Dorie
Sobea Maream (2nd Alternate)
Ave Mogan (Captain)
Monali Patel
Frank Persaud (Coach)
Muneshri (Mona) Persaud
Shoba (Yvette) Singh
Vadeo Sproxton
Joanna White
Maree Wilson

Friday, August 10, 2007

CW Rugby

Castaway Soccer has two members who have lost all their stuff in the recent home fire that so sadly injured others and took the life of two young women.
This Friday the Soccer group are hoping to collect household items to take to their friends in if you have any items you think would be helpful, drop by the club tomorrow between 4:30 and 10pm.

CW Rugby supporting our Castaway Soccer friends.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Victoria Cricket


The Honolulu Cricket Club is arriving next week and we are asking for your support to help fund a dinner at the Pavillion after Saturdays game.
$20.00 dollars a head will provide each team member with food and drink.

Please come out for some fine cricket and help us provide the hospitality needed for this event.

The Matches will take place Tuesday at Shawnigan Lake 14th, Thursday 16th and Saturday 18th at Beacon Hill Park.

Please see Guy Drake or David Billingham with your donations.

Your support is greatly appreciated.


Robert Richardson

Guy Drake

Sunday, August 05, 2007

CW Rugby

Once again a repeat reminder that CW rugby is gearing up for an outstanding season. We have players returning and new players arriving....many looking for a place to stay. Maybe that is for a short time until they can get familiar with Victoria and find their own place....maybe for a longer time if you are looking to rent a place/room or know of a friend or neighbor.
So please think it over....good lads all.....and let me know if you are able to help the lads in some way.

Thanks for all your ongoing support.....07/08 shaping up to be a great season for all CW.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007


FYI....recently received this note re referee training.....each Club strives to id supporters and players who would like to be involved. It is key to running our games, particularly at junior levels. If you're looking for a way to ''give back'' to your sport.....looking for a motivation to stay is one opportunity. Please consider. Let me know via email if interested or want to discuss.

Brent Johnston
Director Rugby Operations, CWRFC

3. VIRU/VIRRS Level 1 Referee Training.

Last year, our VIRU clubs were very successful in covering all our Div. 3 games (and some others) through our "Club Refs Program"! You will recall that we started this program with a Saturday training session at MacDonald Park in September that was attended by 12 potential referees.

This year, at least initially, we are going to be tight on refs - and it is important that we do this program again - and even expand it!

Andrew and I have had talks with new BCRRS President John de Goede - and with our Island's VIRRS. As a result, we are jointly offering a "Friday Night - Saturday morning Level 1 referee training session on August 24 and 25 at SMUS. (BC Rugby News got it wrong. This is Level 1 training - not Level 2.)

Level 1 certification will give you more knowledge than only the Saturday field session we had next year - and will reduce liability for all in the event of a catastrophic accident on the field.

Persons who take the course are not required to join the VIRRS, and can simply choose to continue refing when their club needs them - although with refs at upper levels in short supply, we hope some will join the VIRRS.

It is planned to repeat the course in Nanaimo - probably on September 7/8.

We are asking each club in the VIRU to send at least three folks to either the Victoria or Nanaimo session - and to pay the $20 per person fee for these aspiring refs!

Please get back to me on this with names by August 10th - and we will pass them to our referee brethren who are facilitating the course.

I will also be contacting clubs re. fast tracking several persons who have been identified as potential referees.

Phil Meyer

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Easter Seal Regatta

The 11th Annual Vancouver Island Easter Seals Regatta will take place on Saturday, September 15, 2007!
This unique fundraising event hosted by the Royal Victoria Yacht Club supports children with disabilities on Vancouver Island.

CW Rugby

Hello all. I am writing to inform you that the VIRRS are planning on holding
a Rugby Canada Level 2 referee certification course in Victoria at St.
Michaels University School on Friday evening August 24th 6-9pm and Saturday
August 25th morning 9am- 1pm.
The cost for this course will be $20 in order to pay for the course
materials and course expenses. Cheques are payable in to the BCRRS.
If you wish to attend the course, please contact prior to Monday August 20th
to VIRRS President Bruce Kuklinski (
It is hoped that all clubs will forward this message to all interested
members. We are in a crisis in terms of refereeing numbers on the Island and
it is hoped that this course will help alleviate the problem.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friends of CW:

It is with pleasure and a sense of excitement, that CW announces its new Head Coach for the coming season - Lee Lindwall. Lee comes to Victoria via way of Sakatchewan and Australia and last season he was part of the CW program, stepping up significantly in support of Mayzer, when HC Spence began his health battle.

Lee played both codes in Oz - League and Union. He taught and coached at Sydney Boys High School, earning his coaching paper work with the NSWRU, and coaching the school's First XV in the prestigious GPS competition. Recently, he has spent four years in Saskatchewan prior to his now permanent residency in Victoria. He coached the Wild Oats RFC to Provincial Championships, was the Assistant Coach with the Prairie Fire for two seasons in the RCSL and Head Coach of Saskatchewan's U 21 team. He also served as YDO and Technical Director for the SRU.

CW looks to Lee to pick up where Spence left off, in adding strength and support to its 8 to 18 program, as well as his leadership for our Senior Mens Teams. Lee will now join Brent in work to put the pieces of the puzzle together for the coming season.

In the words of the Moody Blues, (the what???)
"Keep the faith" and have a GREAT summer.

Macca, (Past Prez.)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Classy Caddys Car Show at the Fort

Fort Rodd Heritage Park,

Victoria, British Columbia.

July 8, 2007 at 10:00am.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Victoria Cricket

Mumbai, July 3
The Indian cricket fraternity today expressed grief at the passing away of former Test cricketer Dilip Sardesai and paid glowing tributes to the "courageous batsman" who was largely responsible for India's historic 1971 series triumph in the West Indies.
Cricket Board president Sharad Pawar said Sardesai's death was an irreparable loss to Mumbai and Indian cricket.
ICC new President

England and Wales Cricket Board chairman David Morgan has been confirmed as president elect of the game's world governing body.Welshman Morgan will take over as head of the International Cricket Council next May and serve until 2010. The 69-year-old's appointment was approved at the ICC executive board's annual conference at Lord's.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CW Rugby

U20 World Cup fever hits Victoria this Sunday July 01 at Royal Athletic Park.
After watching the excitement on the pitch continue the fun down at the DSC/Castaway Clubhouse.
The clubhouse will be open at 7:00 pm on both Sunday July 01 and Saturday July 07 following the games.
Come on down and share a pint after the match.
714 Discovery Street. Across from Sopranos.
Walking distance from Royal Athletic Park

Monday, June 25, 2007

Victoria Cricket

Building a better club

As with most things in life, business, education, athletics programs etc. some are better organized than others. The better organized entity will in most cases be more successful than a competitor with less structure.My 2 years of exposure to BCMCL and its member clubs supports that basic principle. Not all clubs are equal, some are run better than others and in most cases the better managed clubs become stronger as others become weaker. What does that mean to the League?At first glance those fortunate enough to belong to a strong club may say "we are doing fine and it's not our problem, let the opposition sink or swim". An understandable viewpoint perhaps but somewhat naive when we look at the big picture. We as a League are only as strong as the weakest links in our community. How does that impact you and your club you may ask? Unfortunately less organized clubs take up a disproportionate amount of resources, in time and administration, to keep within the cricket community. In short they are high maintenance and detract from all participants in the League. If we build stronger clubs it is not unreasonable to expect a stronger League.This project is a work in progress and those who chose to participate can all learn something. I want to begin to map out the basic components as we understand them essential to building a stronger club. There is no one magic formulae but somewhere in our combined experiences we have learned some of the basic fundamentals which no good club can do without. This then is an attempt to share those basic building blocks for the benefit of all who participate in the BCMCL.Some will say that these so called fundamentals are nothing more than common sense and for many clubs that may be the case. My two seasons with the BCMCL has revealed several clubs who lack the management skills and tools necessary for success. I believe a little participation and sharing of knowledge in this exercise has the potential to benefit all clubs in our League, weak or strong.The building blocks:1. All clubs must have a workable and enforceable Constitution. Why?a) Without a Constitution you will not have a mechanism that allows the elected officials to govern, administer and organize a club.b) The rights and aspirations of the general membership will not have a voice in the affairs of the club.c) Without a formal structure of checks and balances any volunteer group of diverse personalities and egos must eventually result in conflict and chaos. That is human nature.2. All clubs need at least 2 of the following, a strong President/Secretary/Treasurer. Why?a) In order to organize and control a diverse group of individuals you must have strong motivational and organizational leadership.b) You cannot please all the people all of the time, your decisions must benefit the club as a whole and they may be unpopular.c) Also, get non playing interested individuals involved, they can help in the necessary details to running an efficient club as they are not hindered by time taken up playing cricket.3. All clubs must have a clear and enforced subscriptions policy. Why?a) The key too many of the most successful clubs is the collection of subscriptions. By all means have subsidized status within your club for students or unemployed etc. but eventually someone must pick up the tab. The bills have to be paid or you cannot play cricket.b) Subs should whenever possible be collected before the season starts and in all cases before the individual has played three games for the club. The longer the season progresses the less chance a club has of collecting subs. Any club collecting subs from anyone but new players in July or August will not succeed.c) Many clubs are reluctant to apply a "no pay no play" policy for fear of loosing players. If you have the courage to apply such a policy you will encounter resistance from many of the membership in the short term but experience shows that once a player has sat out a couple of weeks funds become available. Adopt the policy and stick to it for one season and your subscriptions will be paid on time in the future. If you loose a couple of players at least some other weak club is paying for their services, you and your club mates are not!Example: The league has recently raised the team entry fee to $800 per season that may sound a lot but in fact it's the best bargain in sport. Working on the assumption that it takes at least 14 players to field a team every week lets look at the numbers but first let us look at a few facts.Cricket competes for space with many other sports such as soccer, softball, field hockey, ultimate frizbie, etc. and in the greater scheme of things we are a very minor sport. In most municipalities each of those sports would outnumber us at least 10 to 1 in participants. Our particular sport takes up far more space than all of the competition and about three times longer to play a game. In many ways we are very fortunate to be able to play our game with the intense competition for playing fields.Let's look at the cost. Most players in BCMCL are scheduled to play 18 games per season and an average game takes about 6 hours to play for a total of 108 hours of recreation. It is reasonable to assume that a team is made up of about 14 players.$800 divided by 14 players = $57.15 per season. $57.15 divided by 108 hours = 0.53 cents per hour to participate.If you can find a better bargain in sport please let me know about it. These figures do not include practice time, 6 a side tournaments, friendies or play off games so in fact 53 cents per hour of entertainment may be on the high side. Anyone not willing to pay subscriptions for that kind of bargain should probably not be playing cricket.4. All clubs should have fundraising strategies in place. Why?a) The cost of playing cricket will increase in the future as user fees are introduced in all municipalities and access to gaming funds is reduced.b) Apart from League dues you also have to buy equipment bats, balls, pads etc in order to participate. How much do you have to spend on cricket equipment and where does the money come from? I play for a club where the effective subscription per player is about $79.00 per season. I am told that some clubs charge up to $200 per season to players, why the disparity? Fundraising I believe.The costs to field a team in the BCMCL should be about the same for all of us I assume so why would it cost more to belong to one club than another? Once again the answer must be fundraising, or the lack of it.Fundraising can take many forms from Sponsorship through garage sales to 50/50 draws and most of these initiatives require a lot of work. Therein lies the problem for many clubs, if you cannot commit the membership to give up time and energy for fundraising activities then the funds must be raised by raising subscriptions. This is not difficult math here, you either raise money for your club or you pay more to play for that club. That is a choice to be made by the membership. Some individuals may say I have better things to do with my time I would rather pay more subs. Others may say this is a great way to cut the costs of playing cricket and at the same time creating a better club atmosphere, either way the club cannot exist without these revenues. If a club cannot collect these revenues in a timely manner your season will be long and frustrating and the future uncertain.5. All club members must be available for umpiring assignment. Why?As you know each team is tasked 10 assignments to fulfill its obligations to the League. If the club misses assignments then the club incurs penalties. Who pays? In some cases the individual will accrue debts to his club to be paid by the individual or his club. In some cases the entire club is penalized if the umpiring assignments slip below 75% Umpire assignments are part of the cost of participating in the BCMCL. If individuals are not prepared to fulfill this obligation a similar criteria as failure to pay subs should apply, they should not be available for selection. If the individual elects to pay for a substitute umpire to fulfill that assignment it is still his responsibility to ensure the assignment is filled.6. All clubs must have a definitive selection process, understood by the membership. Why?The selection process should be a function of the club goals set for that season and the wishes of individual players should be secondary to the goals of the club. The wishes or preferences of individual players can be taken into consideration by the selectors but the decisions of the selectors take precedence. The bottom line is do the players play for the club or do they play for a team within that club? If the latter is the case then a selection committee should quit the charade and let the team captains and players fight for their own personal agendas.7. The workload of as club should be distributed amongst a manageable amount of the membership. Why?As with many endeavours in life 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people and in a club environment that is not healthy. I know this is a problem common to many clubs/teams but that doesn't make it right. If you as a club do not get off field participation from a broad section of the club that club will stagnate and eventually fail. Once again this relates to strong leadership and motivational skills and the importance of getting broader participation in club affairs should not be underestimated.8. No club should be based upon ethnic or religious guidelines. Why?a) Apart from the Canadian Charter of Rights it is simply a stupid policy and runs contrary to the society we have chosen to live in.b) Any club, group, body drawn upon ethnic or religious lines is destined to be inward looking and prone to paranoia of the outside world. There is enough of that kind of myopia in the world already without introducing such limiting factors and prejudices into the world of amateur sport. Get over it!The opinions and ideas stated in this document are based upon my own personal experiences in local cricket. I am sure that many clubs and individuals within the BCMCL have different ideas and theories as to the fundamentals of a good cricket club. This is your chance to share them with your peers.I would appreciate any feed back, positive or negative on this subject in an effort to improve our game for all its participants.John McCabe.
Friends and Supporters of CW rugby:

I am writing to inform you of a recent announcement made by this "august" body, of the candidates for the Second Induction into the IRB Hall of Fame. It is almost beyond belief to read of a Canadian name amongst an extensive list of candidates. The IRB will select six semi-finalists, based on voting. The lone Canadian candidate is Gareth Rees and I urge you to inform your friends and take the time to click onto the url and cast your vote.

20.12 Gareth Rees (Canada) - born in 1967, the young Canadian played for Castaway Wanderers and British Columbia in his country, but also for Richmond and Harlequins during his various trips to Britain. He was part of a generation of players who put Canadian rugby on the world map and his contribution to Canada’s coming of age can not be overestimated. He played for the Canadian team that reached the quarterfinals of the 1991 RWC, where they gave New Zealand a good game in Lille and captained his country both in 1995 and 1999 Tournaments. He was the first player to participate in four RWC tournaments: 1987, 1991, 1995 and 1999.
What a thrill for our "young" club to be mentioned in dispatches in Gareth's bio. You can cast your vote by clicking onto: It is to be hoped that rugby people across Canada and indeed, North America as well as the many friends made by Gareth during his illustrious career will get behind his nomination and who knows? Perhaps, against all odds he could be a semi-finalist! I ask you to do your bit and "Chalk one up for Gar!"


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CW Rugby

KO. 3 pm
After the scandalous loss to the Gold, which sent rippling after shocks that ruffled not only the coach but also the players, the Tide face the Calgary Mavericks this Saturday June 23rd @ Windsor Park. The Mavericks have been defeated – away from home - by the Fire, even though they led at the half.
The stark reality is that the Tide have to win ALL their remaining games – with bonus points – in order to be assured of making it to the RCSL Final. This is no easy task but we are assured that the morale is high in the Tide camp and the manager and coach report a very positive attitude at training.
The Tide need your support in person , this Saturday June 23rd . @ Windsor Park.
The Tide Committee also request - although the players would likely dismiss such an appeal as superfluous - that the entire rugby fraternity bombard the heavens with prayer, confident in the faith that victory with the necessary number of points will be achieved by the Tide, in order to continue their quest to bring back the RCSL Trophy to Victoria.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


President's vs Vice Presidents
Victoria District Cricket Association has let it be known that the match will be played at Windsor Park start 12:30.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I am currently in the process of looking for volunteers for the 18th annual Bayview Residences Victoria Symphony Splash on August 5th. I was wondering if some of your players or coaches would be interested. Splash is one of the largest annual outdoor events in North America and it’s a wonderful opportunity to help out while hanging out in Inner Harbour, listening to some great music and promoting Victoria Cricket in the community. We have a number of volunteer positions, but are particularly in need of Security and Production Crew Volunteers.

All volunteers are provided with a Splash Volunteer package consisting of a neon Splash t-shirt and a Splash tote bag, as well as free refreshments at the orientation, lunch and water at the event, a $10 Thrifty’s gift card and an invitation to the After Splash party! I’m attaching job descriptions for Security and Production Crew as well as an application form for anyone interested, or you can contact me directly at 385-9771 ext. 222 or

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Chelsea HenschelSplash Volunteer CoordinatorVictoria Symphony

ph: 385-9771 ext 222 fax: 385-7767
620 View St. Suite 610 Victoria BC V8W

Monday, June 11, 2007

CW Rugby

The time is upon us again for the annual CW Golf Tournament. This will be the 6th year in a row that the best CW golfers, and Kenny Goodland, strut their stuff at the Cordova Bay Golf Course. The Tournament will be held on July the 2nd, which is a Monday, and will start at 1:00 pm. The cost will be approx $75.00 which covers your green fee and seven cash prizes for kps (5) and long drives (2). The field of twenty will be divided into teams of two and each teammate will score his own ball on each hole, with only the teams best score counting ( best ball). It will not be a scramble which is where each team member hits from the spot of the best shot. Each team must use at least six holes from one player. The tournament is open to all and the 20 spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested, please email Ian Jones at

Sunday, June 10, 2007

CW Rugby

Hi All,
We are having a Jazz Night with a live band at the C.W. Clubhouse 714 Discovery St on Friday June 15. It starts around 6:00 p.m. and goes till 8:00p.m. [?] there is a $10 cover charge to help defray the cost of the band, but included in the price is Hamburger, Caesar and Potato Salad. If you plan on attending please reply to to help us plan our food supplies.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

CW Rugby

With the Score showing the game live at 7am on TV, any Canadian rugby club worth its salt will be yes I'll be down at the Club early early Sat am on the 16th with the joint open at around 6:30am. and the game on the big screen at 7am!
Bit o cheap beer....can do....Units too.... you bet. Fancy drinks....don't push your luck!

The big ''ask'' is to have some breakfast available....well if enough people tell me they will show up I'll talk with the hotel across the street about rsvp to my email noting if you're in....if the numbers are good I'll let you know by mid next week if I've set something up for a reasonable fee or if you need to bring your own breakfast coffee and food.

Man our boys gotta be crazy....but we love em nevertheless!
Remember, it took NZ 20 mins in the last world cup to cross our line....go Canada, stand proud!

Matt's power washing business is up and running.

A high quality service to the Greater Victoria area and hopefully branch out further if this company does well.
Right now he is equipped with a 3000 PSI power washer, 100ft of hose, and a truck....and will be expanding to get a couple of 100 gallon tanks to put in his truck to make his business portable to areas that do not have water access.
This business will cater to small or large jobs, commercial or residential, operating 7 days a week depending on the customers. Matt can cover a wide range of tasks such as pressure washing driveways, mold and mildew removal, tar and gum of sidewalks, moss off roofs of houses, etc.Matt James.....cell number is 208-9802

Friday, June 08, 2007

Dog River, SK
By Doug Crosse - not in Dog River, SK
The fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan, is becoming the catalyst for fans of rugby from across the country to dip into their pockets to support key members of the Canadian national team ahead of the Rugby World Cup this summer.
Dog River, made famous as the location of the popular Canadian comedy show Corner Gas, is being used as the name of a Saskatchewan touring side that is heading to Cuba in November, and a collection of jerseys and polo shirts that are being offered to the rugby public will allow certain members of the Canadian team to get support that others who either play professionally, or are part of the national carding program, don't enjoy.
Karl Fix is the man behind the drive that will see the sale of Dog River Howlers gear go to players such as Saskatchewan natives Scott Franklin and Nanyak Dala, as well as Craig Culpan and Mauro Perizzolo (Vancouver,BC) . Lorne Cardinal, who plays Officer Davis on the show, is a long time rugby player and supporter of the Rugby Canada Super League Prairie Fire team, and helped Fix get clearance from the program's producers to use the fictional location as a team name.
"I'm sure you can imagine the stress of being away at the Churchill Cup and the NZ tours alone, which amounts to over five weeks away from school and work with bills back home piling up," said Fix, adding "making it even more challenging for them to represent their country."
In a an opening email campaign to promote the drive and offer up Dog River Howler’s gear as an incentive (see pricing below) Fix has gotten a commitment from the staff at the Rugby Canada office, U17 head coach Tim Murdy and current national team member and former Prairie Fire player Kevin Tkachuk to name just a few. But as Fix points out, it doesn't have to just be individuals that contribute, groups, teams and businesses can get together to make a donation, regardless of the amount.
"We want groups of players, or referees, or groups of professionals to do a whip around and help support these players," he said.
The money will be distributed according to actual need which will be decided upon mainly by Geraint John (Rugby Canada High Performance Director) as he is most familiar with their particular circumstances.
Rugby Canada is also holding a series of fund-raising dinners across the country, the first of which was held in London, England last week and raised $35,000 CDN for the team.
The money raised for the Dog River initiative will also be used for the women's program as well, with similar criteria used to determine need of a particular player. (The women's senior team is to announce shortly the recipients of the national carding program for women).
Of the tour to Cuba in the fall, Fix has confirmed well over 100 in the party, including two competitive and one old boys side as well as supporters. The goal of the tour will be to brings school supplies, sports equipment and other materials to help Cuban nationals as they struggle with life often near the poverty line. The Dog River Howlers team, is believed to be the first Canadian rugby side to tour that Caribbean nation and will try and achieve a number of goals beyond just playing rugby.
"We want to leave the place a little better than when we got there," said Fix, who has traveled to the island nation a number of times.
The Dog River logo is filled with Canadian icons, including a howling coyote, with a silhouette of a grain elevator in the background against a full harvest moon.
Tax receipts will only be issued for all amounts $50 and above. Of course all amounts are needed and welcome.If your donation is less than the stated $50 please make the cheque payable to -Dog River Rugby Club.
In addition to the tax receipt "Howler" gear will given according to the below donation amounts:
$100 - fitted baseball cap or t-shirt
$250 - golf shirt
$500 - jersey
Please mail your cheques made payable to Rugby Canada Players Fund (as to receive an official tax receipt)- to :
Dog River Howlers Rugby Club,
c/o Joan Hrycyk,
14 Kilarney Way,
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada S4S 6X8

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CW Rugby


Last Saturday, CW senior team players joined our Minis, parents and friends to spread the good word of Ceedub rugby to the Oak Bay community. Another of Johnno's bright ideas, with the help of Ron and Bert Willems came to fruition on a glorious sunny day which saw the troops wend their way down the Avenue. Our Minis distributed CW candies, ballons and pamphlets about our program, in what was another community oriented project for the club. The kids enjoyed meeting and having fun with the players.

Upcoming, we have a number of our U14's training with Senior players prior to a selection Trial for a B.C. U14 team which will be selected to travel to Alberta and take in the Stampede as well as playing Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. We wish the boys good luck at the Trial. At the U16 and U18 level we also have players trying out for the Crimson Tide Team and we wish them all the best. Our Premier team has a number of members who have been selected to the Crimson Tide squad for upcomng Super League play....(not sure of who all!) however, their first game is this coming Saturday, June 9th at Herd Rd Field in Duncan when both the seniors and juniors will be in action.

If not at Cowichan, I'll look forward to seeing as many as can make the TGIF Jazz Afterwork Barbie on 15th @ The Temple.


CW Rugby

Fellow Rugby Enthusiasts
As you well know most countries who our Canadian National Rugby Team will be competing against whether in this upcoming New Zealand tour or the Rugby World Cup are paid professionals who on top of that are paid by their respective national unions to represent their countries.This unfortunately however is not the case for Canada.We have a mix of paid professionals,carted players who receive a some funding from Rugby Canada via our Canadian Government and a few(Scott Franklin,Nanyak Dala,Craig Culpan and Mauro Perizzola) who receive absolutely nothing from anyone.I'm sure you can imagine that this stress(between the Churchill Cup and the NZ tours alone over 5 weeks away from school and work with bill back home pilling up) makes it even more challenging for them to represent their country.This is of course is often the case for other National Team players both male and female of all age groups.
Having said that the first endeavor of the new Dog River Howlers Rugby Club will be to raise some much needed money to help alleviate these 4 players financial burdens.The money will be distributed according to actual need which will be decided upon mainly by Garent John (Rugby Canada High Performance Director)as he is most familiar with their particular circumstances.Any monies need needed for this particular endeavor will in turn stay in this fund for future use of male and female National Team athletes
Please mail your cheques made payable to Rugby Canada-Players Fund(as to receive an official tax receipt)- to Dog River Howlers Rugby Club,c/o Joan Hrycyk,14 Kilarney Way,Regina,Sask.,Canada,S4S- 6X8.Please make sure your cheque has your name address and phone number on it.Tax receipts will be mailed to the addresses given.Do not mail these cheques to Rugby Canada but instead to the above given address.
Tax receipts will only be issued for all amounts $50 and above.Of course all amounts are needed and welcome.If your donation is less than the stated $50 please make the cheque payable to -Dog River Rugby Club.
In addition to the tax receipt "Howler" will given according to the below donation amounts:
$100 - fitted baseball cap or t-shirt
$250 - golf shirt
$500 - jersey
If you have any further questions either e-mail me at - or phone at 306-535-0800.
Karl Fix

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

CW Rugby

We have a player, Trevor Pollock, looking to replace his bed. Does anyone out there have a Queen size bed they are trying to get rid of?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Give Cricket a Spin

Victoria and District Association Junior Cricket Program.

Expert Coaching ... Mini Games
Open to children 9-14
Runs every Saturday
June 2nd to August 25th 9:30am to 11:30am at
Saint Michaels University School
Metchosin Municipal Sports Field

Registration fee only $40.00

Registration on the first 2 Saturdays
Call John Wenman 598-5477 or Milton Carter 385-3364

Friday, May 18, 2007

CW Rugby

Is on Thursday June 7th 7:30.

Looking for a Vice President and Treasurer for the year.

Lou Webster is willing to stand again as Pres.

If interested in standing for a position please email me.

Brent Johnston.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CW Rugby

I am sending the following on behalf of Tom Woods and a cause that he and his fire-fighting colleagues are championing, primarily on behalf of Spencer Robinson. Spencer's battle has left him no alternative but to sever his coaching contract with the club for the coming season and we want to support him and the family in any possible way. You may have seen an excellent tv report on CH News last week re Spencer's plight. I include Tom's words and an attachment describing the Fundraiser. (I have deleted the poster due to forwarding and memory complexities) Hopefully, if you cannot make the trip across the bridge to Esquimalt, you might consider a financial contribution in the name of Spencer. (I know this is not the first appeal this year and your efforts for the Childrens Fund were absolutely magnanimous.)
Esquimalt Fire Department Holds “Lift For Life” to Battle Cancer

Esquimalt B.C. May 8, 2007: On May 18 and 19 firefighters from throughout the Capital Region will join Esquimalt firefighters for a different kind of fight. They will be joining forces to fight cancer and to raise awareness of the increased risk of cancer firefighters face. One of their members will spend 24 hours high above Esquimalt Plaza for “Lift for Life”, an event to launch F.A.C.E., Firefighters Against Cancerous Exposures. The impetus behind Lift For Life came when one of their own was diagnosed with cancer.

“Because of the nature of the work, firefighters are exposed to toxins that can cause cancer,” says Tom Woods, Esquimalt firefighter and volunteer who will spend 24 hours in the aerial lift. “It’s one of the dangers of the job that isn’t immediately apparent. But, unfortunately, it is one of the risks. Because it’s one of the hidden dangers we felt it was important that our event help raise awareness as well as raise money for research and to help our members.”

Firefighters Against Cancerous Exposures F.A.C.E. is a new not-for-profit initiative led by the Esquimalt fire Department. The goal of Lift for Life is to raise $8,500, $100 for each foot above the ground, as well as raise awareness of firefighters increased risk of cancer due to exposure to carcinogens as a byproduct of fighting fires. Proceeds from the fundraising will be split between the BC Cancer Agency and the Firefighters Cancer Support Network. The Firefighter Cancer Support Network provides timely assistance to fire service members and their families throughout North America in the event of a cancer diagnosis.

Esquimalt Fire Member Spencer Robinson, a 17-year firefighting professional, was diagnosed with stomach cancer in February, prompting Esquimalt firefighters to form their own initiative to raise awareness of cancer rates for firefighters. Several studies in North America have shown firefighters face increased risk of kidney, bladder and brain disease, lung cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, leukemia and several other cancers. Recognition of cancer as job-related varies by province.

Tom Woods, firefighter and founder of Rock Solid, has served with the Esquimalt Police and fire departments for 17 years. To raise money for Lift For Life, Tom will spend 24 hours in an aerial bucket 85 feet above the ground. He will be accompanied by members of Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay and DND fire departments, as members from each spend six hour shifts with Tom as a show of support and solidarity.

“Cancer affects all of us and the departments are united in the drive to do something about it,” says Woods.

A variety of events are planned through the weekend including a head shave, wine garden social, pancake breakfast and Saturday afternoon barbecue. All events take place at the Esquimalt Plaza, next to the Archie Browning Centre in the 1100 block of Esquimalt Road. Lift for Life begins at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 18.

The Esquimalt Fire Department was formed in 1912 as part of a combined police/fire department. In 2003 the fire department became an independent department when policing was merged with Victoria. Esquimalt Firefighters are active in a number of community initiatives. They run a public education program Learn Not to Burn which is delivered in public schools from kindergarten to grade three. Firefighters host school rugby tournaments, the Buccaneer Days Dance to support amateur sports in Esquimalt and financial support to needy families at Christmastime. Esquimalt firefighters also participate in a children’s reading program at the community library as Reading Champions.

Donations may be made at

As well as onsite at the event.

Media Contacts:
Tom Woods
Mobile: 250.857.1062

David Davies
Direct: 250.382.4332
Mobile: 250.744.7415

Lift for Life Event details:
Friday, May 18
A wine, beer and cheese Garden will be hosted from 5PM to 9 PM outside at the Esquimalt Plaza. Firefighters from all Greater Victoria Departments will be helping and mingling. Entrance is by donation and everyone will receive a BC Cancer wristband and a Firefighters Cancer Support Network sticker.

Saturday, May 19
Pancake and Sausage Breakfast from 7 – 9 a.m. in the Esquimalt Plaza parking lot. Also by donation and with firefighters providing personalized table service and clean up.

The Children’s Meet the Firefighters Event will be from 10AM to Noon on Saturday May 19th. Activities such as face painting, spraying water with a fire hose, balloons, bouncy castle, dunk tank and a chance to climb on the fire truck, and more.

The BBQ and beer garden will be from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. At 5 p.m. the bucket will be lowered and the total donations tallied.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Friends of CW;

Just a brief note to summarize season-ending activities. To answer the many questions - our U16's suffered a decisive loss to Cowichan in the inaugural Ed Bryans Cup for VIRU competition. The quality of the Cowichan team has been commented on earlier and since this match, they have continued on, to win the Provincial Championship against Chuckanut Bay by a 20+ margin! Our congratulations to CW’s MVP's - Beau Parker and Chris Kelly. Our thanks to Rogie Robinson, Cory Richards, Dallas Down, Denny Sinnott, Wayne Kelly and Peter Gallagher for keeping this group together since last October. The players did themselves proud, with improved play, team spirit and a good approach to training.

Although we had a number of occasions this season when teams scored more points than us (senior men), it was seldom that our players showed they were truly beaten. Brent has already posted Award winners for the season however I would like to add my personal congratulations to the following for your contributions; Adam Hill, Seamus Gay, Scott Franklin, Kit Warren, Kevin Carr, Jason Hodge, Jacob Lamb, Luke Kratz and Spencer Robinson - thanks, men - well done. To the generosity of Nick Fairhurst, sponsor of the Keeper Trophies - thanks, Nick. To Scotty, Webby and Pucker - all the best guys, in the Churchill Cup - give 'em heck from CW!

It is my pleasure to report continued successes of Ceedubbers overseas. Kevin 'T-Bone' Tkachuk was on the bench in Glasgow's win over second place Ulster, last weekend. Eddie Fairhurst had 65 minutes after starting in a BIG win for Cardiff last Saturday over the Border Reivers. Exy is healthy again. He has started for Pau the last two weeks, both victories. Pau, a quality club, nurtured Exy during his long rehabilitation.........obviously they think he is the goods. Casey Dunning came off the bench in a 37 - 44 loss to Nottingham last week. Casey must be healthy again. His career has been marred with injuries this season. Hope there is no damage this week against Rotherham......he has a wedding pending!!

Finally for the third season running, the Sheffield Tigers won their final match to ensure promotion once again. This was marked in no small way by CW men. Firstly, Knaggsy helped by returning home!! No offence big fella - great to have you back in the Land of Coffee and Maple Syrup again. Harry Toews led the team to their 50 - 10 win over Lymm. Let me share with you some quotes re #10 on the day; "On thirteen minutes, the large crowd were treated to the best individual try seen at Dore Moor this season. The Lymm backfield came up too fast on defense, thirty meters from their line. Instead of passing down his three quarters, Baumberg made an outside break, straightened and chipped over the full-back, gathered and scored a marvelous individual try under the posts. He converted for 10 - 0.".........................."Baumberg had the perfect game. Perhaps he should forget his boots and return home to fetch them again, if he is always to play like this! His haul of 25 points was half the team total and comprised a try, four penalties and four conversions." Not too shabby Chucky!!


This Saturday, both the Provincial First Division Final and the BCRU Premier League Championship Final for the Rounsefell Cup will be played at UVic. It has been some years since this event has been hosted in Victoria Following last year's BCRU AGM, Brent Johnston and Phil Meyers (JBAA), got to work on a proposal for the Final to be hosted, under certain conditions, on Vancouver Island. They successfully lobbied for its acceptance by the Board, and so you have it!

In the First Div game JBAA takes on Caps from the North Shore @ 1:00 p.m. and in the CDI Final it will be Bayside and JBAA (defending champs) @ 3:00. If you really want to make a day of it, you can cheer on the Cowichan Piggies @ 11:00 a.m. when former Castaway, Steve 'Yahudi Prior' Cowie leads his troops against the Lomas, also @ UVic. To complete the BC Finals Day, Cowichan Women play Bayside in the Div. 1 Women’s' Final, at Wallace Field. General Admission for the day- $15, Youth, Under 15 - $10. Food and beverage will be available.

This will give rugby fans on the Island the opportunity to show the BC rugby fraternity that this decision was not mere patronage. I hope that as many of you as possible will make the effort to get to UVic to take in the game/s and ensure the continuation of the opportunity to host this event at least, alternately with Vancouver. Hopefully next season, this will be to CW's advantage.

Just a final THANK YOU to anyone who has done volunteer work for us, made a financial contribution in any way, and attended our games during this past season.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CW Rugby

Friends of CW;

I am forwarding information regarding this Thursday's event. I am sure that our numbers include former students/teachers who might be interested in joining old team mates and friends for this occasion.


3:05 ALUMNI GAME Phone Clayton Daume (388-5456), if you are interested in playing. (Two halves of 15 mins, non-contact players get to wear red pinnies and considered tackled with two-handed touch! Peter Seale???) Barbeque available.

3:45 Presentation from 2007 Team to Alumni
Reciprocation from Til Briggs

4:00 K.O. vs REYNOLDS First place in the League is on the line!

5:45 Social gathering in the Old Gym. History of rugby @ Vic High on display. An opportunity to re-live the battles!

In rugby,

Sunday, April 29, 2007

CW Rugby

CW Rugby held the Year End Player Awards Banquet last night. The well attended evening was filled with humour and tradition as player awards were given out, coaches trainers and managers recognized, concluding with a special thank you to our President Ian Macca McLean who is finishing his long term as CW Rugby President.
Ian Jones was MC and did his usual hilarious job, cutting up all in attendance without mercy...this was especially the case as he presented the annually anticipated Cruddy Awards which saw no indiscretion from the preceding season go unnoticed...some may suggest unpunished!

Award recipients:
Benknucle Award...Wes Aylward
Kiwi Cup Most Conscientious Trainer....Seamus Gay
John Morely Award for outstanding effort, without whining or complaining....Jacob Lamb
Pigs Trotter, Black Pig, Award to a forward for courageous wallowing.....Jason Hodge
Outstanding Contribution to Club Development...Spencer Robinson
Outstanding Contribution to Junior Development....Luke Kratz
MVP Juniors...U19 Matt Bosworth...U17 Beau Parker and Chris Kelly
Most Improved Player First Division....Kevin Carr
Most Improved Player Premier Division....Scott Franklin
Rookie of the Year...Adam Hill
MVP First Division.....Kit "The Commissioner" Warren
MVP Premier Division....Seamus Gay
Johnny Shepherd Award for Duty Honour and Valour.....Adam Hill

Special recognition presentation to Ian "Macca" McLean for outstanding service, leadership and vision as Club President.

The season highlight video concluded by saying farewell for the summer, see you all in August.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

T R AV E L TO THE 2 0 0 7
For fans to have the opportunity to see the very best players and
teams in the world, BC Rugby has partnered with a preferred
travel company to offer packages to WALES and FRANCE in September 2007.
Package # 1 Package # 2
Sept 14 to 17 Sept 24 to 30
Cardiff, Wales Bordeaux, France
Package Includes: Package Includes:
*3 nights bed and breakfast 6 nights bed & breakfast
Dragon Hotel, Swansea Bayonne Etche-Ona Hotel
RWC Tickets to: RWC Tickets to:
Wales v. Australia (Sept 15) Canada v. Japan (Sept 25)
Canada v. Fiji (Sept 16) Canada v. Australia (Sept 29)
From $ 1812.00 to $ 2210.00 From $ 2572.00
*Cost per person, based on 2 sharing accommodation.
We can also arrange: AIRFARES! Let us arrange your flights to Britain or France. Globespan / Golf
The World Vacations is one of the largest air suppliers in Western Canada.
CAR RENTALS! For more independent travel we can arrange car rentals in
both the United Kingdom and France.
RAIL EUROPE & BRITRAIL PASSES! For those who like to go by train
(including the tunnel) we can arrange Eurorail and Britrail passes for whatever
your travel needs require.
GOLF! We can arrange golf at any number of superb courses in Wales and France.
Why not fill in the days between Sept 17 and 24 with a customized golf tour?
To book your trip to the
2007 Rugby World Cup
contact Colin Yorath: 604 879 3770

CW Rugby

Friends of CW;
Missing my weekly rugby fix however, am looking forward to tomorrow's game up at Herd Rd when CW's U16's take on the Cowichan lads. Cowichan, bolstered by some lads from Shawnigan, they have a very strong team this season, having given us the slip on two previous occasions. Despite this, a less than full-strength team provided a powerful second half performance last Sunday to get the black, blue and red past James Bay and I expect if Ceedub is at full strength will provide the home team with quite a surprise, as our kids have improved in leaps and bounds over the past three weeks. The team warmed up with a great night at The Temple on Wednesday when they "hoovered" some pizza, strolled the archives and viewed a slide show of their season. Worth a Sunday drive to see these boys in action.

I have attached info for the upcoming RWC in France. I have heard that there are some of you out there that may be looking for organised packages to this event. Many of our followers are in that priveleged stage of life when we have some time, health and a little bit of cash, to take advantage of events such as the World Cup. We are confidently hoping that our club will be represented on Team Canada, through current players or past players who are now making their living from the game, playing in France, England and Scotland.

Finally, an opportunity for service! CW is looking for one or two supporters who would be interested and have the time (not an inordinate amount), to lead the Executive next season. We have developed a strong organisational model and have key supporting roles in place with many of the operational responsibilities taken care of, however we need a person (male or previous experience necessary), whom we can call President. In fact, the work is quite interesting.......only as political as you want it to be and even then with people such as Ron, Chris, Brent, Ken available to offer counsel, making the task easy. Please e-mail me or phone 721-1527 if you have questions or interested in any way.
In rugby,

Friday, April 20, 2007

Easter Seals Regatta

The 11th Annual Vancouver Island Easter Seals Regatta will take place on Saturday, September 15, 2007!
This unique fundraising event hosted by the Royal Victoria Yacht Club supports children with disabilities on Vancouver Island.

Monday, April 16, 2007

CW Rugby

Another (rare - this season), great day for rugby was the backdrop to the closure of a season probably best forgotten for the Castaway Wanderers. The table was set when The Firsts ended up ahead 21 - 7 at the final whistle. Worthy of mention - the Man of the Match for CW, Matt James and the Move of the Match - a deft diagonal from the ageless, Lou Webster, taken on the fly by Rich Moser and subsequent scamper for forty under the sticks - voila!

Although not at full strength, CW started the Main Game with sustained pressure but deflated noticeably after coming away from a number of good possessions with no points. Lomas took an early chance - described in more detail by Ben, when Pat Fleck sliced in for a good try, converted by Hall. The battle between the halves and their chemistry was most interesting all day long. Graf, the warhorse, capably fed by Hall (Evan) looked like they had a Mexican standoff with their opposition until Hall sliced the defence in the late going.

CW responded with a similar tally to Fleck's by his opposite number, Hall, who provided Aabrams with the $330 purse for the players auction! The half ended with an ever so slight advantage to the visitors, 14 - 7.

The second half evolved into a spectator's feast, with seven tries being scored, enabling both squads to justifiably, earn their bonus point. For CW, the parade closed out with a well deserved Captain's try by Adam Hill.....what a mighty little man this player is turning out to be! It was a hard -working performance from the pack and it would not be fair to pick out any CW player as it was a team effort, with players playing for each other, personal pride and the jersey, providing the supporters with satisfaction after so many difficult moments this season.

The ingredients of this team will bounce back and will be more the better for this season's adversity. Man-of-the-Match for CW seems to have a Full Nelson on it by Seamus Gay. Touted by pundits, fellow players and oppostion as one of the bright lights of the BCRU Premier League, it will be interesting to follow the future of this player.

The battle on the field was huge but nothing compared to the battle faced by many connected with CW rugby in recent times. The club dedicated the donations at today's gate to kids cancer victims, specifically the B.C. Childrens Hospital Foundation. Abe's tossed his prize back in the hat, our opposition for the day contributed a magnanimous $500, so at match-end, CW was able to write a cheque for $2593!! Thanks to all those who contributed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the officials who control the games week in and week out and wish all remaining teams good luck and good rugby, as they seek the prize.

Late breaking .........CW U16's came from 0 - 7 behind to defeat JBAA ( and Hubbard!!) in VIRU semi-final action today, 21 - 7. The juniors now take on Cowichan in the Island Final.
On behalf of all CW supporters, I failed to mention the selection to Team Canada for the upcoming Churchill Cup, Scotty Franklin, Derek Daypuck, Mike Webb and former player, as Team Therapist, Harold ("Hank") Williams. Best of luck, guys.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friends of CW;
Just a short note to remind you of tomorrow's fixtures. The cause of childhood cancer will be the recipient of a major portion of our gate donations and further to this, last night the generosity of the players and a few alumni, raised an amount of $660 at the players' auction (50% will go to the drive). Our opposition for the day - the Meralomas have written a cheque for $500 as well. Should you wish to donate any private sum, if the cheque is made payable to; BC Childrens Hospital Foundation, then you will be elligible for a receipt for Rev. Canada purposes. We will be presenting a cheque to the Foundation at the end of the game.

As for the games, we continue to fight the injury bug but it will be an opportunity to recognise the work of a number of players who have stepped up their personal play and goals a notch this year, to perform at the Premier level. They will not disappoint and also, an opportunity to recognise the play of carded players, Stu Ault and Cieran Hearn and hopefully their selection for Churchill Cup sompetition in the UK in May. Do hope you can make it a line to the weather gods!!

If you are looking for another fix, Sunday morning at 11:30, Roger, Corey and Peter's boys play the U16 semi-final at UVic's Wallace Field at 11:30 against JBAA. This team has really made some great progress this season and are currently playing very good rugby. These local Derbys are always challenging encounters, so to see good rugby and support the Jrs, Sunday it is!
See you on the balcony,

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Just another reminder that tomorrow evening at Discovery Sports Club at 9:00 p.m., there will be an auction to bid on the first player to score a try against Lomas on Saturday. The prize will be 50/50 of the intake. The cause is for B.C. Childrens Hospital, specifically to help youngsters diagnosed with cancer. This amount will be matched with a majority percentage from our gate-take on Saturday and a cheque will be presented after the game. last time we had a similar event to raise money for injured player Sean Corner, Jimmy Grier won in excess of $200! You have to be in it to win it!!

1. Josh Handysides; 2. Adam Hill; 3. Scott Franklin; 4. Stu Ault; 5. Andrew Mooney; 6. Jason Hodge;
7. Seamus Gay; 8. Mike Webb; 9. Evan Hall; 10. John Graf; 11. T.B.A. 12. Roger Robinson;
13. Brennan Marcoux; 14. Johnny Inoke; 15. Ciaran Hearn

Kick offs on Saturday, Firsts 1:00 p.m.; Premiers 2:30 p.m. Plan to be there to support the lads on this last game of the season.

Monday, April 09, 2007

It would be great if you could show up at Windsor today, Monday, at 5pm to support Coaches Roger Robinson, Corey Richards and their lads in a U16 game tonight at Windsor 5pm.
They have done exceedingly well this season and put together impressive runs of play....check out the CW future, it is very bright.

See you there.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Friends of CW;
Tomorrow the boys are off to UBC to play a makeup game against The Birds in Premiers. We had been slated to play a catchup vs Burnaby in the Ones but had to forfeit this one for many reasons. Boys are on the 9:00 a.m. ferry and for $25 the bus will take you to their game and get you a ticket into the NA 4 game following @ TBird Stadium. The bus will depart 7:30 for 9:00 p.m. return ferry. Just show up at Schwartz Bay around 8:20 and make a day of it.

It being Easter, I suspect very few will avail themselves of the above opportunity!! So, save it until next Saturday when we play Lomas in both grades @ Windsor. We are hoping our Rep players are able to avoid injury this w/end and we can put a little hurt on Lomas! As a pre-cursor, this Thursday @ The Temple at 9:00 there will be an auction/fundraiser for the first try-scorer in the match. We have decided to dedicate gate takings for this game to Child Cancer Fund as a small token of thought for the many of Friends of CW whose lives and loved ones this disease has touched this past season. We will be notifying The Lomas of our intent and know that they will support the drive. Folk will receive a band to wear in recognition of your support.

For now, a Happy Easter to you all. Enjoy the attached, CW 8's & 9's little bunnies at last Sunday's Shawnigan Jamboree
See you on the balcony.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

With the sun finally making an appearance for the first time in recent weeks, CW was anticipating another all out battle with the fellas from White Rock. Buoyed by the return of front row star Jon Thiel this year, Bayside were looking to improve its lot in the Premier standings and head into the playoffs on a high note. CW had other plans however and also had a few returning players looking to show their recent fitness regime had indeed been taken advantage of and that they are ready to be considered for full international duties.

The game started well for CW, securing the kick-off and immediately asking questions of the Bayside defence. Putting together about nine phases of rugby, this was perhaps CW’s best start to a game in recent memory. Unable to relieve the pressure, Bayside cracked early and couldn’t keep CW from driving over the line, only five minutes in. Seamus Gay was the scorer and it was an early indication of how involved this open side flanker was going to be on this afternoon. It seems surprising how he continues to be overlooked for NA4 duties. With confidence from the get go, CW secured the kick off and stayed on the same page. #10, John Graf, showed once again why he’s still one of the best and snuck through a gap on his own forty, only to have his pass swatted away twenty metres downfield. This resulted in some possession for Bayside which they promptly used to pin CW in their own “twenty-two”. CW was able to get back on the front foot thanks to an Adam Van Stavran yellow card! Whilst the infraction was clearly visible from the sideline and deserving of a penalty, it certainly didn’t look malicious and construed by supporters of The Blues as unnecessary.

With a man in the bin and on the back foot again, Bayside continued to absorb CW pressure, although it was only a matter of minutes when the next crack occurred. Cieran Hearn, showing off the body he must have found on the way to the pitch, made a nice step and dove over from a few metres out. Another missed conversion and the scored remained 10-0, CW. The confidence was building and it started to show in defence as well. A backline move by Bayside following the kick-off was quickly thwarted with a good tackle by Brennan Marcoux and a quick steal by the wily veteran Graf, resulted. This led to some good inter-play between Adam Hill and Stu Ault and CW again was marching their way down field. CW found themselves knocking on the door for a third time and as before, they were let in, with reluctance!! The score at the half was 15 – 0, for CW.

The second half began with a little foreshadowing when CW was penalized straight away and the momentum immediately shifted Bayside’s way. Finally enjoying some possession, they put together some phases and made their way towards CW’s 22 metre line. This resulted in another penalty and a shot at goal. Thankfully for CW, the kick went astray and the score remained 15-0. On the ensuing kick-off Bayside maintained pressure and CW’s discipline took a turn, resulting in yet another penalty. Stu Ault had been the guilty party, being a little over-zealous with his hands in the ruck and had been shown a yellow card. The referee deemed that a CW player was verbally responding during the missed attempt and awarded another shot at goal, much to the consternation and shoulder-shrugging of the locals, who seemed to have heard said culprit issuing orders for the re-start! The re-kick, was also missed.
The momentum stuck with Bayside and more pressure resulted in a scrum deep in CW’s end. On what looked like a messy engagement, the referee or touch judge deemed it necessary to red card Adam Dowhy for an alleged head butt. More confused looks were noted, even on the face of his opposite number! Nevertheless CW was forced to make the change and bring in a front rower at the expense of losing Jason Hodges from the back row. On the ensuing scrum, a very active Evan Hall, at scrum half, came around the back anticipating the ball coming out and offside was the call. The price was expensive. A penalty try and yellow card were issued. The conversion made the score 15-7 for CW.

With two men in the bin and still playing defence, CW could hold on no longer and that “Old War Horse”, Van Stavran broke through and romped thirty plus yards to touch down, left of the posts. The convert was missed and with the score being 15-12 for CW, the defence became even more desperate. Play ebbed back and forth and CW managed to hang on for a well-deserved victory. Two wins in a row and CW appear to be finally feeling better about their game. Cieran Hearn was solid at fullback, with Evan Hall and Graf proving to be a great combo at #9 and #10. In the forwards the whole pack continued to show well with Seamus Gay, in particular, being as active as ever. In this writer’s opinion he is one of the top open side flankers in the League right now and continues to lead by quiet example.

Apologies to our First Division players for not having game report this week but with no game tape, specific recollection is limited!! Indeed, it was a very close affair, with Bayside coming out on top 28-18.

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