Venice has to be a dream destination

Venice has to be a dream destination for many sailors, yet few realise there’s a modern 300-berth marina just 10 minutes from St Mark’s Square. It’s an ideal base for exploring the city, discovering the city’s labyrinthine lagoon, or cruising the Adriatic. Venezia Certosa Marina is on the unspoilt 60-acre Certosa island, one mile from the open sea, yet just 15 minutes by public transport from the city centre and lagoon. You can also visit the lagoon aboard your own yacht, visiting the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, as well as the lesser-known northern islands. Slovenia and Croatia are only 50 miles away and it’s little more than 200 miles to the Greek island of Corfu. French sailing legend Bruno Troublé keeps his yacht at the marina: “What a discovery,” he says. “Peace and quiet, no tourists, only 10 miles from the centre a wonderful place to make the most of Venice a…

JPMorgan Chase announces acquisition of payments technology

JPMorgan Chase announces acquisition of payments technology provider MCX13 Mar 17 | Author  JPMorgan Chase has announced the acquisition of payments technology company MCX, the service behind merchant-backed mobile payments CurrentX. MCX is a QR Code-based mobile wallet with a network of America’s largest retailers, including Walmart, Shell and Phillips 66. The acquisition will lead to an integration of these companies with Chase Pay over the next year. The motivation of the acquisition by Chase is to expand Chase Pay, the mobile and digital wallet for Chase customers. Although Chase is one of the few major banks that partnered with Apple Pay when the service first launched in 2014, the bank is seeking to grow its reach across popular retailers in the U.S with MCX. Chase and MCX are also no strangers to one another, with the companies involved in several partnerships over the years. MCX was the premier launch partner for Chase Pay in October 2015. “When we think about ‘fin…

eComTechnology payment processing guidelines

Typically, acquiring banks and processors have processes in place to ensure that rule changes are identified and the appropriate changes made, they note in an unpublished article. Confusion over whether the new rules were indeed rules or just ‘best practices’ has caught many in the industry off-guard. As a result, many processors may already be unknowingly in breach of the new rules.
One rule is that payment processors must now create a fee disclosure schedule to include with merchant applications and agreements. That includes fees such as the merchant discount rate, pass-through rates, interchange plus mark-up rates, bundled pricing plans, and fees for tiered, qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified rates, along with authorization and settlement fees.
While many processors might believe their current applications are in compliance with this rule, they likely are not, the attorneys note. The problem is that the fee disclosure must clearly and conspicuously detail the methodology …


The Truth About BlockchainMarco IansitiKarim R. Lakhani  Contracts, transactions, and the records of them are among the defining structures in our economic, legal, and political systems. They protect assets and set organizational boundaries. They establish and verify identities and chronicle events. They govern interactions among nations, organizations, communities, and individuals. They guide managerial and social action. And yet these critical tools and the bureaucracies formed to manage them have not kept up with the economy’s digital transformation. They’re like a rush-hour gridlock trapping a Formula 1 race car. In a digital world, the way we regulate and maintain administrative control has to change. Blockchain promises to solve this problem. The technology at the heart of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. The ledger itself can also b…

FTC Suit Against D-Link Warns All IoT Device Makers

FTC Suit Against D-Link Warns All IoT Device Makers to Boost SecurityBy Wayne Rash | NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite claims about advanced security, the Federal Trade Commission says that D-Link hard-coded login credentials leaving encryption keys unprotected and publicly exposed on the web
LAS VEGAS—My panel on cyber-security at CES was just starting when I introduced Federal Trade Commission attorney Ben Rossen, who is part of the Division on Privacy and Identity Protection.Rossen opened his discussion with an announcement that the FTC had just filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Federal Court for the Northern District of California alleging that network equipment maker D-Link had been misleading in describing its advanced security technology and in had endangered the public with lax product security practices.Rossen said that the complaint was just one of what will be many complaints about poor internet of things device security. D-Link IP cameras were a major contributor to the immense IoT denial…

Wake me in the morning

Wake Me in the Morning” by Giles Walker is a story of obsessions: “You’re for the high jump. Wake me in the morning—six o’clock.” “Wake Me in the Morning” by Giles Walker is a story of obsessions: The obsession of Harold Forster, who as a teacher and chaplain tormented and abused hundreds of school boys around the world. And the obsession of the author, himself a Forster victim. Giles Walker has spent 30 years hunting down Forster to expose the secret life of a particular kind of monster and the damage he inflicted on young lives. Walker’s personal engagement and the poignant recollections of the victims make “Wake Me in the Morning” a compelling read. Forster played the role of saint; in his native England but in truth, he was a cruel predator in the rest of the world. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Giles Walker is a Montreal filmmaker who has directed six feature-length films, two mini-series, and over 100 episodes of various television shows. He was a staff director at the National Film Board …

Vantiv Payments Review

Vantiv Payments Review48 commentsUpdated on: Oct 31, 2016Review by: Tom DeSimoneVisit site Need Help Choosing?
Click HereDate Established1970LocationCincinnati, OH Overview:Vantiv (formerly known as Fifth Third Processing Solutions) is a large credit card processor located in Ohio. Well, large doesn’t quite cover it. Huge, perhaps? The company is the second-biggest merchant acquirer in the US, and the biggest PIN debit acquirer (based on number of transactions) as well. Vantiv has been in operation since 1970, when it was known as Midwest Payment Systems, and then became Fifth Third. It’s been using the Vantiv brand name since 2011.
We’re dealing with a very large company here, with revenues of $3.16 billion in 2015. Not only that, but Vantiv owns National Processing Company, Jeanie (ATM network) and SKIPJACK (payment gateway).
Vantiv’s service network includes hundreds of thousands of merchants.Not only that, but many other payment processors (such as FattMerchant and Payline Data) r…