Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


CW hosted both the First Div. Quarter Final and the Barnard Cup at Windsor Park, Saturday past. In the 'curtain-raiser', the Nanaimo Hornets, slight underdogs after trailing CW in the league table, were quietly confident of their chances owing to a prior close game between the two teams. Nanaimo started out, by using their forwards to take the game to CW. After an early Hornets' penalty, League scoring leader, James Carson, strutted his stuff with a magical chip and chase for the opening try. At the half it was Carson 10, Nanaimo 3.

Nanaimo were not to be discarded. After sustained pressure, at the fifteen minute mark, they forced the ball over by the sticks with a good forward drive. CW's forwards, revelling in the worsening conditions, quickly responded with a try of their own. Carson converted the tally and added a late penalty to put an exclamation point on his award with fifteen individual points. Final score CW 20 d. Nanaimo 10. For CW, efforts of note came from Kevin Carr, Dustin Appleton, Matt LeMay, Dave Handysides and Stefan Alexander.


The game had been called everything from a some disgruntled James Bay supporter, to an eight point CW win, to a coin-toss. The later proved to be the case as the two teams, severely depleted but not whining, brought what they had to the contest. What a golden opportunity for players to 'step-up'. At the earlier meeting between the two, it was stated that UVic was the only team in the Province to consistently display how to use the ball to beat the man and unfortunately, for the hosts, this once again proved true.

The scoreline read UVic 13 CW 0 before CW seemed to realise there was a game on. The Vikes opened with an early penalty, followed by a magical run by Matthews and an ecstatic leap, after touchdown by Dave Carter, try scored without a hand laid. It is pleasing to observe the elation of any try scorer but Carter's emotion seemed to spark the Vikes. Piatek added another penalty for the 13-0 scoreline. CW then ground its gears in motion. A great drive by 'Bus' Franklin and offload to Goodland resulted in a try.....this is becoming habit for Ken to open the try-scoring! John Graf added the extras and a later penalty, to bring the score to 10-13 at the half.

A good crowd, somewhat non-partisan and very speculative about the final outcome, settled down for what promised to be an enthralling second half. The weather worsened which marginally favoured the locals. UVic continued their pattern of jumping out quickly, being first to add to their score when a disastrous "indecision" occured, ten metres out from the CW line and the easiest of tries was presented to Hutchison, grubbering through and falling on the ball for a 18 - 10 lead. Graf added a penalty for CW and with CW forwards starting to clearly get the upper hand, one had a sense that the day could be saved.

The next score was a five pointer by Dowhy after forward drive, deservedly, after a number of good performances in recent games. With a missed convert, the teams were tied. CW worked play slowly back into the red zone, grinding and grafting but UVic were not prepared to give in. They incurred a number of penalties at the maul, with CW taking the lineout option and finally the host's pack collectively ground the ball, with newcomer Middleton, being given the score. Again the convert was missed. With time in the balance, the kick off with a heavy ball resulted in the UVic eight focussing on the catcher and the ball was coughed up. From the scrum, quick hands sent the attack right until Kearney was smashed down just short of the line. The resultant posted ball went rapidly through three sets of hands, until a half-gap and insecure tackle resulted in big lock, Mike MacKay diving in, under the posts. Piatek, whose day had been quite outstanding, put an end to it with the convert, the whistle and the win! CW, to a man, slumped, stunned at the outcome after a quality second half featuring good defence and attack following the game plan.

Man of the Match, voted by his fellow players for UVic was Steve Piatek and for CW, Seamus Gay. Both of these players demonstrated their skill and work rate at a high level all game long. The two teams, their contrasting styles and the coin toss finish, provided fans with an interesting game of rugby with high level of skill, given the conditions. UVic are to be congratulated as worthy winners of the Barnard Cup. Thanks to the fans who attended on a pretty miserable day, to add to the ambience of the Final.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


The week that was...............
James Bay proved to be CW's nemesis on two occasions last weekend. The first, being a seven point victory over the Premiers. The margin was such that CW was able to earn a bonus point, sufficient to launch them into the Barnard Cup Final this coming Saturday. The second was a very convincing victory in the U19 semi-final. CW, with five regular players on duty with the Canadian U17 team in England, played gamely but were no match for the larger, more experienced JBAA team. The U19's finished third in the league, a very creditiable return after being unable to field a team last season. We congratulate the players and thank coach, Roggie and manager, Kevin Poole for a job well done.

U16's: CW, Club-Man-of-the-Week award goes to interim U16 coach, Dallas Down. Dallas stepped into the breach when Gary Bryan was unable to continue with the job. He has held vigorous, well-run practises for the team and the boys won their first exhibition game against Velox last Sunday. This team is laden with talent which will be heard of in the future - Chris Kelly, the Thompson boys, Tony Tiet, Aubrey Blackhall, James Down, Joe Furness........ to mention a few. If you see Big Dal at The Park this weekend - give him the thumbs up!

MINIS: The second good news story for the weekend comes from the Mini Rugby Dept. On a blustery Sunday, CW hosted over 200 kids from U8 to U14 at an Island Jamboree. We thank all the refs, and coaches but a special thanks to Mini Mums (and dads) who ran the concession, cooked hot dogs, served coffee and sold 50/50 tickets.

CW RUGBY AGM: Tonight (Thursday) is the Annual General Meeting of CW Rugby. It will take place at The Temple at 9:00 p.m. All members are welcome to attend.

THIS WEEKEND: Two games take place at Windsor Park. The Firsts take on Nanaimo in playoff action, kickoff is 1:00 p.m. The Premiers play for the Barnard Cup against UVic at 2:45 p.m. Pat Kearney and his Vikes defeated CW in the opening game of the season and have continued on to play some scintillating rugby, losing only one game when at full strength. They lost a close one to Velox last week, with Sevens players absent from their squad. On the other hand, CW presents as a team with definite patterns, their current strength being in the forwards and half backs, so the contrasting approaches to the game will be most interesting. Both teams have many faces missing through representative call-ups and injuries. The outcome, is really a coin toss and it will be whichever club can have its players match the occasion that will walk away with the Cup. We hope that you will join us for these games.
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Victoria Cricket



Dubai, 23 November 2006
African teams to begin countdown to 2009 ICC Women's World Cup

Four-day regional qualifying tournament starts in Kenya from 8 December.
The countdown to 2009 ICC Women's World Cup begins next month when four African countries assemble in Kenya for the Women's World Cup Regional.
Qualifying Cricket Tournament between 8 and 11 December.
Besides the host nation, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Uganda will contest the one-day competition which will be played in a simple round-robin format.
It will be a special and historic time for the Zimbabwe team as it
makes its international debut.
The winner of this African regional competition will progress through to the ICC Women's World Cup Cricket Qualifying Tournament (WWCQT), to be staged in Pakistan late next year where eight qualifiers will vie for two available slots in the 2009 World Cup line-up.
Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Bermuda, Ireland and South Africa are
already through to that penultimate stage. Apart from the African
qualifier, these teams will be joined by two more from the European regional tournament to be played in the Netherlands next summer.
For the 2009 ICC Women's World Cup, defending champions Australia,
India, England, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and West Indies have earned
automatic qualification following their top-six finish in the 2005
Women's World Cup in Pretoria.
The 2009 ICC Women's World Cup will be the first to be played under the auspices of the ICC since its merger with the International Women's Cricket Council last year. The IWCC had 15 members and since integration with the ICC the women's game has been growing fast.
There are now 42 countries with formal girls and/or women's teams
playing in structured cricket competitions. A further 23 do not have competition teams yet but do have both girls and boys in junior development initiatives. That makes 65 of ICC's 97 members with some women's cricket and it is growing all the time.
Chairwoman of ICC Women's Committee Betty Timmer says she is delighted with the progress made so far.
"We have achieved a lot since the integration of women's cricket within the ICC in April 2005. We still have a long way to go but it's evident that joining the ICC was a big step for the development of women's cricket. Female participation will continue to grow in the years to come," she said"Looking forward, we want to produce the best ever Women's World Cup, create more publicity and hopefully the teams will be in top shape. We will do everything possible to create the right environment for teams
to perform at their best," she said.
Ms Timmer added that the qualifying structure had been designed in
order to give every country more international experience.
"This whole set-up gives countries more international cricket
experience and the participating countries will benefit from this
competition. It's great for the development of women's cricket throughout the various regions," she said.
"For the participating players in Africa, next month's qualifier will be an exciting tournament because the winner will go to the Women's World Cup Qualifying Tournament and so they will be able to gauge where Having been first held in 1973, the Women's World Cup has been running for two years longer than the men's version. That year, hosts England beat Australia by 118 runs in the final at Edgbaston.
Since then there have been a further seven tournaments with Australia winning five of them (1978, 1982, 1988, 1997 and 2005), England winning once more (in 1993) and New Zealand triumphing in 2000.
The tournament has been staged twice each in England (1973 and 1993), India (1978 and 1997) and New Zealand (1982 and 2000) as well as Australia (1988) and South Africa (2005).

Monday, November 20, 2006



After a week of rain - a rarity in the Banana Belt, Saturday was overcast and fields heavy. This was an opportunity for both clubs - for James Bay, minus the likes of Dunkley, Forsythe, Belanger, Mack, DTH, Williams and Barker to really dig deep and respond to the challenge; for CW an opportunity to complete an away win at McDonald and wind up in second place in convincing fashion. JBA took the bit between the teeth, CW didn't exactly surrender but failed to gain any supremacy! The adage; "one man, doth not a team make", was blown out of the water on this day when Rob Robson, suitably sutured, just changing locations from Bermuda to James Bay, led the charge.

Confidence was not present in the early going in the CW work and supporters, expecting attacking kicks to enable forwards to go forward, such as was the pattern in the previous matchup were stunned to see, very early in the contest, kicks being taken to scramble out of tight defensive situations. It wasn't long before quick ball from Dalziell, saw Collins make a good break, draw two men and off load to Warden to go over untouched. Graf soon followed with a penalty and what was the start of, trying to match tries with penalties. At only fifteen minutes in and a good charge by the JBAA pack, a tap penalty was taken by the forwards, Rushton linked and was rewarded with the tally. The game pattern then seemed to follow a distinct flow. More astute kicking by Rushton then in the previous match, united energy at the breakdown by James Bay, fairly steady penalty count against and hesitancy on defence by CW. Graf was constantly left to tackle Robson from # 8, a telling task and JBAA were constantly asking questions of CW with this flow.

Despite this pattern, it was CW who was next to score, when after a strong run by Weingart and resultant maul, an infraction was detected and Graf converted to edge slightly closer. JBAA's pressure continued and CW were fortunate on a few occasions to keep their line clear. After a rare appearance at midfield, another "hands in" penalty saw Graf make it pay. The score at the half, after a great piece of individual work by Goodland, wrestling a ball free at his own five metres and a huge clearing punt, left a differential of a single point.

Just after the start of the second half a penalty for "crossing" was awarded to CW. Graf failed on this occasion. Such penalties occurred frequently on the day, sometimes from a "dummy feint/obstruction/shepherding" run from # 12 position, sometimes the same play resulted in no call; sometimes from mauling situations,sometimes a no call. CW seemed to be clearly the main perpetrators of such infractions. Like club coach's debriefing sessions with players, it would also be interesting to be the fly on the wall when ref coaches debrief the man in the middle. The maul such as it is in the game at present, always results in a potential infraction, in that there are always forwards in front of the man carrying the ball. It will be interesting to see play with Law changes in the near future in this area of the game. Only minutes into the half, another quick tap penalty was taken by Dalziell and his transfer was to Warden who showed a clear pair of heels for his second try. Penalties punctuated any real flow to the game but James Bay forwards had certainly gained the upper hand and finally, Robson was duly rewarded for his work when he characteristically, was the last man off the back of a rolling maul, with ball in hands for the try. (20 - 9).

James Bay seemed to take some breathing room at this stage and CW came back with about twelve phases but the telling feature was that only about twenty metres of terrirtory was gained and finally a CW player was islolated at the breakdown! CW was a somewhat decimated group with replacements, errant lineout throws and other compounding errors, ebbing energy level and all that could go wrong seeming to happen. Despite this, rays of effort were very noticeable from Gay, Dowhy working himself to a standstill, Franklin and Weingart. A great individual effort from Gay resulted in a blocked kick and a final dying effort from CW. They threw plenty into the dying stages but James Bay were up the defensive test. Finally, after six phases, Thomas filled from his far side wing to go over for some long awaited dues collection and the end to a good day's work on his part. Graf converted to edge within a 16-20 scoreline.

The game ended on a Rushton penalty and 23 - 16 win for James Bay. Four tries to one win was a good indication of the margin of difference. It could be said that CW were fortunate to have held it at that but at the same time, by good fortune, rather than good management, they managed to cling to the bonus point to edge them ahead of the Velox for the right to play UVic next week in the Barnard Cup Final.

Notable efforts from James Bay came from the whole pack but worthy of mention was Andrew Wray, called up to replace Dunkley. Dalziell, Collins and Warden all played much better in the backs than in the earlier encounter and credit to Rushton for his contribution. Players that stood out for CW have been mentioned. The effort and desire were mostly present but there was no orchestration. Games between these two teams mostly end up in physical battles for supremacy and today was no exception. The tremendous athleticism available, rarely gets to be witnessed.

The stage has been set for a most interesting CI Premier League in the New Year. Capilanos, Meralomas, amongst others on the mainland and all four Island sides will serve up some memorable battles to be sure. It remains to be seen how much this game took out of CW. Injuries, the need to re-build the psyche and confidence level will be huge challenges during this coming week. Next Saturday at Windsor 1:00 Kickoff, 1st Div Playoff; Nanaimo Hornets vs CW. 2:30 Kickoff, Barnard Cup Final, UVic vs CW.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Tomorrow at 2:45, CW's Premier team takes on James Bay at McDonald Park. There is only one game, as The Firsts have finished their league play schedule in fourth place and will play Nanaimo at home next weekend. We congratulate James Carson, leader of the points table. The Prems need a victory tomorrow to ensure their place in the Barnard Cup Final and it is considered a good thing when a team has its destiny in its own control. A bonus win by Velox and a loss to James Bay would result in CW looking from the sidelines!

James Bay have not been their old self of late.....(whatever that is!!) but the result between these two clubs over recent seasons, has always been in doubt until the final whistle. It will require considerable discipline by CW tomorrow as they face players such as Robinson, Ramsay and Forsythe on their familiar home pitch. CW has been coming on and is developing a style of play that is emphasising their it will be ful on, with everything on the line tomorrow. See you on the sidelines.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Victoria Cricket

SHERRATT, S. Robert A., CD 1930 - 2006 Bob passed away suddenly Saturday, November 11, 2006 at the Royal Jubliee Hospital. His long dedication to Cricket will be sorely missed.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


SAT NOV 18TH:DOUBLE HEADER Rugby at the Strathcona



Doors @ 10:25am


With every paper in the UK screaming for Robinson’s head, what would you do to muster the troops against the Boks - whose only resemblance to their famous, formidable predecessors, is the kit that they are wearing?

“Elementary, my dear Watson. You pick an England side from only the most experienced players available in the present squad. You bring back Jonny Wilkinson. You train this squad all week long. You name the most experienced team in which every player plays in his usual position. You then gather them in the changing room on match day and employ…. the Nelson manoeuvre. You simply say. "the game plan is, “England expects every man to do his duty”. You then withdraw leaving them to complete the job.”

“What about the “Terrible French”, Holmes?” ….. “Ah my dear Watson as for Les Blues who looked a little “jaune” last week, you pick and drive and pick and drive ….. ad nauseam, and you select the forwards to complete this job. You don’t need the revolver Watson, but on game day you pray for sunny, unseasonably warm weather, and then retreat from the barricades leaving those taking the field to reenact the storming of the Bastille.”

“Amazing, Holmes………. I hope you’re right!!”.

Monday, November 13, 2006



A sunny Remembrance Day morning turned to a drenching afternoon and whether/weather CW could handle the spread for this match (18), was truly put to the test in the first minute after kickoff when Cowichan exploited a huge gap down the blindside, resulting in a try by Kursewell! Ten minutes of response by CW was finally rewarded when good lineout possession enabled a smart, short-side decision by Weingart which resulted in a 'Bus' Franklin try. Molia converted from near the sideline (7 - 5).

Marcoux and Goodmunseth made good bursts before a missed clearing kick put pressure on the home side. Cowichan kept up the pressure and eventually, after a quick tap penalty and two or three charges at the line, they carried Kursewell over for his brace. The visitors were buoyed by this success and after a glut of possession and ten phases of play, Kursewell was again in on the act! In his excitement, he was penalised for a "double-move". In hindsight, this was somewhat a "TSN Turning Point". After some aggressive CW defense, a set scrum resulted in Weingart going blind, drawing his man and off-loading to Moser for his first tally in 'The Bigs'. At the half, CW 12 - Cowichan 10.

The second half was memorable for some quality moments. The discipline demonstrated by hooker, Aylward when he received an accidental boot to the sternum; a super human effort by CW Man-of-the-Match, Andrew Mooney to put it in extra gear to chase a kick-through; bullet-like service from Weingart to set up some searing runs from the base of scrum and ruck; brick-wall defense of Gay and great touch finding by Blaydd Jenkins, (aka Bennett!), were all examples of the style that this team is regularly displaying. These comments are not to detract from a Cowichan squad that showed tremendous character, facing quite a battering but failing to surrender and at the same time inflicting ample punishment on the hosts! Elsara led the way, tirelessly setting the example defensively at the ruck and with ball in hand.

The scoring was rounded out with a Molia penalty and two conversions and tries by Weingart (to cap a first class performance) and Gay for the bonus point. For the second week in a row, the spectators have to thank the players and officials for a sterling effort under deplorable conditions. The 'spirit of rugby' displayed by the two squads at the post-match function was akin to that remembered for other reasons on this special day and the mutual respect shown, rounded out a good day.

Friday, November 10, 2006


ENGLAND vs ARGENTINA; FRANCE vs NZ ...........AND CW vs COWICHAN!! We hope that all of you planning to watch the preview of RWC 2007 FINAL at the Strath and will then wend your way to The Park to cheer on the Chaps, as they seek to keep their record at Windsor intact. At this stage, the game will definitely be held at Windsor. If we hear any different, owing to waether (Carnarvon), we will let you know. Once again, CW will be depleted with both injury and the departure of Tony LaCarte whom we wish well, as he leaves with the 7's for overseas duty.

CW will also be missing Nik Reganavanu who most unfortunately, after probably his best start to a season since being in CW colours, Nik has had to resign due to work pressures. We also need to recognise Gerald Steenkamp who had to give up his rugby after the first round match against Velox when he suffered a serious concussion. Both of these men have learned their trade elsewheres but have embraced the CW spirit whole-heartedly and their play will be greatly missed. We thank Gerald for his season of coaching and welcome him back to Victoria. All the best to both of you in your career pursuits.

Thanks to Tim & The Major and Co., for doing "grounds" last week - you did such a good job, we will give you the week off, this week! Special thanks to Spice and his Gatekeepers from last week, the alliterative, Hales, Harris and Hawkins and that stalwart, David Richardson. See you - on the balcony!
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Monday, November 06, 2006


This day brought on spectres of 'Old School' - the nightmare of a marauding All Black footrush, led by 'Pinetree', Whinneray, Hill and Lochore. Perhaps it was just nostalgia but none of the four teams on show on this day used the old "Screaming Banshee" ploy, yet surely under such deplorable conditions, this tactic would have rendered a suitable reward!

The Velox First Div squad were a confident, if somewhat depleted bunch, having knocked off league - leaders, UVic Norseman and sporting an undefeated record. After an early exchange of penalty goals, the visitors efforts failed to amount to any great threat and CW, led by Man-of-the-Match, James Carson and ably supported by good games from Alexander, Carr and a 'blinder' from Middleton who capped his performance with a late tally, achieved their goal with a 23 - 3 victory. This was a significant turnaround from a lack lustre performance of two week's ago and tightens the race for top dog. Scorers; Tries; Front Row, Doug Middleton. Goals; Carson - 3 pens and 2 conv.

Ellite Match;
Dan White opened the scoring with a well taken penalty in the very early stages. This young player from the Land of the Long White Cloud, is really a 'comer' and CW could have been forgiven if they thought that DTH had 'morphed in' for this game, as early thrusts into the backline carved out long gainers for the V V's. White soon added another for an offside infraction. The weather dictated the handling and it was fascinating to see the two "Masters" - Stanley and Graf try to get their squads into better field position by punching crafty grubbers, which squirted along the surface. The tackling on the part of both teams was bone-jarring and many balls were up for grabs.

One had a sense that CW had something on the go and it soon came to fruition when, after good lineout ball from newcomer, Pollock, who had to work hard against the guile of Pinney, the "wind and drive" produced ball on a plattter to Weingart who took the short side option to Goodland for the first try. Goodland seems to be making a habit of first man over, although there was no prize-winner this week! The play slogged away and for CW, Aylward, and Gay were everywhere. At the sets, the CW front row had the better of their counter-parts. Despite this, Velox found themselves in scoring position again but this time White sliced it off. He was given an opportunity for redemption when a CW player (nameless) was pinged for a high tackle. On the day, with field conditions an errant arm.........mmm, could have been assessed as a little harsh but White ensured the perp paid and CW found themselves down 5 - 9 at the half. White's 60% was a significant contribution.

With this scribe rapibly deteriorating into a hypothermic state........the second half began. It must be said that the fans came out, despite the weather - a tribute to both teams and the intense rivalry that has garnered between them over the past couple of seasons. Five minutes in, the easiest of oportunities presented itself to Matt Weingart when he took the ball on a five metre run short side, to go in untouched! Big time error. It would be most interesting to be the fly on the wall when Winston is reviewing this part of the tape!

With a 10-9 lead it appeared as if the CW forwards were getting an edge but strangely, the plot became hellishly unglued and what had been sanity and reasonable strategy under the conditons became, in the words of my predecesor, Rees, a "tactical turmoil"! As Old School howled from the deck, "put it in the corner", it seemed as if players felt they could still dance! After Dan White had edged the V V's ahead again, we were treated to, suffice to say - a comedy of kicking errors, (easy for you to say!!) Further CW penalties and a spate of control from Stanley, appeared as if, from the out of the mouth of victory the jaws of defeat had appeared for the hosts. When a penalty opportunity against the run of play, presented itself to CW, Molia showed his absolute confidence in Graf to open his scoreline for the day. The kick was about fifteen in and 38m out and Graf sailed it right over the black dot. Indeed, the Banshees found reason to scream!

The match was far from over and Murray Smith, who game in and game out, just seems to play a 'blinder' worked hard at a breakdown, resulting in yet another offside penalty. White had a 47m opportunity and the CW players' collective sigh of relief could be heard on the deck as the ball whisked under the crossbar. Velox were like a wounded animal, as first Penga made a weaving run and then his forwards picked up the momentum. Finally, from a scrum pickup by CW, about 35m out, another penalty was awarded to V V. Speculation was that this man who had kicked so well on the day would not miss this oportunity. The ball sailed wide and the final whistle blew.

This last scene was not without its drama as most unfortunately, in a perfectly hushed setting, a catcall let forth as White approached the ball. This example of inappropriate and boorish spectator behaviour was not a one off in this case, rather, it is all too common at games. It seems to vary from raucous verbal putdowns of players, officials, often with inappropriate language, to the heckling and catcalls whilst taking a penalty. Clubs need to continually find culprits and insist on changed behaviour.

For CW, this was an opportunity for some players to stepup to the Bigs. The "W" was reward for a hard day's work, although probably, the one point difference was indicative of the closeness of play, on the day. Newcomer Pollock had a solid debute, the front row of Dowhy, Aylward and Franklin were good value and Gay was simply a terrier. It would be interesting to know if selectors ever look at players such as Smith and Gay. Weingart had a technically sound day and his many hasty bursts enabled the pack to go ahead. It was not really a day for the backs and so, Blaidd Bennett and Molia couldn't really show their stuff. Graf providing the winning goal was another Godsend! TLC at fullback needed to muster the two wing men around him. The experience level dropped considerably but ne'ertheless, a great opportunity to show what players could do and for sure, this is a combination that might need some tinkering.

For the Velox, Clay Penga @ #9 has added some good punch and will grow to be a good combo with Winnie. As mentioned earlier, the play of Smith was very good and overall, this squad, with lesser known players, always gives 100% of heart and competition and can never be taken lightly. In all, despite horrid conditions, an entertaining day of rugby and thanks to the players and referee for your performance in such deplorable conditions.

Friday, November 03, 2006




12 noon

(“High Noon at the OK Corral”…“Do not forsake me oh! my darlin’…….”)

Doors @ 11:45am

Season pass holders’, show passes at the door.

“Walk-ins” will be charged $20 on game day, when two matches are being shown, As there is only one match this opening Sunday “Walk-ins” will be charged $10.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Dear Friends of CW Rugby,

It would appear that the events of Saturday, Oct 21 could not have worked out better for the club. We had great weather, a great crowd and, above all a solid win over our cross-town rivals JBAA. The supporters Club members who congregated on the upstairs deck all felt the day was a great success, and look forward to many similar events. Since day one, the creation of the Supporters Club has been built around ongoing financial support for CW Rugby, which, with over four hundred registered players all the way from Minis to Premier, now has a whopping operating budget. We have, so far 105 signed up members, but we know there are many out there who have played for and supported the Wanderers, Castaways and CW over the years and we would love to hear from you!!
We must emphasize that this is all about supporting the players and not about creating a privileged ‘old boys’ club. We are working hard to get the organization up and running and see in the near future providing lunches upstairs as well as an improved selection of beverages. All this takes time and effort, and we look forward to your input as to how we can make it more attractive.
Please go to the CW Rugby website, download an application form today, or bring your chequebook and sign up at the game this Saturday.

See you then!! Allan and Peter.



..............and so the 'Second Half' begins. CW Firsts find themselves in fifth place (with a game in hand), trailing League leaders, UVic and undefeated, Velox, in the Fist Division. In the Ellite Division, CW are tied with Velox in second position, both teams having a game in hand. CW players, Derek Daypuck and James Carson find themselves atop their respective scoring tables and thus the scene is set for a couple of epic weekend encounters. The Firsts will be out to redeem themselves after a somewhat pedestrian performance against JBAA, last start and the Premier game promises to most interesting.

Both teams will be without a number of players who were on the pitch the last time they faced each other. For Velox, most notably, Lawson, Atkinson and Van Camp, along with one or two Canada U21 players will be missing. For the Home club it looks like the vacuum has visited the new change rooms at Windsor! Abrams, Ault, Webb, Daypuck have all been selected for the Canada tour and Iron Man, Exy has been rewarded with a contract with Pau (France), Hearn has been selected for U21 tour and LaCarte has been named on the Sevens squad (although, hopefully available). CW has known from day #1 that this possibility might exist however, the challenge will be for the game plan to remain seemless as others seek to fill the breaches.

Stanley seems to seek to shoulder blame for both wins and losses for the Velox this season and most definitely will be out to atone for a very mundane performance at Gordon Head when these teams first met. The perennial Lunker will anchor the scrum, so Velox will be motivated to do well. The question lies in whether or not players such as Pollock, Hill, James, Middleton, Aylward, Carson et al, can step up and play at the Ellite level. These players have left no doubt about their motivation to do so but the pressure cooker of pace, increased physicality and decision making will be their challenge.

This missive includes an attachment from our Supporters Association Committee. Not only do I urge you to read it but more importantly, to act on it!! This initiative is a means of providing operating funds to our rather expansive (and expensive) program. See you on the balcony!

Phoenix Brochure by R.G.Richardson – Books on Google Play

Phoenix Brochure by R.G.Richardson – Books on Google Play