Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rolling Stones at Victoria Imax

Rolling Stones at the MAX



Rolling Stones: at the MAX 86 minute concert film with one intermission. Admission prices. All tickets $16.50 (tax included). Annual Pass holders $10.50 (tax inc)


Castaways Club on Discovery

I was wondering if there was interest in the annual X-mas lunch down at the club friday the 16th noon start. It is all you can eat and drink for 35.00. The food is roast beef with all the fixing's and 2 kegs of beer to wash it down with. I need to know if there is enough people who want to go. Once you sign up thats it no backing out you still have to pay.

All money just like past years goes straight to the Rugby club.
PLease Email me if you want to go before Friday so i can make a decision about the lunch.

Thanks again!

Castaways Club

Unfortunately the Div 1 CW lost a hard fought contest in the Semi finals last Saturday. 5 -3 for JBAA. So the Div 1 Squad does not have a final game this Saturday.

The Elite/Premier team does however have a semi final playoff match vs Uvic at Carnarvon Park this Saturday...2:30 KO.
Keep your eyes out on the TC Sports Events section in the TC newspaper Saturday morning (and your email) for confirmation of field...we are currently scheduled for Carnarvon, subject to weather not being a problem for the field.

Thanks from all the Lads for you support vs JBAA last Saturday....a tough one for us all. Hope to turn it around for you this Saturday vs Uvic.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Castaways Club

Dec 9th @7:00: Canucks vs Ottawa- Put your name in free draw to win Naslund jersey
Dec 16 @ 4:30: Open house at club (more casual event), egg nog, hot toddy
Dec 17: rocking party with DJ at club, Mustard Seed donation for entry
Jan 7th @7:00: Canucks vs Calgary. Put your name in free draw to win Naslund jersey,club will open @ 6:30

December Hours for Sundays:

Sunday Dec 4th the club will be open regular hours
Sunday Dec 11th the club will be open regular hours
Closed on Sundays until Jan 22nd

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Castaways Club

Castaway Wanderers 23 JBAA 26.
In the words of charismatic Yankee baseball player and manager, Yogi Berra, this was " Deja vu, all over again", as this classic cross- town rivalry mirrored the same characteristics, style, and result as the previous game held on October 22nd. Both victories were recorded in the dying minutes, and after one hundred and sixty minutes (plus) of genuine blood, sweat, and tears, five points eventually separated the teams, and collectively they had amassed 137 points. More often than not, it was trench warfare, followed by trench war fare, and more again of the same, but somehow the closeness and competitive nature of the contests became utterly absorbing.
There was an abundance of commitment and pride from both organizations, which was a credit to the players and officials alike. The man in the middle also deserves our thanks and congratulations, for this was a theatre of war that took no prisoners and refused to suffer fools gladly... It would be misleading, to even hint that today we were witnessing arich tapestry of invention, width and creativity, that was allied to a Kaleidoscope of running and passing.
Rugby - this was far from the case. But what we did witness, were two teams bound and determined not to lose the game, or lose the bragging rights for the first half of the current season. It was unforgiving in all quarters, and characterized by some gutsy and indefatigable goal line stances, which were a huge credit to both squads and their organization and overall resolve.
JBAA were leading the League with CW in second place, and the visitors were clearly motivated by a seven game winning streak that they wanted desperately to preserve before the Clubs enter the BC Premier League in the New Year. With the wind at their backs, JBAA were soon camped in the home team half and playing some error free rugby, with the rolling driving maul being one of two weapons in their arsenal The other weapon was to kick behind the CW backfield, when the ball eventually emerged from the dark recesses of their Gothic- style mauls, where there was zero accommodation for claustrophobics. It was hardly a new science that had been forged in academia, but it was effective, and it was clearly meeting their immediate needs. Jared Barker soon rewarded his front line troops with a well struck penalty. At the 12 minute mark, JBAA again worked themselves into a position near the CW line, and from a lineout they employed their patented maul, to drive over an unidentifiable individual (possibly Robert Robson) for a well executed score. Barker obliged with the conversion. (10 - 0) Frustration, and the tension of a week long build up, may well have been responsible for the less than acceptable 30 man brawl that followed this score. The game was interrupted for a full four minutes, and to the amazement of the biased and unbiased, no action was taken. Perhaps the video will exonerate players and officials alike. This skirmish was arguably the ' turning of the corner' for the CW team, and in spite of a missed tackle on Jeff Williams which led to a try that was goaled by Barker, the JBAA rolling maul was now no longer the threat that it had been, as it was "crabbed" sideways and frog -marched towards the sidelines. It was never again to become a scoring threat, or a major ground gaining force. It had been a painful twenty minutes of waiting, before their mid week practices and tactic”kicked in", but clearly, theywere being rewarded for their patience and forethought in dealing with the threat of the maul, and in fact they actually stole two balls from deep in the the belly of this steamy human mass. Ironically it was the CW forwards who were now starting to eat up huge chunks of real estate by using the identical tactic, and just on the half, they scored a beautiful try from a series of more constructive phases.
It was doubly refreshing for the spectators, as there had been a paucity of quality phase and continuous rugby for most of the first half. In spite of the enormous preparation and game day focus, there were two isolated decisions during the eighty minutes of play, that could well have changed the outcome. Firstly, JBAA had created their own chance with a penalty close to the posts. A decision was made to go to touch, as there was obviously a genuine belief, that in spite of what was happening in the latter stages of the half, that they could confidently drive over the maul from the lineout. It was a fuse that was never lit, as they imploded both sideways and then backwards. It was a decision that could well have proved fatal. It also served as a motivational tool, as CW were now noticeably lifted, both physically and emotionally. They proceeded to move the ball up field through a series of driving mauls and rucks and some judicious use of the pick and go, before the ubiquitous Matt Weingart worked the blindside to release veteran Jeremy Cordle tight to the sidelines. He proved that he still has no equal when it comes to using space and to be given an opportunity to finish, as he rounded his opposite, side stepped the fullback, and sprinted well clear of the cover to score under the posts. Chuck Baumberg converted. It was glorious relief for the purists, who had been vociferously disdainful of the general tactics being employed up to this point. 17 -7 at the half was a fairly accurate score line of a justifiable JBAA lead, as it reflected ownership of most of the 3 P's - possession. position and pressure. However, it was clear that CW now had arguably more effective kicking machines out of hand, the wind at their back, and a rejuvenated pack that was causing more than a few problems in the tight and loose, and certainly looking to take ownership of the maul. The visitors were alleged to have collapsed two consecutive mauls, and from the latter, Baumberg closed the margin to 17 -10 A Jeff Williams blocked kick could well have translated into the tying score, as the athletic prop forward, Matt Dunning, played kick and chase in the back yard of the defending wing, and was beaten to the touch by only the narrowest of margins. The knife was now being turned in the other direction, and it came as no surprise when Graeme Dodd’s ran strongly to round off a series of grafted attacks. The initial source of the score had come from a scintillating break through midfield by Baumberg, who linked well with a variety of team players, who in turn switched play to release a charging Graeme Dodd’s who scored close to the corner. The metronomic Baumberg converted from the most difficult of angles. “Game on," as the saying goes, and 17-17 was not the time to start placing bets on the outcome, or to be caught bragging of bygone eras, as an unusual silence now befell the sidelines of both camps. The reliable Barker missed the easiest of penalties, and then after a disastrous 22 meter drop -out by CW, he made amends by kicking the nextpenalty to nose his team ahead 20 - 17. The nail biting began, and even to the uninitiated, it left no doubt that conceding penalties under pressure, with such quality kickers, could well be the overriding difference. And so it proved. Baumberg replied after a collapsed scrum. 20-20. the pressure mounted andBaumberg obliged again 23-20. The magic of hindsight would again suggest that Baumberg's next attempt at a huge 50 yard penalty may well have been a poor percentage option, as he topped it badly, which presented the visitors with an opportunity to counter attack. A kick to the corner might have been the other option, with time on the clock almost run out. An enormous siege developed near the CW line and in spite of some Herculean offensive drives by JBAA, the pillars could not be collapsed... to their credit, they retained their composure and either through exhaustion or guile, they eventually decided to move it away from the battle zone, where both clubs were giving us some teak-hard performances. CW were deemed to have stepped- up offside. It was in front of the posts, and a' given' for Barker 23 -23. With literally the last kick of the game, Barker became the Executioner-in-Chief., and with classic form and concentration, he handed the heads of his opponents to a delirious JBAA Squad.
There are not really enough adjectives to describe the commitment of both squads, and considering the rivalry and a volatility of the different sideline camps, it was to the credit of the players and the officials that there was only one major flare-up.
Mr. Smith needs to be complimented on the consistency of most of his calls, and he demonstrated his conviction to that cause, by awarding the game winning penalty in the dying minutes. It was a courageous decision that does him credit. This may well have been the most difficult game that he has handled in Canada, and his performance at Carnavon Park today, suggested that he has arrived as one of the leading officials in the country. Our thanks.
The much anticipated interlocking schedule of the BC Premier League will hopefully lift the overall playing bar for all concerned, but it is hard to believe that we will see a more competitive and physical encounter than the one we witnessed today.
Congratulations to JBAA for their Island League title. There was an element of sterility to much of today's play, as it had many of the ingredients of "Cup Sport", where the parameters have always been different and where winning is perhaps the only meaningful issue. Regardless, Yogi would have loved It.!!!

Francis YEUN Iain EXNER

Friday, November 25, 2005

JBAA and Castaway Wanderers close the VIRU Elite regular fall seasonwith a 2:30 game Saturday, November 26 at Carnarvon Park. The Bays willbe putting their undefeated record on the line against the second placeCW side.VIRU Division 1 playoff competition for the Times Colonist Trophywill be in its semi-final round Saturday - JBAA playing Castaway Wanderers at CarnarvonPark. 1:00PM.
Wet your whistle with OLD team mates at The Penny, 12:00 noon, (gives the grounds crew time to get there!) Better yet, come give the ground crew a hand at 11:00 and you can slip in another pint before k.o.!!
VIRU Elite League: Saturday, November 26 - 2:30PMJBAA at Castaway Wanderers, at Carnarvon Park.VIRU Div. 1 Times Colonist Semi-Finals: Saturday, November 26 - 1:00JBAA vs. Castaway Wanderers at Carnarvon Park.
2005 Grey Cup Party
DB Productions and Strathcona Hotel
Maple Room, Strathcona Hotel
919 Douglas Street
Sunday November 27, 2005
Lunch starts 1:00pm, Kick-off 3pm.
Draws and Prizes
Price includes a Burger and a Beverage.
Limited tickets
See DB
Chris Upshon
Jim Brownrigg
Robert Richardson

Castaways Club

1. Casey Dunning Scot Warren
2. Aaron Abrams Pat Dunkley
3. Iain Exner Francis Yeun
4. Andrew Mooney Dave Ramsey
5. Josh Dunning Eric Forsyth
6. Graeme Dodds Jered Kirkland
7. Nathan Buckley Jeff Clarke
8. Scott Franklin Hugo Belanger
9. Matt Weingart Spencer Delziel
10. Chuck Baumberg Jeff Williams
11. Harold Williams Dan Harlow
12. Sipili Molia Rob Robson
13. Matt Cohen Jarad Barker
14. Kris Witkowski Andrew Moffitt
15. Jake Osborne Phil Mack

Spencer Robinson Pete Rushton
Chris May

Ref. Mr. Phil Smith

2:30 ko Carnarvon Park Saturday Nov 26th

First Div. vs JBAA Carnarvon Park ko 1pm.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Castaways Club on Discovery



I am writing to share a concern with you. After last Saturday’s game against U.Vic, I received a “Referee Abuse Report” from the match referee. There were a number of allegations in the report, however, the most disconcerting were those related to ongoing spectator comments throughout the game; culminating with those made after a penalty try was awarded, by the CW faithful about the referee being biased and dishonest.

Rugby is a difficult game to play and to referee, especially if an official is distracted. Referees are volunteers and like players, have to make instantaneous decisions and may not always have their “A game”. I need to inform you that there is a desperate shortage of referees in B.C. at present. It is not unreasonable to suggest that part of the reason for this shortage, is due to the “rubbishing” officials receive from the sidelines. A mistake by the referee does not give permission to shout aspersions about his objectivity. Everyone is welcome to his/her opinion. Despite our sympathy for Jake’s “binning” and varied opinions of the tackle, along with other decisions during the match that affected both teams, there were occasions when our crowd behavior was inappropriate.

This is not the first occasion for such crowd behavior. Last season, as an outcome of CW vs. JBA, the BCRU instituted a ruling that home teams supply a “Field Marshall” to be called upon by a referee if there was “crowd abuse”. Who amongst us would volunteer for that position? (Thank you, Brent). Suggestions were that consequences for infraction could range from a fine, to loss of competition points. I share this so that you are aware of how crowd behavior has become a serious problem.

In the short time that I have been President of this Club I have been proud of the fact that CWRFC has taken “the high road”, in some very controversial situations. As supporters of our players, we need to continue to do that. I ask you to question the appropriateness of your support for our players. It is sometimes less than what we are trying to model to our 125 registered mini rugby players. Most of us have been players; we love the game and are passionate in our support. It needs to be appropriate. The pressure cooker of this Saturday’s games against James Bay will be the yardstick of our response.

In rugby,
Ian (Macca) MacLean
President CWRFC.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Castaway Wanderers 24 UVic 18
The fields of Carnavon Park are not located in the most pastoral of settings, but as a pure rugby ground, it has very few equals in BC, in terms of length and width, the texture of the playing surface, and its natural flatness. This was the backdrop for the second meeting thisseason> between Castaway Wanderers and the University of Victoria. Bragging rights alone were at stake, as both had qualified for the Premier League as far back as Mid October, which, along with the demands of the democratic process and calls of Municipal elections, may well have accounted for the unusually poor attendance. The ongoing calls of our National XV and 7's Teams continue to compounded the problems for many Clubs, as both squads were again badly depleted (Uvic losing 7 starters and CW 8 starters). This unfortunate overall reduction in quality, clearly draws our attention to the need for a serious review of scheduling fornext season - a schedule that works in healthy conjunction with the calendar of our National needs and interests. It would appear to be a critical issue, (if we are to satisfy and retain supporters and sponsors alike), and most certainly it would be seen as a constructive attempt to heal the fractures that currently exist in our League system. If we ignore such history, we may well be condemned to repeat it. Round one, in the two game series, had gone to CW, with the narrowest of victories bring recorded back on September 17th, 2005.. However, with the expansive and almost cavalier approach brought to the game by Uvic, the smallest of errors and turnovers by CW was likely to be exposed and punished. The first five minutes were dominated by the athletic University squad, as they strung together phase after phase, and wave after wave of exciting attacking running rugby, and only some individual heroics and sound collective defensive organization and structure, prevented an early try. They did record an early score, but it came in the form of a delightfully executed left footed drop goal from full back, Alex Dunse. The irony of playing this kind of rugby, is that it in the final analysis, as exciting as it is to watch and play, it may well have been their nemesis, as their game became predictable and was perhaps in need of more variety in terms of attack. With a relatively light pack, this may have been beyond their means, but as the game progressed, one sensed that aslong as CW retained their composure in defense, had confidence and patience that their forward strength was to become a vital dominating factor, and made judicious use of their kicking skills to put the ball behind the opposition and gain good field position, then they could carve out a meaningful and intelligent victory. A rare turnover from UVic led to the first try of the game, as the hosts constructed a variety of phases of their own making, and eventually drove over Nathan Buckley from a lineout. The power executed from that drive, and the dozen or so phases that led up to it, was a portent, and it ultimately proved to be one of the major differences between the two teams. (5-3) After a well placed kick downfield and a fortuitous bounce, CW recovered possession and drove over in the corner .Alas, our visiting touch judge from Ontario had seen "handbags at five paces" back in midfield, and quite rightly, the try was disallowed. Uvic responded quickly by kicking a penalty in front of the posts, and for the second time, regained the lead. Dave Carter obliged.(5-6) The imperious place kicking skills of Chuck Baumberg also proved to be the other significant difference between the teams, as he slotted the first of his successful kicks to see the home team go to the half time huddle 8-6 to the good.. The scoreline was just about a fair reflection on the first half, but it did not tell the other frustrating story of CW's possession being wasted , with poor lineout work, a penalty count that was far too high, arrival and work at the break down that was not efficient or quick enough, and turnovers at critical times, all of which had denied them a more comfortable and deserved lead. UVic began the second half as they had started the game, and soon score done of the nicest tries that we will see all season. Tom McKeen was the beneficiary of a series of side to side phases of fast error - free continuous rugby, and the visitors had again nosed into the lead at 11-8. The difficult sideline convert was well wide, but much easier kicks were also missed and proved to be measurable in the final outcome. (Sept 17th - Deja vu) They followed this with an intense period of sustained attack, and for some inexplicable reason, the very reliable CW defense was now defending on the back foot by 'taking' tackles, rather than 'making' tackles, and creating major problems for themselves. Some sage sideline advice ultimately helped to correct the problem. To the credit of CW, they worked through this difficult period, and continued to bring purpose to their cause. They employed some first class scrummaging, and these skills, allied to the birth of powerful driving mauls, were beginning to have a debilitating effect on the range of the UVic backrow and the pack in general. Sapili Molia was also creating damage in midfield and starting to receive the ground support needed to provide the essential quick ball for oncoming trailers, or balls that needed to go wide. This kind of pressure and good field position resulted in two penalties, which Chuck Baumberg executed superbly to put his Club ahead 14-11. It is unusual to score twice when one of your own is in the sin bin, but such was the case when another " handbag criminal" , Wes Aylward, overstepped the bounds of decency, and was removed from the store. Although the game was still highly competitive, it was CW who were bringing more variety to the engagement, and they were rewarded with a try from flanker, Graeme Dodds, who "groveled" to the line after a series of successful rucks and mauls. The odd comment from the sideline suggested some form of poetic justice , if indeed he did crawl to the line while being held. Regardless of the pundits, the try was awarded , and Baumberg again goaled the try . At 21 - 11 it was rumored that the fat lady had now left the nearby voting booth - a premature announcement, as 10 points were still to be scored in the dying minutes. UVic were warded a penalty try, and Carter made no mistake with the convert. From the restart, UVic were penalized , and Chuck Baumberg kicked a huge penalty from close to the halfway line to seal the win. (24 -18) The double had been achieved, and that in itself was cause for some celebration. It was an honest encounter played in good spirit with neither side winning scholarships for special invention. Perhaps CW owed their victory to the greater options that they brought to the game, to their final physical presence up front, and to the superior place kicking skills, so vital if a team is to be successful in the modern game. Hopefully, both Clubs will welcome and benefit from the return of their National players, and our best wishes go with both Island Clubs for their involvement in the BC Premier League battles in the New year. ***************************************************************>> **An opinion : N.B In any arena where you pay (which we now do at $5.00 a pop) to watch a sporting event, it is not unusual to hear comments that are directed at players and officials - not always complimentary. But rugby has always prided itself in trying to keep those comments within the bounds of rugby's moral code of acceptance, and also with an element of humor where possible. To be truthful, more often than not, those comments are based on differences of technical interpretations of the Law between the fan and the official. Corrective eye surgery has also been considered an amusing topic for comment . Healthy enough!! Today there was a hint that some remarks went beyond those accepted limits, and punctured and penetrated the rugby ethos of which we are all so justifiably proud. Voicing disapproval is one thing, but personal abuse, with perhaps malicious intent, seems to be reserved for other sporting genres. To the credit of the CW President, he has for some time now, encouraged all members ( in writing) to please refrain from any such verbal attacks. It is a generic rugby concern that does not owe its conception to one Club or another.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Castaways Club

" Repeat after me...Carnarvon...Carnarvon...Carnarvon.."

Yes, this Saturday and for every home game till the end of the season we are at Carnarvon Park for home games Firsts and Elite. All thanks to the take down and rebuild of the Windsor Park Pavilion.....a great project for Windsor and all park users. This is just for our First Div and Elite/Premier games.

This Saturday at ????......Carnarvon Park.....Firsts ko vs Port Alberni at 1pm for the first round of the Island First Division play offs.

Followed at ?????....Carnarvon the Elite team vs Uvic Vikings in regular Club play to ko at 2:30.

See you there for a great rugby day.

Monday, November 14, 2005

DB Productions and the Strathcona Hotel Presents:
2005 Grey Cup Party
Maple Room, Strathcona Hotel
919 Douglas Street
Sunday November 27, 2005
Lunch starts 1:00pm, Kick-off 3pm.
Draws and Prizes

Price includes a Burger and a Beverage.
Limited tickets
See DB
Chris Upshon
Jim Brownrigg
Robert Richardson

Friday, November 11, 2005

Castaways Club

Received this e-mail from a good friend, former Canadian Rep, Daryl Noulette. Daryl is in the process of pushing Fox Sports to increase the amount of rugby programs. He has spoken with an employee who has assured him that an e-mail requesting increased coverage to from as many fans as possible, has the potential to do increase the amount of rugby aired. I think that this is a case of "nothing ventured, nothing gained", so hope that you might take the time to write a "quickie". All you need now is Channel 113!!

Remember, the Premiers are at Cowichan this Sunday - always a good mini-roadie.

See you on the sidelines - Macca

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Castaways Club

Upcoming Social Events

Thanks to all of you who joined us for our Annual Halloween Party - As usual it was a full house and a ton of fun. Special thanks to DJ Erik who rocked the house all night.

November 13th - Canucks Nights -
Due to the success of our first Canucks night we are having another evening of hockey.

Discovery Sports Club will be open on Sunday, November 13th to watch the Vancouver Canucks play the Detroit Redwings!

Exciting News - We will be raffling off an authentic Canucks Jersey at the end of the season. You will get one entry for each Canuck event that you attend at the club. We will also have door prizes that will be drawn between periods. So bring your teammates and friends down to enjoy the game from our big screen TV.

We are planning on showing several Canucks games over the next 6 months, stay tuned for future dates.

Saturday December 17th - Christmas Party
I know it is early to be thinking about Christmas, but save the date. We will be getting into the Christmas spirit DSC style down at the club. Serving up some Christmas cheer and dancing the night away to your favourite tunes. Doors open at 8:00. Come join us and help celebrate the holiday season with your teammates and friends.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Castaways Club

While the Prems got the awful weather, the CW Firsts benefited from a dryer, faster, field earlier on Saturday at Gordon Head Field.
CW Firsts 46 Port Alberni 3.
The team Captained by David Fairhurst pulled together as a strong unit very well on the day which is a positive direction for the lads to continue.
Pete Rob was a standout throughout the game with his aggressive play even though he was carrying several knocks and bruises. Two young number 9's in 'WeeMan' and 'Fat Jonny' continue to perform like lions. Jonny Morris (two tries on the day!) rewarded with a try following a great individual effort.
Tony LaCarte at number 10 performed well and showed it is a solid option for him as his rugby progresses.
Josh Dunning returned from his summer broken ankle to the delight of the CW lads and put in a powerful performance......obviously a lot more to come from this fine young player. Joseph Atalifo scored his first try for the CW Club.
Once again thanks go out from all at CW to the front rowers who showed up and confirmed club commitment and depth during challenging times due to injury and National duty....Al Willems; Brook Willis; Regan Shaw playing with injury; Matt LeMay, two days back in the country and immediately into the front row!; and Noa Molia with boots and 'game face' on all day....the Port can give thanks that those two big Fijian shoulders didn't enter the game!

CW tries: Joseph Atalifo; Clayton Fisher; Seamus Gay 2; Josh Dunning; Jonny Morris 2; Matt LeMay; Eric Backhouse 3 conversions.

Coming weekend is Sunday at Cowichan for the Premiers.
Get all your CW rugby info at

Castaways Club

Thanks to David Clarke for this synopsis of events, a visual challenge, given the deplorable condtions.

CW vs Velox.
CW travelled "crosstown" last Saturday to take on new kids, Velox, a team who has proven to be a thorn to CW for the four games played between the clubs since Velox's promotion to the 'Bigs'. The weather threatened to be play quite a role in the outcome, apart from the fact that both sides were somewhat less than being at full strength.
In the early going, CW made two forrays into the Velox half, coming away with points on both occasions. Scott, 'The Bus' Franklin notching another patented tally. Velox, courageous in defence but lacking imagination in attack, failed to post any points during a ten-minute encampment on the CW goal line. Declining to accept any of the penalty kicks that they were awarded and opting for a series of lineouts instead, the home team failed to use the gale force wind to any advantage. Finally, scoring leader, Plewes, hooked a penalty attempt wide.

After half-time, with the elements at their back, CW soon took advantage of howling wind and torrential rain to add tries by the mercurial, Richard O'Malley, Tony Lecarte and and their 'tall and tartan tractor', Graeme Dodds - who seemed at home in the Scottish mist and gentle precipitation. Baumberg added a try to ensure the bonus point for CW who scored five tries in all. Baumberg, on the day, showed why he is one of the premier players in Canada in the #10 spot, deftly arching a diagonal , Lynagh-like punt for La Carte to snag for a champagne finish. Full credit to Velox, in particular, Plewes, behind an imploding scrum and the shutout was avoided as Kyle Rhoda scored a lone tally.

The deplorable weather enabled the likes of Andrew Mooney, The Front Row Club and Dodds to shine on the day.

Strains of "I Love To Go A-Wandering" could be heard, as on this day, the monkey was clearly shaken off the back! It was the greater depth of the CW players' roster that made the difference on the day. The eyes of the boys from the Penny Farthing are focusing on 'Bay Day' November 22nd when they meet eternal rivals James Bay in their final Elite Division fixture. They will be hoping for fairer weather!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Castaways Club

While perhaps not filled with the historical significance of NZ vs Wales Nov do have some local, in person, great rugby to take in on Saturday.
CW Firsts will play Port Alberni ko at 1pm Velox field in Gordon Head. (across from Mt. Doug School). Yes, this game will be played at Velox....the weather is cooperating (if heavy rains come we'll email you if there is a location change).

Followed at 2:45 by the Elite game of the day...CW vs Velox...Velox field. This should prove to be a great rematch following the 31 31 tie earlier this season.

At mid match the Velox U12's will have a run against the CW U12.....several very good young players to come see....and loudly cheer on...... at half time.

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