Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Dear Castaway-Wanderer,
As many of you know the club has lately undertaken an initiative called “Stand up for
Sean Corner”. This has been done to support a young man in Hamilton, Ontario, who
recently broke his back playing the sport that we all love. Sean has had much of his
capacity taken from him, and now faces the prospects of life in a wheelchair, and both the
emotional and lifestyle changes that come with such a significant injury.
Our congratulations comes to you as a result of the club members; through the silent
auction, live player auction, personal and corporate contributions, raising a considerable
amount of money for this young man and his family. The money will go to assisting
Sean and his family with his rehabilitation and adjustment to his new life. Well done to
everyone, this is a tremendous accomplishment, and we think that we can all walk tall
knowing that we have banded together to help a friend in need.
Our sincere thanks go to everyone on this initiative. We are thankful for the time, effort,
thought, and money that everyone has put in to this enterprise. Your thoughtfulness for
someone that you have not met, who lives thousands kilometres away speaks volumes
about your character and also about the solidarity of rugby players. Through your action
and generosity you have shown that this is much more than just a game. We offer a very
special thanks to long time club supporter, Ed Bryans, who very generously donated the
items for the silent auction. Thank you very much for making this a success, for
supporting Sean Corner and the club.
They money is currently being collected and tallied, and will be sent to Sean in the near
future. Sean has maintained since his injury that he does not want to appear to be
searching for charity. To respect that, the money will change hands with little fanfare.
That being said, we wish to thank you all privately for your contributions and your
Well done to all, a fine job. Many thanks.
IanMacLean Brent Johnston Spencer Robinson
CWRFC President CWRFC Manager CWRFC Head Coach
MikeWebb Aaron Abrams

Monday, October 23, 2006



Despite giving up two golden opportunities with the tryline wide open in the first half, CW found themselves relatively close on the score board. Although only trailing 5-9, a significant number of penalties at the breakdown had been committed. Early in the second half CW received a yellow card for yet another infraction and this was truly the turning point. With big Ben Peterson showing his class, James Bay very quickly turned their forays into points with hard running, good support and they raced to a 21-5 lead. The sword had been driven and skewered!!! CW succumbed to the pace and power and found themselves ambling in the closing ten minutes. Quite a rugby clinic from the James Bay Ones with a final score of 36-5 to the visitors.

The game was only five minutes old when a classic Graf dummy and solid burst by Molia resulted in slow ruck ball and a good pattern was produced by CW which saw Goodland at the bottom of the heap across the line. Daypuck added the extras. James Bay were next to show their flair after a good insert by DTH, his patented swivel, he was stopped. Mack was at the ruck, passed to Miles and on to Collins whose chip kick bounced high. There was a momentary juggle whilst leaping high but Colins pulled the ball down and scored the try. Rushton converted. CW, keeping the ball in hand, forced an offsides by James Bay and Daypuck batted 100%.

The contest ebbed and flowed, another good run by DTH and quick ruck ball from Dalziell saw Phil Mack squirt down the blind side and dive for the line. At the thirty minute mark when it appeared that James Bay was getting into a groove, momentum turned. Following a James Bay penalty, CW chose to find touch. After being stopped on two or three drives, a scrum was awarded to CW. No. 8 Goodland went blind and the resultant quick ball saw a bullet from Hall to Graf to Molia who probed and offered a text book pop pass on an inside delay to TLC, again looking for work. LaCarte went over untouched, under the posts. Nothing wobbly about this tally! In the ensuing excitement, CW received a yellow card for overly vigorous rucking, which put pressure on the defence. Fortunately, the half time whistle came before any damage was done.

James Bay opened the second half in spirited fashion and both packs tested each other for supremacy. CW had the better of the lineout play and the front three clearly had the edge in the sets. It was CW who struck first with a well taken 'droppie'. One was happy for Graf as he raised both arms and beamed, in a rare moment of elation in what was turning out to be another totally composed performance. After James Bay failed to find touch the ball was well taken by Weingart and CW carried play forward. A resultant hand in the ruck infraction, enabled Daypuck to increase the lead. Ten minutes into the half and with CW slowly obtaining a measure of assertiveness, the plot took a turn when an errant pass was picked off by Warden who showed a clean pair of heels. He was chased hard and finally pulled down wide out but the points had been secured and Rushton managed get the score to 19-23.

CW came back with some good handling and solid tight play with a couple of phases, catching James Bay offside again and Daypuck obliged. The outcome was still very much in the balance. Both teams made errors, as players started to show the strain of battle. Ault and Exner for CW revelled in the challenge. With Graf constantly finding touch with well executed grubbers, James Bay began to show the pressure of going backward. CW had a good opportunity to consolidate field position and retain possession but a decision to suddenly become expansive caused them to cede territory. Forunately, Johnny was on the Spot and the heat was back on when Daypuck added yet another penalty. In the late going James Bay sealed their own fate, receiving consecutive yellow cards for technical infractions. CW took the bit and the resultant Molia try under the posts was a rewarding and significant curtain closure. It was short of the bonus point but a well earned point differential on the score board. For CW, tries by Goodland, LaCarte, Molia, Graf drop goal, Daypuck four penalties, three converts. JBAA 19.

CW's front three brought their A game and with players such as Franklin and Aylward in the wings, things will continue to improve. Locks, Mooney and Ault thrived on the grunt work and had the edge over their counterparts. The loosies maintain a high work rate and are proving to be a very complimentary bunch. Goodland's running and lineout work was a welcome return, not to detract in any way from the unit. The service from Hall to Graf enabled that precious fraction of a second to make the quality decision. Molia and Robinson were solid and the back three provided a useful combination. Weingart and Daypuck epitomized there being no "i" in "team" and although out of their carded positions, demonstrated skills that added to their stock. TLC's finish is becoming a very valued contribution.

James Bay's back three were somewhat predictable, in fact, apart from a couple of occasions, they were contained well back with CW going forward and JBAA forwards needing to back peddle. Rushton tried hard enough however, he is not a Williams. Collins and Warden ran hard but were not particularly inventive. On the day, James Bay failed to bring the patterns necessary for the W. The work ethic and desire was present but the physicality was more than matched.

Overall, I'm not sure that this scribe watched the same game as a learned counterpart. Maybe it was my rose colored specs or simply the glaring sun. Perhaps it was the heady atmosphere brought on by the ambience of over 1,000 spectators. It may not have been a "great" game, but in fairness, another classic in its own right between these two teams and far from the 'wobbler' described elsewhere.

As teams lose players to Team Canada, National 7s program and Under 21 National Tour, it will truly be a test to see how Club programs sustain. We wish all players from all clubs who have been selected, the very best when they don the red Maple Leaf.


CW is proud to announce that this week we raised $4,000 for the Sean Corner Fund, an initiative driven by players and supplemented by deep pockets of our supporters. A portion of this amount is due to Dr Jim Grier who donated back his $800 winnings from the 50/50 First Try Scorer Auction. Also a 'thanks' to Ed Bryans for donatng items which raised $1200 in Silent Auction bidding and congrats to Mike Webb and Aaron Abrams who initiated the drive. (They did that on Saturday on more than one occasion!)

The absolute success of Saturday was due in no small measure to many club volunteers. Paul Shepherd who continues to line the field every Friday, the fencing crew, with special mention to the U16's, who were on deck at 11:00 a.m. This enables us to maximize gate donations and last Saturday was a record 'take'. Thanks to Spice and his Keepers of the Gates - all Supporters Association members, who gave up considerable time of viewing the game from an optimum vantage point to fulfil this service. To Lindy, Anna and Leah for a sterling job at the bar. On behalf of the Board, I thank you all and hopefully, this growing army can continue so the load is shared amongst many. Speaking of volunteers. CW is looking to fill a vacancy for the position of Club Scribe, please notify Macca of your interest.

Sunday at The Park............
10:00 a.m. - one hundred mini rugby players
11:30 a.m. - twenty U16's practise
11:45 a.m. - 29 U19's kickoff and go on to win their second league game in a well played match against Nanaimo
2:00 P.M. - CW Thirds vs JBAA

BCRU WIN/WIN RAFFLE. Buy a book of tickets - five for $50 from Brent or any player. Profits BCRU/CWRFC 50/50

PRIZES.........$10,000 cash
Fishing trip for two to Langara Lodge, Queen Charlotte Island - value $8,500
All expenses trip for four to Mexico - value $6,500
Home enertainment unit 52" HDTV and sound system - value $5,500


Fall Rugby at the Strath
The Strathcona is ready (YES), willing (DEFINITELY) and able (OF COURSE) to screen the iRB Fall Test Rugby matches. If the rugby community would be willing to support such a venture, we need fifty (50) patrons to pay fifty ($50) dollars each for a series pass. This will cover the cost of the cable feed. "Walk-ins" on the day will be charged $20. If there were any profits, these $’s will go to the VIRU Junior Rugby Development program. We ask for your support and immediate replies to Nick Fairhurst npaf@shaw.ca, We have to reach fifty (50) committed patrons by Friday October 27th. for this venture to be a “go”. If we don’t get fifty (50) committed patrons then we cannot go ahead and show these games. Ask your friends - spread the word.

Schedule of Games at Strath

SUN 5 NOV ENGLAND V NEW ZEALAND 12 noon Doors @ 11:45am



Doors @ 10:25am



Doors @ 10:25am



Doors @ 10:45am


Thursday, October 19, 2006


Still have a couple of players looking for a room...a place to stay.
Let me know if you can help...have any ideas...any connections.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Just a brief update of club news and a reminder of upcoming events...........

We dip the lid to our team of the week - U 19's under the guidance of Roggie and the safe hands of Kevin Poole, these guys mustered 25 for their roadie to Port Alberni last Sunday. This was in spite of losing their two opening competition matches by a considerable margin, to boot, the majority of the players are still eligible for U 17!! Through dense fog over the Hat, the parade arrived and kicked off against the burly opposition. Cut to the chase - CW 47 - Port 0. Parent of the week - Pat Trelawney....the same man who played #10 for Canada many moons ago. Pat had his twin towers playing soccer in Duncan and as their team mates ran off after the game (a victory), the boys ran off to dad's car............off to Port Alberni. Connor describes their arrival as co-inciding with a swerving run by 'Captain Crowe' ending in a tally! That's the CW Spirit. Way to go, guys.

The reminder is for Thursday Night - Meet The Team Nite at Discovery St.,around 8:30. We want you to share in this spirit by meeting the guys, participating in the Silent Auction - a plethora of new rugby gear and bidding on a player in the live "First Try Scorer" auction conducted by the Rev Billy Kamloops. Proceeds will go to support Sean Corner, the severely injured player in Ontario.

If you can't make this event..........Saturday is the BIG DAY - Firsts @ 1:00 and Prems @ 2:30 vs JBA at WINDSOR. This will be an opportunity to wish both Derek Daypuck and Mike Webb all the best as it will be their last game before departing with the national team for games against Wales and Italy, as well as taking in a momentous occasion. We remind you that if you wish to view the game from on high, you need to be a Supporters Association Member..........free entry to you and spouse to game and balcony by showing your card. You can join up ($150), on Thursday Nite or at the game on Saturday.

Monday, October 16, 2006


CW vs COWICHAN - CW Report

In his pre-game, program welcome, Cowichan President, John James reminded the faithful that the last time CW visited Piggie Park, it resulted in a Home victory and that no doubt, this year would present considerable challenge for the Home team/s. His words proved prophetic but it was not without challenge from the new generation of Moss, Garside, Hale, James and Goodmundseth aided by the customary Valley spirit!

FIRST GRADE: Cowichan appeared to be cautiously confident and enthusiastically involved, Battie at #10, testing with the boot, pace on the wings and good defensive work were the basis of them seeking their first win after three close losses in the competition. It was no fluke that they led 5 - 3 at the half.

After resumption, an early penalty, followed by a pushover scrum and the visitors started to take control. When a Cowichan clearing kick was blocked, for a converted try, it added to CW's confidence. On this day, extremely dissapointing handling and rather poor decision-making resulted in the scoring being halted and Cowichan finished with a try of their own.
Scorers: Tries - Hodge, Middleton. Goals: Carson 2 pens and 2 converts. CW 20 - COWICHAN 12

PREMIER: There was a definite Prairie Fire connection at the park - a minus, (Cain Elisira) and a plus, (Brennan Marcoux). At the eight minute mark, an errant CW clearing kick landed in Carpenter's arms. Aaron, as surprised at his luck as the defenders, reacted with quicker synapses to charge over the line by the posts. The home fans were buoyed with this start, receiving an inkling of potential for an upset.

CW soon hit their straps and quick turnover ball 40 metres out, saw it flick through the hands of Graf, Webb, Abrams to LaCarte to scoot under the posts. A second try followed soon after, with a good winger's finish by Hearn. It was as a result of moving the ball to outflank the defence. After a high ball from Graf, resulting in some rather unusual "handling", bouncing off a head, assorted shoulders and arms, into the outstretched hands of LaCarte for a 40 metre sprint to the posts, for a 22 - 5 scoreline.

For the next fifteen minutes, CW hammered away at the line but failed to find the key to get over - a credit to the defense, Garside and Carpenter being standouts. Playing marginally on the offside line caught up with the frantic defense. Graf found touch, quality lineout ball, a good drive and Regenvanu scored his second for the season.

Following the re-start, wave after wave of promising and exciting build-up failed to produce a tally. An errant pass, the odd turnover ball, sloppy clearance at the ruck seemed to frustrate the visitors by failing to provide polish to the exercise. The home team never let up, pinching a number of balls on their tryline but the constant flood of possession did take its toll when Molia took a soft pass on "crash ball" and ran a good line, which deserved the score. CW substituted liberally and finally did exhibit good catching and transfer for #15, Spicer to dive over wide out. New(f)comer, Adam Hill notched his first on the west coast for a 44 - 5 scoreline.

At the thirty minute mark, Cowichan scored, debatebly the best try of the contest when, after four phases, Marcoux gave a hint of a pass to create a half-gap and dive over adjacent to the posts. CW looked rather "sloppy" when they allowed their defensive intensity to lapse, giving a "soft" try to a bullocking run by Allistair Thompson. La Carte, always seeking work, put the capper on the day, when he was rewarded with his hat trick. Molia converted to eke past the half century.

For the home team, Garside and Carpenter worked hard for eighty minutes, Hitchy at #9 frustrated CW flow on many occasions and Andrew Goodmundseth brought his genetic intensity to the fray.

For CW, Abrams had a lively day around the park, whilst Dowhy, once again brought his A game. Mooney and Ault vs Forsythe and Ramsay next week should hold John Tate's attention. Gay and Regenvanu were terriers on the loose ball and Webby added some powerful thrusts with ball in hand. Graf is turning into the quiet leader of this group. He reads the situation so well and his reflexes don't appear to be suffering but it is a certain mental and physical toughness in the #10 spot that has not been seen with consistency at CW for some time. Robinson looked to be excited to be starting and Sipili ran some great lines. Spicer played well enough but in his own words, "short of a trot". On this day the kudos were saved for TLC. LaCarte has shown a level of maturity and cofidence, along with a high work rate, not witnessed consistently in prior seasons.

On any given day in this VIRU competition,anything Can and Will happen. Despite a narrow loss yesterday, JBA will still start as favourites at Windsor next Saturday. It was not obvious that there was enough to hang the hat on after yesterday's big picture at Cowichan and it will require a week of hard work and a considerably more focussed effort if CW wishes to be ahead at the post next weekend.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hollywood Cres. Victoria BC. Posted by Picasa

Water Front Property

www.CindyGarner.ca Video Tour & floor plans.Ocean Front Living at it's very best. Exquisite Fairfield waterfront ½ duplex on Hollywood Cres. Let the sunrise glisten on your morning coffee while you putter in your ocean front garden. Bright open design, with an indoor elevator! Quality built in 2003 this spacious 1600 sqft home offers a gourmet cherry kitchen with granite countertops, leaded doors, high ceilings, gas fireplace and much more. Retreat from your busy day and sip in the sunsets.



A great opportunity for ALL FORMER PLAYERS AND FANS OF CW, of any era or loyalty, to meet this year's team of CW players is upcoming. A special night is being held at Discovery Street Sports Club (aka, 'The Temple') on Thursday, 19th October. This is a special pre-James Bay event. Think about car-pooling (all of our Central Saanich and Oak Bay alumni), arrive at 8:00 p.m., re-live your own personal war stories vs The Bays and our players usually get to the club around 8:30 after training.

Thanks to the generosity of Ed Bryans, (he has donated considerable amounts of brand new stock from Erinmark days), we will be hosting a Silent Auction. Items include; jerseys, body armour, shoulder pads, balls etc. As well, Alan Rees will be conducting a live auction for a 50/50 Pool on the player who scores the first try in the Premier game on Saturday. ( A similar Velox auction last week, saw the winner walk away with $1200!) All proceeds from these events will go to Sean Corner, a young player in Ontario who recently suffered a catastrophic injury in a rugby game. Get on the "dog and bone" and get your friends together......it has the potential to be great deal of fun!!

CW has also formed a SUPPORTERS ASSOCIATION this season. The membership fee is $150. This fee supports the rugby functons of the Club - supplements Jr player registration, medical and physio attention for players (last year amounting to $6500), playing equipment and training aids ($10000), transportation, grounds and rental fees ($13000), to name a few. Senior players pay $175 per season to play rugby however, as you can see, the operating costs for the club are very expensive.

There are two major benefits for your membership, along with a number of smaller perks. Firstly, you automatically have membership in Discovery Sports Club - a location that you can rent at preferred rates for any private event or simply enjoy the revitalised ambience before a concert or hockey game...or at half-time for that matter! Secondly, at all home games this season, you will have admittance to the balcony at the Pavilion. I refer you to this URL to check out additional benefits of membership;
On behalf of the coaching staff, the players and the Board, we hope to see you on the 19th.

In between times, the lads have to overcome a challenging Cowichan Crew! Cowichan put 34 points on UVic, an indication of their tremendous improvement from last season and we remember so well what happened when we travelled over the Malahat last year. Games at Herd Rd., commence at 1:00 and 2:30 this Saturday. If you can make the trek, the players would appreciate the support.

Monday, October 02, 2006



The CW Firsts faced the challenge of newly-promoted, Comox at Velox Field yesterday. The Valhallians had kindly changed a venue for their Firsts to accomodate CW's long awaited occupation of Windsor Park. In the early going, Captain Hodgey and "Loosie" Langdon were very prominent. Matt James added two tallies (Club leading try-scorer with five), Corey Richards, Josh Handysides and James Carson adding extras, saw the scoreline at 26 - 0 at the Interval.

The Firsts well and truly "set the table", after an early "Commish" (Way To Go, Kit!) Comox tally, when the Ones added another 22 points before Comox, never giving up, added their second try in the late going. Man-of-the-Match for CW - Welshy Jenkins for his Phil Bennett impersonation.
Scorers; James 2, Handysides, Richards, 'Seagull' Beaulac, Moser, Le May, Hodge (tries) James Carson - four converts.

The BIG GAME was abuzz with promise. It was Home Opener for the VV's, as well as being seven point favs by the pundits, it looked like another possible "catch-up start" for CW when Nickel - "Conrad, Conrad", opened the scoring at the five minute mark. The jitters were quickly erased when, at the fifteen minute mark, the tide ebbed, ne'er to flood again for VV. Coach Winston took a quick throw-in to himself about 35m from his own line - an adventurous thought, so early in the contest. Counterpart, Graf, spotted the slip, judged the bounce, took the tackle and one-handed to Daypuck who off-loaded to Skipper, Goodland at his top speed trundle for the line.....leading by example. Five minutes later, Molia, revelling in his return, drove hard, held his feet in the tackle and slipped to Abrams. Puck added the extras. The half ended at 15 - 3 with Aylward, Abrams, Hall and Graf standing out, only marginally above the other eleven.

After the Interval, Dowhy, displaing his Pride youth and NZ guile, powered for the line but it was not to be. The contest see-sawed, giving the sense that neither defence was to be broken. Finally, Stanley opted for the line when a kickable opportunity presented itself. The choice reaped huge reward when Velox won yet another of their own throws (none lost all day), subsequent good maul and drive saw CW Alumnus, Melonovich cross the line. With "Conrad" adding the extras, it was "game on" at 10 - 15.

On other occasions it might have been that CW would have wavered but despite an earlier loss to UVic, today's squad was made of sterner stuff. Patterns of defence, not witnessed since a win over Caps last season, resulted in Velox dropping balls, passing errantly and in all, appearing physically tired as the contest heightened. Again it was (It's Been A Long 21 Years) Graf, mixing his game between soft chips, courageous thrusts and deft passing, inspiring those around him and despite a host of changes as a result of injuries, CW rose to the challenge. After another Daypuck penalty, it was Hall (another E-Ball standout game), to Dowhy to Weingart to Pucker who put the exclamation mark on it at 35 minutes. CW tried hard for the bonus but pride and credit to Velox, it was not to be, the whistle ended the contest with a 23 - 10 scoreline to the visitors.

Predictions as to how the CW front three would go, so goes the game, were somewhat proven as Abrams, flanked by Dowhy and Aylward had the edge on their more-storied counterparts. Franklin (CW) and Atkinson (VV) were no-shows in the battle however, Mooney and Ault provided the necessary grinding and tough defence required at the rucks and mauls, the former, showing a level of play this season that is most satisfying. Webb showed a good crowd his stuff and along with Gay were "the goods" all around the pitch. Despite leaving early, Goodland more than made his mark and to have Reganvanu and Biddle take their turn in the bench rotation, added sparkle to the cauldron.

As for the CW backs.....it was hard to tell who was who - Steenkamp off, Peaches at half, Peaches on the wing, Hearn at 11, Hearn at 15, TLC flitting, grabbing air, injured, Hall at 9, Graf at 9, Daypuck at 9....12....15. Was this an uncanny Robinson ploy? Whatever, it all worked because of the fact that CW was committted to the pattern, patient and steely in their resolve. This intensity, defensive pattern and teamwork was pleasing for players and supporters. Knowing that this squad is just "getting going" is also promising and coaches Robinson and Mays have talked a great deal of developing a CW style of game, if today was a sample, the plan is well underway. The VIRU League is intensley competitive and CW , taking things one step at a time, must be secretly looking forward to matching their skills with JBA on 21st October at Windsor Park in what is already promising to be another classic.

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Best Cuba City Guide – Interactive City Guide