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BC Rugby Premier League.

Feb 25th, 2006 at Carnavon Park, Victoria.

Castaway Wanderers 36 Capilano 11

The ultimate measure of any good rugby club and its players, may not be where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand in times of challenge, adversity, and individual and collective discomfort.
CW have experienced most of the latter in recent days, but today they measured up with a 36 – 11 win, in a very impressive and comprehensive performance over the visiting Capilano RFC..
In a friendly post game chat, their coach, Roger Hatch, would not entertain any dialogue on the unavailability of some of his players, and certainly wanted it known that there were no excuses. He was also quick to recognize the manner in which the home team had performed. Regardless of his commendable attitude in defeat, he lacked some core players today, and this should be recognized.

When Dame Fortune dumped her chamber pot on CW players last week,( as they under performed ag…


See you all at Carnarvon Park as the Firsts and Premiers take on the Premier Champion Capilanos Club traveling from the North Short.
First ko at 1pm
Premiers at 2:45.

This will be a hotly contested match with the current Premier Champions Capilano making a first trip to the Island in many years.
Once again ''game on'' at McDonald Park vs JBAA.
Div 1 ko at 1pm.
Premier to be 2:45 but with the improving light in the afternoon that may change to 2:30, so be there early if coming for just the one game.

Both CW teams are strong and ready to go, so the back and forth should be worth six times the $5 entry fee!!!!!
See you at McDonald Park, Saturday.
My name is Callie Smith and I am a student of cultural history in Canada. I'm doing a paper on cricket clubs in Vancouver Island at the turn of the century and how they preserved the English character of the Island. I was wondering if your club has any primary archival material not digitized on your site: scrapbooks, newspapers, meeting minutes, etc. or if you know of any individuals who were particularly influential in the establishment of your club.
Thank you for your attention,



CW plays the Velox Valhallians at Carnarvon Park, 1pm ko for the First Division and 2:45 for the Premiers.
Rich O'Mally and Derek Daypuck are away with Canada 7's in LA, but the rest of the Premiers and Firsts are with us tomorrow.
These two games will be fast and furious....under sunny Victoria skies. See you there.

Saturday evening is the Club Fund (Fun) Raising Dinner at the Uplands Golf Course. All the Auction items are up in the NEWS section at If you are unable to attend the dinner feel free to have a look at the wonderful auction times.....and put in a reserve bid. I think you'll be truly amazed at the items the Club has pulled together!
Games have been postponed. Will let you know when rescheduled.

All the Lads and Coaches and Trainers and some Supporters (thanks to you all) turned up for the 9am ferry and faithfully waited through cancelled Ferries till 11am when it became too late to wait any trip to Vancouver on this day!

Next game is home at Carnarvon.....vs Velox.
Following that game is the Club's big annual fund (fun) raiser at the Uplands Golf Course.

See you next Saturday Feb 11th.


Castaways Club


Saturday 4th February 2006

13:30 GMT
@ THE STRATH 11 am.

15:30 GMT
@ THE STRATH 12.45 pm.