Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kortwright Richards

Kortwright Richards

RICHARDS, Kortwright (Bing) Retired Realtor Born July 21st, 1945, passed away peacefully on April 17, 2006, after a courageous battle with cancer. He was an avid cricketer and will be sorely missed by his team mates and numerous friends.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Supporters of CW;
The following is a message sent to players. I wish to share it with you but to precede it with my great thanks for your attendance at yesterday's game and to many of you, to all of 'the chaps' home games for the season. Yesterday's Ceedub throng was something special and almost willed the team to a miraculous victory, although on the day, the spoils deserved to go to JBA ,with their usual, gracious notes of thanks to the opposition!

The season's results have been an improvement on last year and we seem to have more and more of the "old boys network" supporting the team. This has been appreciated by the Exec. More volunteers are required next season as we revert back to our new digs at Windsor. The future of the club is at a critical crossroads, with all other clubs providing better opposition than ever before and on any given day, anyone could beat anyone, operating costs continue to increase and CW needs to have a consolidated home base and playing membership to ensure our continued competitiveness for 'the grail'. Ideas about a club owned ground and clubhouse have been rumbling and if these ideas are ever consolidated we will call upon you for your input.

In conclusion, thanks again, support the Tide during Super League Competition and lend a shoulder to CW next season.
In the tight and the loose,

Just a few thoughts on yesterday and the season. Yesterday was an example of mistakes and character. For our mistakes, we paid dearly and from mistakes, lessons are learned - tough ones but they can only serve to make us more steeled and better for the future. Character is what is the positive from that match. Few teams around, being down on the scoreboard and perhaps somewhat psychologically could have come back from a 24 - 3 deficit to put themselves in a position to potentially win the match. One can cast whatever aspersions on the officiating, regardless, JBA kept us out of the match and we in turn put them under pressure. In the late going, their constant infringements were the result of knowing we were not going to kick for goal and could have been dealt with even more severely if the ref had so desired.

Enough said on that. I want to thank each of you for the season. It was a mixed bag and I don't think that there were consecutive weeks when we were able to field the same starters. We had many new players, new coaches and not the greatest of training conditions. Despite these factors, the mood nearly always appeared to be cheery and respect and support for team mates was obvious. There was plenty of self and team analysis, as you are an experienced group and it would be my confident belief that with this same group and one more season, today's result could easily be reversed. I congratulate the many representative honours that were earned.

CW embraces players and in so doing, we are a more eclectic group and perhaps pay some price however, I think the experiences gained from meeting and playing with mates, in the long run often is more lasting than the prize. To those players who were courted long and hard by our competition after the Pride disbanded, I thank you for deciding to play with Ceedub. At times, the transition back to club rugby has been different but I hope at the end of the day you will continue to be committed to the path our club will take to get to the top AGAIN. It would be our hope that the 'overseas player Union' would be the same next season but that is highly unlikely. We would welcome you all back but understand if you are moving on. I thank you for what you offered the club this year and I hope in turn, you were enriched by playing with CW and will take both fond memories and recommendations on your way with you. For those guys who laboured hard and long week in, week out, the quiet "unsung boys".... who the players are the real backbone of CW. Our day will come players, we still have to be more urgent and more steeled at times. The club is moving forth. It is not standing still. We are trying to coopt more "old boys", our juniors are getting stronger and rugby in the Oak Bay community is being recognised as a sport of value.

I look forward to one more season at the helm and really look forward into moving into our new digs at Windsor. So, again,'s been a ride....somewhat like a mechanical bull at times but your committment has made it worthwhile.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Do you remember the feeling in your gut when; the 1940's and 50's your team mates needed your best game vs the Bays? the 1960's when your team depended on you to show up, ready to play those boys in navy blue. the 70's and 80's when JBAA was playing at the top of their game but all the lads on your team felt a win was going to happen if you stuck together. the 90's and over the last seasons where you put all aside to train and be ready with your teammates vs the Bays at MacDonald....

Well... if you can remember how that felt, your team needs you again...needs you now......needs you to show up vs JBAA!

This Saturday, MacDonald Park vs JBAA, 2:45 ko.
(but this time you don't need to bring your boots)

Be there for the lads, remember the feeling, where else would you want to be?

CW Rugby.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oak Bay Croquet Festival

Oak Bay Classic Croquet Festival August 26, 2006
Teams and Sponsors welcomed

An open invitation

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we extend an opportunity for you to enter a four person team, become a sponsor, or attend as a supporter, in the Oak Bay Classic Croquet Festival. This event is being held as a fundraiser for the Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre, as well as part of the 100th anniversary celebration for the municipality of Oak Bay.
A wine and cheese mixer is scheduled on the Friday evening from 7:00 until 9:00 at the Windsor Park pavilion to introduce the rules of play as well as to pick up your team package. The tournament will begin at 9:30 on Saturday which promises to be a day filled with fun for all.
Plan to wear your "croquet whites" and celebrate this memorable event in support of your community.
For information on sponsorship or if you have any questions please click on the link or contact the event committee.
What is the Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre? IDHHC was a locally development non-profit agency created to support those with a hear loss within our community, fifteen years ago. IDHHC is a United Way member.


Kim Trace & D.B. Billingham
Phone: 250-475-4225


Roundsfell Cup Quarter Finals - Wallace Field, University of Victoria April 15th,2006

Castaway Wanderers 27 Capilano RFC 22

Whomever wrote that ‘ adversity is not without comfort and hope’ could well have pre-scripted the events leading up to this Roundsfell Cup Quarter Final game at Wallace Field, Victoria.

The devastating eleventh hour calls of Rugby Canada for players performing in the BC Premier League, has been well documented and condemned in recent articles. The Premier League was fractured beyond repair, and late season challenges for the League title became farcical, as player after player was withdrawn from Club competition at the most critical time of the season. Hopefully, BC is strong enough to never allow that to happen again.

This situation was further compounded for the post- season BC Cup competition, as a Canadian Squad had already left for NZ, before this weekend series of Roundsfell Cup games had begun.

As a consequence, Capilano traveled to Victoria minus two of their leading players, and Castaway Wanderers were denied the use of six starters . Out of this Pandora’s’ Box sprang Hope herself, and to the credit of both clubs, they gave us a pulsating game of end- to- end rugby . Unfortunately for the Caps, “comfort “landed on the shoulders of only one club, and that was CW. They produced a well executed try in the last seconds of double overtime to secure the victory.. It was as dramatic as one could imagine, and all the adversity that had preceded this encounter, became a distant problem, that for the moment, was quietly forgotten.

The wind should have been a huge factor in territorial advantage, but strangely it worked in the reverse.

With a very strong wind at their backs, Capilano confused everyone by deciding to run all possession ,and rarely did they capitalize on kicking for field position. They drove all possession up the middle and released quick ball to their fast and innovative backfield.
From an early CW turnover, the Caps ran from close to their own line and cleverly sprang center Christopher Strubin, who outpaced the CW defense to score from 60 meters. The convert by # 10 Nick Belmar, was wide.
Within minutes CW had conceded a penalty and Belmar was successful with the kick to move the Caps into a ten point lead.
CW were starting to dominate in the set scrums, and to steal the odd line out , and after a series of intelligent phases, prop Josh Handyside drove over from 5 meters to celebrate his promotion to Premier League status. Chuck Baumberg missed the convert. Caps continued to run most possessions, but were casual in allowing a free kick to be awarded against them inside their own 22 meter line , and the quick thinking Casey Dunning, tapped , and found his soul brother, Garth Cooke, in support. The rest is history, as his power and low center of gravity running allowed him to break the defensive wall and score CW’s second try. Chuck Baumberg was successful with the convert.

With the score at 12-10 in their favor, and playing against the wind, it looked extremely promising for the home team, particularly as Capilano still rejected the wind as a major part of their arsenal.
They were clearly focused on a particular style and pattern of play, and it was again Strubin who was the recipient of quality ball to the backfield. He outstripped a sloppy defense and scored from close to 50 meters out. Caps 17-12. at the half

At 17-12 down, but with a huge wind to their advantage, one would still have believed that CW would dominate the second half with great field position. This was not to be the case, as poor kicking saw some balls travel 60 and 70 meters, but unfortunately they ran aimlessly through the in- goal area. In general, CW could not take advantage of the wind, and Caps soon realized that with this CW impediment, and their own outside threat, that they were very much capable of securing a second half victory.
In spite of the problems that Caps were experiencing in their scrummaging, and the debilitating mauls that they were forced to defend, they remained competitive, and it took some well structured phases from CW forwards to allow Casey Dunning to force his way over in the corner.

The Holy Trinity of rugby had now scored all three CW tries.

The convert was wide and the game finished at 17 – 17.

Two 10 minute periods were now to be played, and to the surprise of no one, the wind did not prove to be the major factor that it should have been.
What was a surprise, was that within seconds of the restart, a casual looking chip and chase by Jeremy Duncan of Caps, sore him dive on his own kick for a try. It was a huge mistake by the CW defense, and could have spelled an inglorious end to a pulsating Cup encounter. Caps 22-17
With the CW forwards dominating in most areas, and the Caps backfield looking explosive from every part of the field, it was nail biting time for a sizeable and partisan crowd. This was a very different Caps team that CW had defeated weeks ago, and it was going to take patience and belief in themselves, if they were to succeed in overtime.

Again CW produced their best rugby against the wind, and after some clever interplay between forwards and backs, the lively and intelligent Graeme Dodds appeared on the outside to race over the line and then make a major run towards the posts before the Caps reacted. His creative running went for naught, as the convert was wide. 22-22

The final ten minutes could not have been more engaging, as patterns of play remained transparent, cramps and injuries became a factor on both sides, officiating became ragged, local supporters arrived from the Velox/Burnaby game, tactical substitutions became critical, and there was an air of nervous tension that only Cup games seem to produce. This was a classic that Bob Wallace would have thoroughly enjoyed and embraced, particularly as it was generally played without malice and foul play intent.

As one wondered if the players were physically up to another period, this time of a sudden death variety, CW struck in the last seconds of time. From a scrum that had dominated all afternoon, Ken Goodland took advantage of a very solid platform and a quarter wheel, to feed scrum half Evan Hall, who delivered a sublime pass to wing Harold Williams, who salivated on the one on one opportunity. He executed superbly, and the missed convert was of no consequence.

The depth of talent in the CW ranks had proven itself, and it was just as rewarding as the opportunity to now travel to cross- town rivals JBAA.

Unfortunately, the Div 1 team went down to Brit Lions 28 – 20 , but CW must take pride in being the only Vancouver Island club to have placed both teams in the Cup play-offs of the top 2 Leagues of BC .

There are not enough adjectives written to describe the atmosphere that could exist at MacDonald Park next weekend, as a resourceful CW side, with belief in their depth, move forward to take on a JBAA side that narrowly failed to win the BC Premier League title, which went to Meralomas RFC. Like CW, their consolation will be to take the Roundsfell Cup.

Of the remaining four teams in the Cup, the Island has three, and this will obviously guarantee at least one finalist. Should two teams make it through, the question will again be raised - “Where will/should that Final be played?

In the meantime, let us hope for fair weather and a good crowd next Saturday, 22nd April.


Monday, April 17, 2006


An early ferry and bus ride took the Firsts to John Oliver Park South Delta to play the Brit Lions in First Division play off action.

While the field was in great condition the weather was cold, raining and windy. This affected the lads little, as Coaches Bayley and Molia had prepared them well for what was to be a very tough contest.

With a score right off the bat by the BLs coming from devastating penetration by their backs (something that would prove the difference at various points throughout the game) Captain Hodgie replied but minutes later with a personal best red zone blocked kick, gathering of the ball, and over for the tally. Tie game.

Front row combination of Al Willems, Matt LeMay and Dave Handysides were super solid in all the sets as well as around the field, and Stefan Alexander added the needed sure hands in the line outs. In the # 7 ''kill zone'' John Langdon was outstanding, yet the BLs carried some very skilled backs, esp at #s 9, 10 and 15. They controlled the first half and scored two tries, two conversions and three penalties. Score at the half CW 7 BL 23.

The second half was mainly CW but the BL defense and organization was up to the task; a group that is solid as a team and well coached. CW was either scoring or (more often the case) o' so close to scoring, although Hodgie did contribute another try to the score line. At the end of the day the lads just could not get close enough to cross the try line, to state the obvious! Jason Callioux came on and played in his ''old'' Premier position in the backrow...big impact. Playing at Lock, the Fuzz battled through the second half and proved once again just how tough and CW dedicated he continues to be......

From the starting 15 to the rest of the squad....players like Kevin Larson who suited up to play as needed, but carried a serious leg too Christian Matter and Ian "Forest" Patchet....who stood in the wind and rain supporting their team mates and CW rugby. And the trainers who were so organized and attentive every minute......

What a great group of lads...........champions every one!

Thank you all.

ps, special thanks to Janet Molia....who during our bus and ferry ride home, via cell phone with Coach Noa, kept all in tune with play by play Premier action. Hearts and blood pressures were at the max. as we followed the last minutes of regulation time....and the OT action. Premier: CW 27 Capilanos 22

See you all at MacDonald Park this coming Saturday for Premier play off action. CW vs JBAA.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Due to field closure at both Windsor (pavilion construction) and Carnarvon (beginning of the baseball season) the Premier Play off match between CW and Capilanos will be at Uvic Wallace Field. 2:45 KO on Saturday.
Please come and cheer on the lads in this key play off fixture.

Tag line "It is never too late to make the right decision" Weds midnight brought news of the Rugby Committee decision to include Capilanos and CW in the first division playoffs. With three CDI First Division teams tied at 9wins 1 loss (Caps, JBAA and CW )....yet only 2 Division One play off seed spots available in the Province wide 8 team Div 1 play offs.....(if I've not lost you already keep reading)...a tie break formula based on points for/against between the three teams resulted in Caps and CW moving forward. While good news for CW in terms of two CW teams in the BCRU play offs....not good news for First Div rugby in general as one team with a great 9 win 1 loss record, JBAA, was not proceeding to the play offs.
With an outstanding season behind them at Firsts and Premiers, this is unfortunate for the JBAA lads, coaches and supporters.

CW Firsts will hit the ferry walk on, Saturday at 8:30 for a 9am departure to play the Brit Lions. 1pm KO at the Brit Lions new fields....location John Oliver Park, Hwy. 10 and Hwy 91 South Delta. If CW supporters are in the area, we'll see you there.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Reminder to all Friends and Fans of CW that the Prems play Caps at UVic this Saturday at 2:45. Come on out and give the boys a boost.



Last Sunday forty Under 12 and Under 14 players and parents and coaches were at Swartz Bay at 6:30 for the ferry to Vancouver to head to the North American Rugby Jamboree hosted by Ex-Brits RFC. As you can tell by the pix, the weather was not a winner, however at least the rain held off for most of the morning. Our U12's played five games, winning four and playing some very good rugby. Thanks to Guy and particularly, Mark for some great coaching. One game against Bayside saw our boys take on a child behemoth but still 'pinch' some lineout ball .... well done, Ceedub!

Our U 14's improved with each game and after playing a tough Burnaby team - one player, 6'1" and 195# for U14!! the boys noted that they were not to be overwhelmed by the Mainland opposition. Game 2 resulted in a CW victory when Sam grubbered the ball, took a favourable bounce and scored the winning try for a 3 - 2 victory over Caps 'B'. CW played Lomas in the Consolation Final but despite working hard to get into positions to score, an errant pass or two resulted in Lomas getting off the hook to win 2-0. Parents and coaches were pleased with your performance, boys. A special thanks from Macca to all the parents who made the trek.

Meanwhile, back at The Park, Luke and Nathan put the U10's through their paces. The word was that 12 kids played some great rugby......just like up in Cowichan. Great job, kids......and so, Mini Rugby heads to a windup.

There is some fantastic International schoolboy rugby in town this Friday at St. Michael's school with games at 12:30, when Oak Bay High plays Glasgow (Scotland) H.S. The best game to watch would be Blackrock College (Ireland) vs SMUS. Blackrock is a team that plays fantastic rugby and if you really want to see how the very best rugby is played, that would be a great game to watch. This game starts at 4:00 p.m. On Saturday, CW Premier Men play the first BCRU Semi-final at UVic at 2:45 kickoff, against Capilanos. This game will also feature top class rugby. We hope that you can make one of these games to watch just how the game is played when you learn all the skills.

On Sunday at Windsor there will be an Easter Egg Hunt beginning at 10:30....not before!! Following this, the rugby balls will be out for a final kick-around for those kids who can make it. We had hoped to have our U14's play an Exhibition game as a "curtain-raiser" to the U16 CW vs Cowichan in the Island Final. As of tonight, the arrangements are NOT in place but check your e-mails for this game may still come about! Otherwise....that's it for the season. I will be sending news about Rugby Summer Camps. There will be one held at Windosr Park this year. The organiser is Gareth Rees from the BCRU. gareth is a former CW player and he is recognised as one of Canada's best-ever players. Thanks to parents for your fantastic support and a special thanks to the KIDS. You have all been super and tried really hard to improve your play this season. keep checking for news and updates.

Monday, April 10, 2006


....Premier to host Capilano at Uvic Wallace field this Saturday for a play off game. (both Carnarvon, due to the beginning of the baseball season, and Windsor, due to the pavilion construction, are unavailable for rugby )

....First Division, still up in the air in terms of where and who we play in the play offs. Hope to know more by end of day Monday. This is due to a three way tie at the top of the Division. Tied are CW, JBAA and Capilano. The BCRU will have to coord a tie break formula on Monday.

This Thursday after training the lads will be doing something different by going to the Penny-farthing on Oak Bay Avenue for a pint and a meal. If you would like to join them, to say hello and inspire the players into the play offs, please do drop by the Penny. The players should finish training at Windsor around 8pm and be arriving by 8:30ish.

Friday, April 07, 2006



Last Sunday on a beautiful morning, the Castaway Wanderers U 16 teams completed their league schedule. C.W. Black went over to Mcdonald Park to take on cross town rivals J.B.A.A.. C.W.Red were on the sidelines to cheer on their team-mates, in fact there were 35 players, 6 coaches ,managers or trainers and a host of parent supporters in attendance.

C.W. Black entered the game as League leaders, with an unbeaten record. In fact they have a 14 and 0 record in Exhibition and League games since September.

The game was close for the first 15 minutes, with some fine defense by the J.B.A.A. boys and a number of handling errors by C.W., but eventually the speed and power began to take its toll.

C.W. Black won the game by a score of 55 – 0 , scoring 9 tries. Clayton Thornber {2},Andrew Crow , Douglas Spence, Richard Moser, Brendan McEnerney, Mack Poole, Danny Kilshaw and Sam Skulsky were the try scorers and Michael Van westhuizen made 5 converts.

The whole squad made a hasty return to Windsor Park where C.W.Red played against a powerful Cowichan team. Constant pressure from the visitors led to 5 Cowichan first half tries, despite some heroic goal line stances. In the second half the C.W. boys came back with a couple of tries of their own before eventually losing by a score of 65 - 12. C.W. Red are predominantly U 15’s and will have another year to play in this age category.

Coaches Roger Robinson, Josh Dunning and Tensley Kuntz can be justifiably very proud of both teams and this squad of over 40 fine young players, and the outstanding job that they have done with them both on and off the field. CW Black play a repeat of this game this Sunday in the VIRU Semi-final, venue undecided. Stay tuned and come out at 11:30 to see the future of CW rugby!!

Peter Gallagher [manager]

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Friends of CWRFC;
Not sure if yu know it or not however there is a HUGE Centenary Anniversary upcoming @ SMUS, May 13th. Gareth Rees is calling on a bunch of mates from world-wide that he has played with/against/knows who are all of International/Barbarian calibre to play against Canada Selects with appropriate "curtain raisers", other events, beer garden, food and concluding with Time Benders concert on the hallowed lawns of SMUS!

I have been approached by Cliff Yorath to see if CWRFC would be interested in conducting the Security for the event. They will have their paid Security Co. and local constabulary in place as well. We would need about 20 adults for the task, comng from players and Old Boys. We would work shifts 'on and off' so that everyone would be able to see at least half of the match, (some locations would not be where the action could be seen) Why security? They will be charging $25 adults, $10 kids, 8 - 19. People will have a hospital-style colored band attached as proof of payment. Task would be to keep an eye on perimeter to ensure fences are not being lept!! and keep an eye on wrists to ask for band, recommend the person go and pay and report it to other security rather than getting into a confrontation.

What's in it for CW? $1000. Because of nature of task and the time of year, I'm not sure that we can supply enough people and it may be such that we will consider partly remunerating anyone who is up for the task. On the other hand, rather than pay $25, you may choose to wear a security vest, (see what you can see) and have a few beers with your mates when it's over!! If we cannot get enough people, we might consider "going halves" with Ebb Tide. Please contact me at if you would be available to give a hand.

Dallas City Guide – Interactive City Guide

Dallas City Guide – Interactive City Guide