Vancouver’s Point Grey is Canada’s largest marine dump

Mysterious site off Vancouver’s Point Grey is Canada’s largest marine dump
PreviousNext Terry Slack, a veteran gillnetter and Fraser River watchdog, next to a barge used to dump sediments at a federal marine disposal site off Point Grey near UBC. The barge is moored on the north arm of the Fraser River.
Six kilometres due west of Wreck Beach and the University of British Columbia lies a mysterious federal marine disposal site — the largest and oldest in Canada — where vast amounts of dredged and excavated material are dumped each year. “It’s kind of a secret thing, that’s the way I describe it,” says Terry Slack, a veteran gillnetter and public watchdog on local fishing issues who worries about the dump. “Not too many people know it exists.” Officially opened in 1976, the site received about 22.1 million cubic metres of material to 2014, including 2.3 million cubic metres dumped there from 1930 to 1976. The site has a radius of one naut…

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From crepes to cocktails

From crepes to cocktails: can Grand Marnier's new owner make the leap?
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left right Bartender Isaac Flores mixes a cocktail at Dick & Janes bar in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, U.S., March 22, 2017. Picture taken March 22, 2017. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid 1/4
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Indian drugmakers

Indian drugmakers face squeeze in U.S. healthcare market By Zeba Siddiqui| MUMBAI India's small and medium-sized generic drugmakers say the threat of tougher rules and higher barriers for outsiders in the U.S. healthcare market will force many to find a niche or focus their expansion efforts on other countries. India supplies nearly a third of medicines sold in the United States, the world's largest healthcare market. Cut-price generics sold by India's small- and medium-sized drugmakers have been critical in bringing down prices there. A more protectionist stance by President Donald Trump, with the prospect of import tariffs and the U.S. boosting local drug manufacturing, mean the operating environment for smaller generic players will get worse, executives at Indian companies said. "If the challenges keep increasing, competition will reduce, and this could actually increase prices there," said D.G. Shah, secretary general of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association,…

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Venice has to be a dream destination

Venice has to be a dream destination for many sailors, yet few realise there’s a modern 300-berth marina just 10 minutes from St Mark’s Square. It’s an ideal base for exploring the city, discovering the city’s labyrinthine lagoon, or cruising the Adriatic. Venezia Certosa Marina is on the unspoilt 60-acre Certosa island, one mile from the open sea, yet just 15 minutes by public transport from the city centre and lagoon. You can also visit the lagoon aboard your own yacht, visiting the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, as well as the lesser-known northern islands. Slovenia and Croatia are only 50 miles away and it’s little more than 200 miles to the Greek island of Corfu. French sailing legend Bruno Troublé keeps his yacht at the marina: “What a discovery,” he says. “Peace and quiet, no tourists, only 10 miles from the centre a wonderful place to make the most of Venice a…

Immigrate to Canada

Are you planning to immigrate to Canada in 2017? Read this before you decide. by Isabel Cleaver In recent months, much has been said about immigrating to Canada, either as a joke for Americans disillusioned by the presidential election or by immigrants facing deportation in the USA. However, immigrating to Canada is not as simple as it might look. Although the country is one of the most welcoming places to immigrants, it’s policies have high standards, even higher than the USA for most people. The most prominent difference between the American and the Canadian immigration policy is that the former favors family ties, while the later favors economic immigrants. The US’s system places a high priority on family-linked immigration, allowing US citizens to sponsor spouses, children and extended family members. The USA sets a limit of around 226,000 extended-family green cards, while only 140,300 for economic immigrants (people who work and live permanently in the country). Why should you i…